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As the sun started to shined through a window it illuminated the room showing a broken wardrobe a old desk and a rickety old bed in the bed laid a figured of a young girl about 17.

She was waking up slowly and was taking in the last of her sleep then got up. She was changing into worn out clothes and since her hair was short she just combed it out with her hands and as soon as that was done she headed down the long set of stairs to the kitchen get breakfast ready her stepsister and stepfather.

Since her real father died her mother thought it was best for Riku to have a father so she remarried and he had a daughter the same age a Riku and look just like her, her name was Risa and had long hair if it was short they could be identical twins.

When Riku's mother died her stepfather gave everything Riku had to Risa saying it was too good for and perfect for an angel like her he also said that if she wanted to stay in the house she was to cook, clean, and all the house work.

Riku having no place to go did as she was told and never complain. No matter how much she work she was always cheerful and nothing her so called family did to her, she ever made her mad.



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