Chapter one of Age of Innocence: Justifiable Homicide.

Disclaimer: I do not own SVU or any one of the characters.

Is there really such a thing as justifiable homicide? Maybe in court, but in the mind of a kid. No. There is no such thing. At least, to the ones who understand what they did. The ones that wrestle with the thought they took the life of another, just so he could live. yes, he gets to live, but at what cost?

As usual sirens were heard in the distance. The streets were dark, and screams of others seemed to be the cities anthem. The wind would blow trash across the street, and those unfortunate without a home would walk the streets with their carts just hoping to survive while others sit pampered by the luxury of not having to worry about food, or the coming storm. Out on the streets once again on another block, the yellow tape blocked the road, drivers who honked angrily because they wanted to get somewhere, not because they respected the victim on the street. Also, as usual, two detectives who hold back any emotion that comes with the job drink their coffee after getting out of bed at 4 in the morning once again. One, deserting his familey again as they slept peacefully unaware of the nightmare he now faced. The other prepared for the call, was forced to desert the few hours of sleep she had until she faced the horrors in the light of day. On the sidewalk there was a body bleeding, a bullet wound in his head.

"what do we got?" Said Detective Elliot Stabler, already missing the mattress, and the familey he had at home.

"Matthew Johnson. 40 years old known for his apartments many Domestic disturbance calls. Shot once in the head, the gun was left behind shooter dropped it after he shot." said a uniform as if it was just another nightly routine.

"do we know who's gun it was?" Said detective Olivia Benson, who was already thinking of how she was going to break it to her boyfriend that she was once again going to be missing their date.

"Victims. Wife was beat to death before he was shot. Killer must of been knew to guns, the shot was a lucky hit. Basing that on the position of the gun." said their regular forensic.

"Ok." said Stabler," so why exactly are we here? We aren't exactly homicide detectives."

"The wife is was dead before the husband was shot by his own gun. SO it had to have been someone who knows him."

"your point?"

"Their 14 year old kid is missing."

Stabler and Benson looked to each other. It was a moment they had had before. The moment in witch they realized that they were dealing with a situation that was probably one of the worst things they could think of.

a kid was involved. The worst part of it was.

The job usually did.