HI wow 915 hit's that a lot

Here are the results thus far

candidus-lupus-full Moonis going to dance with Wiz as Daisuke

Tysonkaiexperiment going to dance with Daisuke

RainPoetis going to dance with Dark (Tell me if am right and you still need to give me your costume

Satoshi and Krad still open

>KC leaves>

>Wiz comes up>

Wiz here I going to sneak this in for 5 people only

If you don't want to dance with anyone and be there as a Princess or Prince dancing with your own charter or another charter from another show just tell me I will get I in for you

Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty

This is another idea I had for a story staring InuYasha and Kagome so what would you like to see them in more Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty