The Power He Knows Not

By jabarber69

Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns it all; I just played around with her world for a bit.

Summary: Ole Snake-face shouldn't underestimate people it could get him killed!

A/N: I couldn't get this out of my mind, just a small story of the final battle!

Chapter 1

When Albus Dumbledore and the Order of The Phoenix apparated into #4 Privet Drive they found Harry Potter standing in the front yard holding a bloody katana sword at his side surrounded by what was left of Voldemort and his inner circle of deatheaters.

All the order members were standing there in shock over what they were seeing.

Until finally Dumbledore ask "Harry, how, what happened?

Harry stared back at the many faces of the order deep in thought. Um how was he going to answer that, do I tell them that starting last summer after Sirius died and I was told the prophecy, I decided to start training myself since nobody else seem to want to, so I started learning Martial Arts as well as sword and knife fighting. I also over time taught myself occlumency and legillimency and oh how much frustration I went through before I taught myself wandless magic as well as becoming a phoenix and shadow wolf animagus. I also taught myself wandless apparation, so I was able to continue my martial arts classes even during the school year by apparating to class couple of nights a week. Or how tonight when voldie showed up I apparated into the middle of them and just started cutting and slashing. Then after they were dead I captured and then burned their souls to a crisp using my air and fire elemental ability.

Harry staring back at the headmaster suddenly said, "I guess the power he knows not is muggle fighting techniques sir!"

Harry then doing a wandless cleaning spell on himself and his sword, which causes Dumbledore as well as the order members eyes to get as big as saucers and their jaws to drop to the ground as they watch him turn around and go back into his aunt and uncles house.

Just before falling asleep Harry wonders if he can now get a good night sleep with ole snake face dead!