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Second Love ch. 26

" Do nothing? That is your advice, Kira. Really?"

Holding up his hands in a placating gesture, Kira continued with what he had been trying to say.

"Obviously at some point in time, Meyrin will have to speak to her mother. But if either of you do it now, the old witch is just going to win because she is expecting a confrontation. Wait until she's not then have the blow out fight."

Crossing his arms over his chest, Athrun leaned back against the hotel wall and letting out a gusty sigh replied.

"You're right. Hopefully Meyrin will see it the same way. Now I just have to figure out what to do in the mean time."

"You just told a woman you love her and you're wondering what to do before having a fight with her mother? My dear friend I am afraid you need to readjust your priorities."

The tips of his ears burning red, Athrun shot his unrepentant friend a glare, muttering.

"I just feel wrong footed somehow."

"They're called nerves, Athrun. Everyone gets them. Here's a suggestion. Dinner. "

"For me and Meyrin or me and you?"

"Ha ha."

Running a hand through his hair, Athrun gave Kira a shy smile saying. "Thanks, Kira."

Now it was Kira's turn to look a bit nervous. "Ah, don't thank me just yet. I know you were counting on me as a buffer for that party in a couple of days but something has come up. Would you be okay with me leaving early?"

Studying his friend's face wondering what he was so obviously not telling him, Athrun never the less nodded confident that if he needed to know, Kira would tell him what was going on.

"Sure Kira, I can go alone. Take care of whatever you need to take care of."

Flashing him a relieved smile, Kira clasped his shoulder and giving it a tight squeeze said. "Thanks, Athrun. Here's a thought instead of going alone why don't you ask Meyrin to go with you?"

With that Kira left him to go finish packing and Athrun.

Well Athrun slid down to a sitting position on the floor as his mind flooded with both things to do and possibilities to consider.

"Dinner, huh?." Straightening the hem of her striped 3/4 length sleeved tee, Meyrin cast an amused look over her shoulder at Shinn.

"Yes dad. Then we're gonna go to lover's lane for a few hours."

Raising both eyebrows, Shinn smirked back. "Lover's Lane, huh?"

Betrayed by her own joke, Meyrin flushed a delightful pink as she waved a hand at him. "Oh, shush!"

Shinn was still laughing as Luna entered the living room.

Stealing her husband's coffee from his hand, she surveyed her sister's outfit with a critical eye.

" Good. He picked somewhere causal. Nice to know he still has some sense after all these years."

Shaking her head at them both, Meyrin gave Shinn a quick side hug and Luna a kiss on the cheek calling over her shoulder as she went. "Thank you and kindly don't continue to forget my niece."

The last words she heard before closing her door sent her off to Athrun car with a smile.

" Shoot, Mayu!"

For their dinner Athrun had chosen a tiny little pizza place with a great reputation. Yet for all its busyness it never seemed to loud or crowded while they were there.

Laying down his menu, Athrun watched Meyrin's expressive face as she perused her own. The way her nose wrinkled whenever she read something that disgusted her caused a smile to appear on his face every time.

When the food was ordered and it was just the two of them, Athrun was amazed to find that he was actually not scrambling for words with which to start the conversation.

" I know we should address the issue of your mother and her actions. So if you don't mind hearing me out I am going to tell you what Kira suggested we do about the situation. And if you agree with it I think we should let the problem go for now and focus on other things. If that's okay with you?"

Meyrin felt the knot in her stomach that had appeared at the mention of her mother loosen at these words. Happy to have a chance at what she hoped would be an escape from unpleasant topic, she eagerly listened to the idea Athrun laid out.

And to her delight, she actually did agree with Kira's suggestion thus with a relieved giggle she quickly turned the conversation to his children.

"Truthfully even after slowing down, Kilmeny didn't make much sense. All I could really understand was that she argued with Devlin. But it must have all worked itself out since they sounded on good terms with each other again when I called earlier. Not that that really means anything when it comes to those two." He finished dryly.

Smiling at his wry tone, Meyrin took a sip of her wine and remarked. "The joys of being siblings and close in age. You have your best friend and worse enemy all in one."

His eyes alight with curiosity, Athrun asked."Is that how you and Luna were?"

Smirking, Meyrin rested her elbow on the table and her chin in her cupped hand saying mockingly. "You can't tell me you've forgotten about the argument Luna and I had on the Eternal?"

Grimacing, Athrun took a sip of his tea and replied. " I had no idea either of you knew such filthy language before that. Or that you could reach that decibel."

Laughing and blushing at the same time, Meyrin drummed her fingers on the table lightly. "Yes, well she was being a particularly stubborn idiot that day."

"Hmm." Was all Athrun said in reply to this before restarting their conversation.

" Well we've talked about what matters most in my life. What has been happening in yours?"

Raising her glass to avoid even thinking about her life as of recent, Meyrin took a moment to study Athrun's handsome features over the rim of it.

His eyes glowed with an affection that warmed her to the tips of her toes but even with this distraction, she could still see glimmers of fatigue dwelling there as well.

Finishing her sip, she set down the glass and said. "I just finished this season's show. My designs seem to be going over well and speaking of well how have you been sleeping lately?"

Both stunned and touched by the sudden display of concern, Athrun caught her hand in his own and said."I slept just fine this morning. Did you?"

Her eyes still showing her concern, Meyrin nodded slowly. "Yes, but Athrun..."

"Really, Meyrin I'm fine. I just missed you is all."

Lacing her fingers with his, Meyrin gave his hand a tight squeeze as she said in a strained voice. "I've missed you too, Athrun."

The air between them filled with heavy things waiting to be said. The arrival of their check determined that these words would be forced to wait a little longer.

Letting go of Meyrin's hand, Athrun thanked the waitress and as they prepared to leave asked quietly. "Meyrin would you like to come to a very boring party with me this weekend?"

Mirth chasing away the odd feeling of disappointment that had threatened to cloud an otherwise delightful date, Meyrin gave him a dazzling smile and said."I would love to attend a very boring party with you, Athrun."

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