Chapter 19

Sesshomaru woke up on the couch of his condo and gazed at the ceiling fan. He sighed as he place his hands over his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He grunted lowly as he sat up and patted his white undershirt's pocket for a cigarette. He groaned as he found it and lit the cigarette. His eyes glowing brighter in the morning. He gazed down at his feet and saw that he was still in his boots. He came home late last night and didn't bother to change nor go to his room. He just plopped on the couch and passed out. He had driven Inuyasha home last night and stopped by the pier that was near his condo to do some 'deep thinking'. He tugged on his studded belt and stood up rubbing his chest with the hand that held the cigarette and went toward the fridge to get something to eat. He frowned not finding anything that would satisfy his hunger and grimaced. Should he send someone to go groceries? Perhaps he should order out? He smirked remembering Kagome's words. ' In this planet, people do their own groceries'. He scoffed as he grabbed the keys to his Black Mercedes and walked out of the door.

Kagome pushed the cart and yawned as she went down the aisle of the supermarket in deep thought. She didn't even notice she was about to maul over a little kid.

"Watch where you're going!" a lady scolded as she grabbed her kid in the nick of time.

"" Kagome apologized as she snapped out of it. She inhaled a deep breath and went down another aisle. She didn't know why she decided to go grocery shopping when the thought of food repulsed her. She had thrown up five times this morning. She was so scared to even leave the house in fear that she'd throw up all over the place. There was nothing left to even throw up! She saw a few cans of air freshner and decided to smell each of them. She loved air freshners. She started spraying random cans and sniffing them. She sprayed them in opposite directions so the scents wouldn't clash. She coughed and gagged not liking one and stopped spraying it when her eyes watered in nausea. She forgot all about the nausea catching a glimpse of something ahead of her. A long black trench coat. She gasped as her heart skipped a beat and saw Sesshomaru looking at items on the shelf. What the hell was he doing here? She couldn't move her feet quickly enough before Sesshomaru catching her from his peripherals. He looked up and clenched his jaw and half-grinning. Please don't come this way, Kagome thought. She forced a grin herself and noticed him coming toward her. He grimaced at the scents shooting up his sensitive nose and waved for it to clear.

"Hi.." he spoke softly with a deep tone.

"Hey..." she raised her shoulders as if she were cold and pulled on her hoody to cover her neck. She sniffed and smiled."H-How have you been?"

"Fine.."he cleared his throat. The air freshner still bothering his nose.

"That's...that's good . So, you're shopping for your own groceries I see..."she bowed her head not knowing what else to say.

Sesshomaru just stared at her in deep contemplation. She wouldn't look at him. She was so beautiful but had looked a bit pale.

"Yes.."he answered and held a long pause. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Hm?" she shot back wondering why he'd asked. "Yes, why?"

"You just look a little...pale." he frowned trying to observe her.

"Ohh...well...thanks.." she shrugged insultedly.

"I didn't mean-"

"It's have to go anyway, I'm in a rush.." she rushed out of the aisle and went straight for the register.

Sesshomaru continued to clear his throat and held his finger over his nose grimacing at the sweet scents of Vanilla, Lavender, Cinnamon, Power fresh and other sorts of scents that plagued his nostrils. He went down the aisle to find her but she had already left.

Kagome drove silently down the highway and went into the clinic by her highschool. She entered the clinic and gulped her courage as she went to the receptionist.

" have a question.." Kagome whispered not wanting anyone but the receptionist to hear her.

"Yes, Ma'am?" she complied in a whisper herself. She was used to everyone coming in and whispering as if no one knew why they were there.

"I was wondering if you had any information about..." Kagome paused feeling nauseous to mention it. " about.." she leaned closer. " abortion.."

"Oh.." the woman smiled. " Well...uh, let's see, how old are you?"

"18..."Kagome paused. Was that a problem?

"Okay, are some pamphlets on what you are inquiring about. Also, here is the number to our anonymous hotline and an address to Parenthood counceling."she respectfully kept her voice low.

"...Thank you..." Kagome bit her lip and stuffed the papers in her purse to see them later as she walked back out. She was about to walk towards her car when the smell of coffee caught her attention. She looked across the street and saw the old coffee shop she used to go to with her friends. She smiled and decided for old time's sake, get her usual. Or her new usual that is. She walked in and ordered a cup of coffee when she heard a loud explosion. Kagome looked out the windows of the shop and saw smoke and a few kids running. It looked like Kohaku and his friends. Kagome ran out to see what was wrong and had seen a car next to the shop in flames. Her eyes widened as she covered her mouth from inhaling smoke when she turned around, she bumped into someone's chest. The person grabbed her arms as she rammed into him.

"Sorry.." she muffled through her sleeve and looked up and saw Sesshomaru looking down at her and then glanced up at the car in flames. He had a look of concern on his face and looked back at Kagome as he covered his mouth and nose as well. His poor nose was taking a beating today.

"Are you alright?" he asked into her ear while everyone was screaming in a panic. He pulled her away from the chaos and looked at the car. " What happened?"he asked and side glanced down at her.

"I don't know.." she looked at him. The slight touch of his hands on her arms brought back memories and she had wanted to cry. " What are you doing here?" she asked. Was he following her? Did he see her come out of the clinic?

"I was about to get some coffee.." he answered flatly as he stared seriously at Kagome. God, she was beautiful and she looked so small in her hoody and sneakers, like how she did in highschool.

"Oh..."Kagome cleared her throat as she held her coffee. " Well..take care.." she said as she walked quickly to her car.

"Kagome..." he said but all the commotion wouldn't allow her to hear him. " Wait.." he started to walk toward her but stopped as she quickly got into her car and drove off.

Kagome coughed as she rested her cup of coffee in the cup holder and turned on the radio. What was the repetitive encounter about with Sesshomaru? She sighed as she turned down the street and made it for the highway when her cell phone rang.

"Yes?" she spoke hoarsely as she turned the radio down. " What?"she frowned. " No, I finished the article, it should be on your desk." Kagome rolled her eyes in agitation. " Yes...ok, bye.." she threw her cellphone on the passenger side and scoffed and felt her stomach tingling. It wasn't nausea, it was something else. She rested a hand on her stomach and tears ran down her cheek. "'ll remind me of him.." she whispered and slammed her hand on the steering wheel. She was scared. She never believe in abortion but this was hard. She couldn't have Sesshomaru's baby; they weren't even together! There are a lot of single mothers, look at your mom, she told herself. No! She just couldn't. Her phone rang again and she snatched the cellphone savagely.

"Hello?" she almost growled.

"Uh...hey.." Koga muttered. " You ok?"

"Damn it, I'm fine!" she gritted as she drove.

"you coming to my party tomorrow night?"

"I don't know, Koga. Will Sesshomaru be there?"

Koga paused on the other line. Shit, he didn't want to lie to her but telling her would be she would not come. "" he tittered.

"Koga..." Kagome demanded.

"Maybe?..." he said. He wasn't lying. Sesshomaru didn't exactly say he was coming.

"I don't want to see him, Koga."

"Kagome, seriously. Quit this crap. One, I want you to be there for me and two, it is inevitable, you two will always see each other somehow. So quit being a little girl..." he raised his brows hoping he didn't lose his best friend for life.

Kagome scoffed. " Whatever.." and hung up the phone and continued to drive toward home.

Kagome stared at her reflection in the mirror and tried to smile but couldn't. Sango and Miroku were in the living room waiting for her to finish getting dressed.

"So..who's going, do you guys know?" Kagome peeked out of the doorway.

Miroku shrugged as he watched television and Sango tilted her head trying to think as she threw a dorito into her mouth.

"Well, Ayame for sure. Kagura, Ayumi and maybe Muso. He still feels weirded out by Koga though from that..little incident. Koga had mentioned inviting the people from his job. I don't know who they are.."she chewed.

"I see." Kagome bowed her head as she stared at her reflection.

"Hey, Kagome. I liked your article. I saw it in today's paper of Youkai Now," Sango gushed. Youkai Now was the newspaper by Youkai Entertainment.

"you did?" Kagome craned out the hallway.

"Yeah, I like how you kept my anonymity." she grinned and shook her head. " Mango?"

Kagome laughed. " Sorry.."She walked into the hallway being visible to them now.

" look great.." Sango stood up and took in the lovely appearance of her best friend. She wore a long black sleeve V neck over a black skirt that went above her thighs with tall black seude boots that were a bit platformed. Today, she didn't feel so sick so she decided to dress up. Her skin was an even fair tone today, no paleness. She went light on the makeup. Her grey eyes rimmed with black and thick mascara accentuated her lashes. Her hair was tassled in long raven waves and a barette pinned to the side. It glittered everytime she moved. She smiled noticing Sango's admiration for her get-up and felt confident to proceed into the night.

Miroku sighed as he turned off the television and put his jacket on.

"Are you guys ready?" he asked and looked at Kagome with a smirk followed by a thumbs up.

The girls nodded and and headed for the door. Kagome grabbed her purse and and placed her lipstick into it. She noticed the pamphlets and immediately closed her purse before Sango or Miroku could see. " Uhh...ok, let's go...are we going straight to Koga's from here?"

"No.." Miroku shook his head. " First, we have to go pick up the booze and it's only 8, party starts at 10, maybe we should grab a bite to eat. " he looked at the both of them. " Hon?" he asked Sango.

"You know I'm hungry..." She blushed at the two.

Kagome smirked and rubbed her friend's belly and assured her friend's confidence. " I'm hungry too then." she said but she really wasn't.

They walked out of the apartment and down the steps. Kagome felt something weird like a stabbing pain in her heart. She clutched it and whimpered to herself and the pain went away. What was that about? A weird feeling weighed heavy upon her; like something bad was going to happen.

Two hours later, Miroku, Sango and Kagome arrived and Koga had already been drunk.

"Since this morning, man!" he said holding a bottle of Jack, his eyes couldn't squint anymore or they'd be closed.

Kagome laughed at her friend and looked at the apartment. "Wow, Koga, it's looking nice..."she searched through the crowds as she placed a strap of her purse over her shoulder. She noticed an entertainment center with surround sound and a desktop at the corner of the living room. " Fancy ass!" she teased and hit him.

"Eh, well..." Koga shrugged. " Sesshomaru helped me set up the equipment a few days ago." he smirked receiving a blow to his head. " Ow, what the-" he turned around to see a fuming Ayame.

"So Sesshomaru was here before me?" she scoffed and walked away.

"Baby...wait!" he chuckled nervously at Kagome and Sango and ran behind her. Sango laughed as she went to the kitchen to sit down. Kagome stood by the doorway as she observed everyone there. Hiten and Koura were sitting by the window looking at her and looking away as if they were ashamed. She noticed a few other employees from Sess Corp sitting at a table playing poker. Koga set out a pool table and Miroku and Muso were setting it up. A group of construction guys sat on the couch, smoking; some cigarettes and some weed. At the other corner, there were two girls chatting away,Eri and Yuka. They were looking at Kagura and Azumi, standing next to them; it looked like they were arguing like a boyfriend and girlfriend would. What's the deal with those two, Kagome thought. She searched through the unfamiliar faces and was relieved when she didn't see Sesshomaru. She walked over casually toward Hiten and Koura and smiled at them.

"H-Hey, Kagome.." Hiten bowed his head and grinned. " How are you?"

"I'm fine, Hiten. Thanks."

"Hi.." Koura smiled apologetically. " Um..."

"It's ok, guys. Really..I'm not mad at fact, I'm just upset because I wasn't in on the bet...well, I know what I mean.." she fell into a laughter that eased the tension between them.

Hiten and Koura relaxed their muscles and laughed as well.

"Great to hear that...we're missing you at the office." Hiten said.

Kagome waved off a cloud of smoke towards her way and coughed. " Yeah, I miss being at the office." she said honestly. Kagome noticed a weird look from the two as if they both realized something and then looked at each other.

"Um..ok, was nice seeing you both. I'm going to go over there and mingle.." Kagome forced a laugh as she quickly walked away.

"I know you sensed it.." Koura shot towards Hiten.

"Vaguely. I did but the smoke interrupted and I lost the scent. I believe she is withchild." Hiten's eyes widened in shock.

"I don't think Sesshomaru knows.." Koura squinted trying to focus on Kagome's aura. " She's still feeling so much pain.."

"She hides it so well.." Hiten sipped his wine and winked at one of the girls from the corner of the room.

"Ugh.." Koura's face turned red in anger as she walked away in a scoff.

"What?" Hiten blinked back obliviously. " Koura?"

Kagome tried to make it to the other side of the room without pushing people. The place was getting packed by the minute. She felt nauseous again and tried to make it for the bathroom when someone grabbed her arm.

"Hey there." he said as she looked at the guy in perplexity. She had no idea who this guy was.

"Um...yes?" Kagome cocked a brow.

"Sorry. You caught my attention and was walking fast, I wanted to catch you." he smiled flirtaciously. " I didn't mean to be rude, if I was, I apologize."

"Ohh.." Kagome blushed. He was kind of attractive and if he had caught her any other day before this week, she would have been interested but she didn't need this right now but she didn't feel nauseous anymore and it would be nice to talk to someone other than her friends. She looked back at the guy who had short croppy black hair. His eyes were a light green and very pale. She figured him out to be in a band by the way he dressed, his eyes were rimmed with black as well. It looked nice on him. She felt even better knowing he was human.

"so, how do you know Koga?" she asked.

"eh, I don't?" he laughed. " I kind of crashed into him in the music store and he just said ' hey, party at my house'. I was bored and just decided, what the heck!" he gazed down at her lips. " I know you hear this a lot...but you are very pretty."

"thank you..." Kagome tried to contain her cheesy grin.

"My name is Sosuke and you are?"

"Kagome." she answered him but her eyes moved to the side catching a glimpse of someone by the door. Sesshomaru entered the apartment with a black sweater that clinged to his body. There were hard black patches on the shoulder. The sweater looked almost militant the way he wore it. It complimented the army green cargo pants he wore that was held by his studded belt. She noticed all the girls look at him and giggle. She caught him glimpse at her and then he quickly looked away as he walked towards Koga.

"Yo!" Koga raised his hand and rested it on Sesshomaru's shoulder. " I'm so glad you came, man. Dude..I am so draaaa-unk" he slurred and then howled receiving a howl from the guys. He handed Sesshomaru a beer.

"No thank you.." he handed it back to him.

"No, you gotta drink at my party. If you want to be all fancy, I gots me wine in the back." Koga shrugged and teased Sesshomaru's manhood where he snatched the beer bottle from Koga's hand and drank it.

"That's it!"he howled some more.

Sesshomaru guzzled down the bitter taste as he looked back at Kagome. She'd been conversing with a fellow he wasn't familar with. He tried to contain the feeling of jealousy and stood by Koga. As drunk as Koga had been, he was sober enough to realize Sesshomaru's discomfort. He decided to accompany him so that he wouldn't leave.

"So, what's going on, man. Talk to me...or talk to some of these babes. Maybe that one over there?" Koga half-smirked as he pointed to Kagome.

Sesshomaru glanced back at Kagome who looked back at him and quickly looked away.

Kagome tried to focus on the conversation she was having but couldn't. She could feel him staring at her. This was a mistake coming here. The feeling of nausea came back again.

"Um, sorry, Sosuke, will you excuse me for a moment, I have to go to the bathroom.."she said.

"Sure thing, sweetie." he said as he rubbed her shoulder. His hand rose to her face as he stroked her cheek. Big mistake. Kagome shot toward Sesshomaru quickly and saw the anger in his face as his jaw tightened. His chest had inflated and deflated, showing her he was breathing hard with rage as he walked casually over there. Uh-oh.

"um...yeah..." she walked quickly toward the bathroom and knocked on it as she opened it.

"We need to talk." she heard him say but she quickly entered the bathroom.

Sesshomaru rushed toward the door crashing into a cloud of smoke as he flared and dispersed it catching the door before it closed.

"Go away!" she yelled as she tried to close the door with both hands as he held it with one. He pushed it open with force but carefully not to hurt her and entered the bathroom. " What the hell!" Kagome shouted as he entered the bathroom.

"What was that about?"he quickly went to the point.

"Are you kidding me?" Kagome laughed. " What was what?"

"Why did he have his hands over you?"Sesshomaru raised his voice.

"Would you please go!"

"I am not going anywhere until we settle this."

"Settle what? There is nothing to settle!"

Meanwhile outside, the CD stopped after the last track and silence filled the room. You could hear Sesshomaru and Kagome arguing inside.

"Uhh.." Koga tittered as he played the next CD. " Yeah, party on! Whoo!" he cheered as he walked towards the bathroom to guard it. Right now, those two needed to talk and he wasn't about to let anyone ruin that. He stood out the bathroom door like a bouncer.

"Bro, I gotta go!" said one guy.

"Take a leak outside!" Koga orated.

A girl had walked toward the bathroom and flicked her hair. " Is someone in there? I really need to use it." she said seductively.

"Uh.." Koga glared lustfully at her and smirked. " Try my neighbors, sweetheart."

"aw, ok.." she said as she walked away.

"Shit.." Koga crossed his arms.

Meanwhile, back inside.

"Sesshomaru, please don't do this. I was just need to leave me alone.

"I can't." he said flatly and stood by the door blocking it.

"What do you want?" she screamed, her voice echoing in the bathroom. She could hear everyone out there, still partying. She set her purse down on the sink.

Sesshomaru didn't know what to say and looked away from her gaze. It was hard to look her in the eyes for some reason.

"I don't want someone else touching you." he gritted.

"That's none of your concern!"she cried. She was feeling nauseous again. Oh no, she thought. Not now." Let me out!"she tried to pry him off but couldn't. He was like a cement door.

He rubbed his head in agitation. "What is the matter with you?"he growled and grabbed her arms tightly causing her to whimper. " I want us together"

"No." she spat. " so you can just cast me aside when you don't want me? "she tried to suppress her nausea as she felt the bile come back.

"Don't be stupid! I love-"he stopped noticing something. A quick scent he caught. His eyes widened and looked down at her and grabbed the sides of her stomach. " You are withchild!"he hissed.

"No.."she shook her head nervously as she tried to lie but as soon as she backed off, she knelt down quickly and threw up into the toilet.

Sesshomaru stepped back and gasped as his heart pounded against his chest. He's never felt his heart do such thing, like for the first time, he felt afraid? He grabbed her shoulders and held her hair back but when she finished, she pushed him off of her. She looked around for napkins, toilet paper but Koga hadn't put any. She opened her purse to fetch it.

"When were you going to tell me?" his voice broke. He felt even more betrayed than the time with Kikyo and Inuyasha. He panted in anger. " When?"he shouted causing her to flinch.

"I was..I.." she backed up against the sink and brushed up against her purse causing it to lean over. She felt as it happened in slow motion. She tried to reach for the bag but it fell and all of the contents that were in it as well.

Sesshomaru looked down as she tried to pick everything up and his eyes pierced at the floor as he gazed at the pamphlets. A red one caught his eye, with the word 'ABORTION' written in bold. His gaze moved slowly from the ground at her as he picked it up and held it in his hand.

"I can explain..." she started to cry. " I was.."she tried to explain but she stopped as he punched the wall and she screamed. A knock sounded at the door and Koga whistled.

"Yo, everythin' all right in there?"he said.

"Koga, it's fine, please shut the door."Kagome demanded calmly.

Koga closed it without question and walked away as he turned the music up louder.

Kagome stared at Sesshomaru's back as he hovered over the sink, gripping the sides of it as his head bowed to his chest. She could see his arms shaking with rage. She gazed down at his hand and saw the broken skin on his knuckles that started to bleed.

He continued to look at the pamphlet, his eyes blood shot red and watery as he continued to shake.

She tried to speak again but he frightened her again by punching the sink and pounded his hands on the mirror causing it to turned to her quickly and grasped her wrists tightly and pinned her against the wall.

"Are you that repulsed by me?"he gritted, his voice unsteady. She could hear his demon side growling but also sensed hurt and betrayel.

"No.."she said as tears ran down her cheeks. She looked him in the eyes and her voice broke. " repulsed by me?"

His face went from this red, vainy, enraged psycho to his calm self but now, all but hurt was shown on his face. He had really been hurt. He loosened his grip on her wrists.

"I'm sorry..."she cried as he quickly pressed his lips against hers. She quickly kissed him back and released her hands from his grasp and placed them over his neck. " I didn't know what to do, I was scared.."she choked on her sobs. Her head felt cloudy and her vision blurred feeling the sting from her tears. " I missed you so much..I couldn't bare another reminder..I was wrong..I.."

He placed his fingers on her mouth and dug his nose into her neck as he took in her scent. He kissed her neck softly as he embraced her tightly not wanting to let go." Don't hate me, I cannot bare it."he said softly in a whisper.

"I don't."she whispered back and they both held each other with the sound of music blasting from outside. He sat down on the ledge of the bathtub and Kagome sat on his lap with her legs across him and hugged him tightly as he embraced her as well and stroked her hair. Both, trapped in each other's world not caring there were people outside.

A woman walked inside the party with a cigarette in her hand as she winked at everyone.

"Hey there, sexy!" she muttered at the guys who stared at her as she entered the living room. She looked around and saw a guy with brown messy hair with a little ponytail in the back shooting pool. She walked over to him seductively and rested her hand on his shoulder.

"Hey there, sweet stuff," she batted her lashes and squinted her turqouise eyes at the guy.

"Uh..hi there." he said, looking at her with a flirtacious smirk. " and who might you be and are you interested in bearing my children?" he held the stick in his hands and noticed the scowl on his girlfriend's face.

"Miroku!"she growled.

"Just kidding, baby."he tittered.

"Actually, yes. Might you kindly point out where Kagome is. I am a friend of hers and need to give her something."

"Yeah.."he nodded and cleared his throat. " She's in the bathroom right now with Sesshomaru." he winked.

The girl's face tightened and forced a smirk. " Is that so? Thank you.." she turned around with a frown as she looked for the bathroom. She made her way down the hall and noticed the bathroom.

"Hey, honey, you can't go in there, the bathrooms being occupied by-" a guy tried to warn her but she cursed him off as she made it for the door and grabbed the knob. She turned it and pushed it open seeing Sesshomaru sitting on the bathtub and Kagome on his lap. Rage filled her eyes with a thirst for blood and she completely lost it.

"How fuckin' dare you?" Shurran gritted in tears. " You filthy human!"

Sesshomaru and Kagome quickly stood up.

"What are you doing here, Shurran?" Sesshomaru asked as he bristled.

"What does she have that I don't?" she began to cry as she pulled out something from her garter. It was a 9mm and she pointed it at Kagome. She noticed something different and caught the scent. The bitch was carrying his child.

"Put the gun down, Shurran." Sesshomaru raised his hand to calm her. " Put it down.."

"Demons belong with demons and humans belong with humans! She should not be with you, my lord. Someone as beautiful as you needs to be appreciated and respected. I can give you those things and can satisfy you like no other woman can, especially her!"she growled.

Koga ran through the crowd once a guy told him about a girl going toward the bathroom not caring about the warning. He squinted from down the hall and saw Shurran and she was holding a gun. " Shit." Koga tried to run toward her in time.

Shurran sobbed to herself and looked at Sesshomaru. " If you choose not to be with me, I won't allow you to be with anyone else!" she closed her eyes and fired the gun. Everyone screamed and went out the door while Sango, Miroku, Ayame all looked for Koga and Kagome.

Kagome closed her eyes before she heard the shot and felt Sesshomaru quickly go in front of her and felt him push back into her. She then heard a thump and looked up to see Shurran and Koga fighting for the gun. She looked toward Sesshomaru and noticed he was shot in the shoulder.

"Oh my god!" Kagome cried as she held his wound.

"It's fine. Don't worry." he said calmly as he grunted giving it pressure. He looked up and saw Koga struggling with Shurran. She tried to aim the gun at his face but he dodged it and another bullet flew. Koga bit hard and hated what he was about to do. Forgive me, he thought as he elbowed Shurran in the face and punched her temple knocking her out. She collapsed to her knees and fell onto the bathroom floor. Part of her body stuck out into the hallway.

Sango gasped as she peered in and turned back. " Call the cops!" she shouted and Ayame went to it.

Kagome looked at Koga and asked if he was alright as he held the gun and shrugged.

"Dude, I'm fine." he said sobering up and looked into the bathroom. "Yo, what happened to my mirror?"

Sesshomaru didn't look up from Shurran as he held his wound. You could have taken her from me, he thought. Shurran could have taken Kagome away from him within a second. Not when he just got her back, he thought.

"Dude,.."Koga chuckled as he went over Shurran's unconcious body. " You need an ambulance or somethin'? you're like...bleeding and shit.."he looked at his hand that clasped his wound. Blood poured over it.

"No, I am alright." he looked down at Shurran and then behind him. " It went right through.." he pointed to the wall behind him showing a bullet imbedded into it.

"Man, I dunno if I should be hangin' with youse guys.." Koga shrugged as he held the gun in his hand. " Guys gonna get me killed with all this drama.."he teased and winked at Kagome as he gazed down on the floor and picked up a pamphlet.

"Abortion?" Koga cocked a brow at them as he waved the pamphlet and his eyes widened as they've never before and he looked at Kagome who bit her lip and looked away trying to hide her blush. "Someone wanna explain? his voice rasped as the sirens sounded outside of the apartment. "Bummer..."he looked at his watch. " It's like only 11:30 and the party is over."he shook his head.

"Sorry, Koga." Kagome muttered softly and held onto Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru stood up and went out the door to speak to the police.

"Kagome?" Koga stopped her as she tried to follow.

"Yes?" she looked back and he smiled.

"Nevermind.."he knew that things were somehow going to be ok now.

The police reprimanded Shurran and kept insisting Sesshomaru see a paramedic but he refused as he and Kagome left the apartment after the questioning was finished and they went inside his car and he drove without question to her place.

Sesshomaru frowned as he stared at the bathroom mirror and dabbed his wound. Son of a bitch was still bleeding. He continued to dab it as he went into deep thought of the earlier events. So it was official, Kagome was pregnant. He frowned not knowing why he hadn't realized it before and then made a conclusion remembering the times he had an encounter with her; something'd always affect his nose. He sighed as the blood trailed down his bare chest and he dabbed it again and placed a bandage on it. He looked to his side and saw Kagome leaning on the doorway staring at him and Kirara purring by her feet. She hadn't changed yet but took off her annoying boots. She bit her lip taking in the wonderful sight of his naked chest, bleeding and all, it was sexy as hell. Sesshomaru glared at her perplexedly by her face knowing what she wanted. He wanted it too; badly. He set the bloody bandages and napkins on the side and crossed his arms and reached a hand out for her to come closer. She bowed her head and walked toward him and stopped inches from him and looked up. He lifted her chin with his finger and stared into her eyes. His amber eyes darted left to right as if he were trying to read her and she felt nervous.

"What?" she whispered.

He stroked her hair and brought his lips up to hers but didn't touch. She stared at his slighty opened mouth and looked at his fangs and gulped.

"about the child..." he started softly.

Kagome looked back not knowing what to do or what to say.

"I need to know..." he said.

Kagome looked at the wound on his chest as his blood leaked through the bandage and she met his gaze.

"I want to have it..."she looked into his eyes. " do you?"

Sesshomaru paused and held his breath not expecting her to ask him. He looked at her and nodded as he rubbed the sides of her arms. His head tilted to the side as he pressed his lips against hers, she opened her mouth allowing him in and they made out passionately. He grabbed her hair and tightly pulled her head back and kissed her neck quickly receiving a moan. He lead her to the toilet and he sat down as he pulled her down with him. She stood in front of him and pulled down her underwear slowly kicking it off of her feet as she sat on top of him with her legs on each side and pulled her shirt off revealing a black laced bra. His gaze dropped from her eyes to her breasts and his hand lightly went over it in a tease and he grinned. He looked at the mark on her shoulder that was slightly fading away and kissed it as he raised her skirt up and rested his hands on her butt. He slowly rubbed her back and he undid her bra with one try. The bra fell helplessly at her elbows and revealed her beautiful mounds immediately finding its way to his mouth. He licked it softly as he squeezed the other aggressively. Kagome moaned more feeling his member harden through his jeans. She could feel it wanting to escape. They both began to kiss as their fingers coiled together. He bit her lip and departed quickly taking little bites from her cheek to her neck. She bit her lip trying to contain her moans and she teased him by winding her hips against his crotch. She heard a slight moan escape his lips and she ended the torture by undoing his belt and unzipped his pants. She pulled them down while keeping her lips on his and she lowered his boxers as well with a little help from him when he felt her struggling. She was about to mount herself onto him but stopped at the tip trying to tease causing him to chuckle into her mouth and he had surprise her with a thrust causing her to moan outloud. She squinted evily at him as she continued to thrust onto harder and harder. He pulled her close to him where his ears rested on her chest and he could hear her heart racing. He grunted trying to control his growl as he looked at her shoulder and licked his lips as his eyes glowed. She dug her nails into his back knowing it turned him on and it did. He stood up, still in her, holding her and pressed her against the wall with his body and he continued to thrust harder into muscles tensed as she felt her climatic end come near and she could feel his coming as well by the way he thrusted harder and grabbed her breast harder and squeezed it. Her eyes rolled back and she let out a loud moan as did he followed by his fangs piercing her shoulder in the same spot. He bit so hard, she couldn't help whimpering but she liked it. She panted as he thrusted slower and then stopped, still holding her against the wall. He breathed into her ear as he stroked her hair and continued to kiss her neck. She couldn't help smile at this; he was being so affectionate. He kept kissing her in a way as if he was afraid he might lose her again. He pulled out and set her down and pulled up his pants as he carried her to the room. He went for whichever room was opened, which was Kagome's and set her on the bed. He lay next to her and they both panted in silence as he lowered himself eyelevel with her stomach. He glared at it and looked up at her and kissed her stomach as he rested his head on it. She stroked his hair and they both fell asleep like that.


8 months later, Sango had her baby. It was a boy and she named him Aiden. She and Miroku both argued on the name because he clearly wanted to give him a Japanese name but Sango heard the name in a movie and immediately fell in love with it. A week later, Kagome gave birth to a beautiful little girl and she and Sesshomaru agreed to name her Sena. Miroku had joked that their daughter would bear his son's children and Sesshomaru almost threw a fit. He doesn't let Aiden next to her. He was also very relieved Sena didn't come out with his brother's ears. Yes, his daughter was a half-breed but she was the most beautiful one there was. Now, he didn't call his brother a half-breed anymore.

During the months of Kagome's pregnancy, Sesshomaru's learned that he never wants to get her pregnant again. If you thought she was emotional when she wasn't pregnant, you haven't seen anything. He dealt with her emotional outburts, increased sexual appetite (which he didn't mind) and other insane things. The jealousy between the two never stopped. Anyone so much as look at the two and they were down anyone and each other's throats. I guess people never learn. Sesshomaru and Kagome both moved to a manor near his father's mansion and Sesshomaru gave the company over to Hiten as he explored other areas of his interests. Kagome continues to write for Youkai Entertainment and when Sena is old enough, she will attend college.

Inuyasha left his band and went solo and did great. His career sky-rocketed causing attention even from Hollywood film directors. This summer, he will playing in the spoof Donnie Barko. He met a beautiful girl on set and is now dating her. He makes frequent visits to see his niece as long as Sesshomaru is there. What can I tell you, that's love!

Kikyo went to beauty school and opened up a shop on Broadway. Her regulars work at ' My pleasure'. Ring a bell? She and Kagome sometimes hang out but wind up getting into arguments. Even with that, Kikyo loves her niece very much and hates her bitchy ass sister.

Rin and Kohaku are still dating and becoming more serious but Sesshomaru's making sure it doesn't get too serious. :cracks knuckles:

Inu Taisho also can't stop coming over and kidnapping Sena from her parents. He is also satisfied that his two sons are no longer at war. They still don't like each other though but he couldn't ask for more.

Koga is doing great with Ayame. Everyone loved his party so much, he invested his hard earned money into a club on Broadway where the every 2 hours, a gunshot sounds to spice up the night for people. They love it. :Shrugs: He also spends a lot of his time with Sesshomaru. They've become good friends, well, according to Koga.

Everything is the same but different. Sesshomaru and Kagome both learned valuable lessons as did their siblings. One thing Kagome and Sesshomaru did know for sure, without a doubt, is that they could never be apart again.

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…seven years later…

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