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Summery: A story about Remus' days at Hogwarts starting at day one. It will mostly be about him and Sirius. It will be Slashed in later years. Will contain Slash if you do not like slash do not read.

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Phases 2.29

Sirius made it to the secret room in the library without any problems. This was the perfect place to read his book without interruptions- Peter snored like a banshee. Making himself comfortable on the floor he opened the book. Somewhere in here were the answers he sought. If only he knew where.

The first story was a rather droll account of a young werewolf being sent off to a monastery. There, with the help of the monks, he learned to control the beast with strict discipline. Sirius didn't care for this story. He didn't see the wolf as a beast that needed to be controlled through forceful means.

The second story involved isolation, which Sirius also thought was utter rubbish. Remus had enough of that already. He was about to question Professor O'Brien's sanity when the next story caught his eye.

You have no idea do you? Of the pain and torment a werewolf goes through on a full moon night.

From the first moment I laid eyes on her I knew she was the one, the only one. Her being a werewolf did nothing to deter that. It only made me work harder in trying to find a way to ease her suffering. What she went through one night a month was so brutal. I found it cruel to lock her up, allow the wolf to tear her apart.

It was unnatural to cage her. Wolves need to roam free, to do what wolves do. I thought if there was a way to allow her to answer the moon's call, to run free, she wouldn't have to endure the suffering. Now that I had something to work with, I had no idea how to proceed. How can one let a werewolf roam freely without placing others in harm's way? And given the popular viewpoint on the subject, there were few resources available to me. I had no one to ask for help.

But then fate lent a helping hand. I had finally, after months of hard work, become an animagus. I could transform into my animal form at will. And fate intervened again in making my form a coyote.

Of course I had no idea this was going to be the answer to my prayers. One night we lost track of time, that tends to happen when one is young and in love. We were sitting on the couch when she started her transformation. I was in a panic. I was going to be ripped to shreds by the woman I loved more than life itself and unwillingly unleash the werewolf in a populated area.

As I watched the wolf emerge self preservation kicked in and I transformed. The wolf was confused at first, very cautious. But soon need for companionship won out. And I realized I could 'control' her. She followed my lead and I was able to steer her away from midnight snacks.

Having someone to run with, play with out in the open worked wonders. The transformations were easier, the self mutilation was absent. If only others could see that the wolf is like any other animal, cage it and it will rebel. Let it do what it instinctually needs to, run under the moon's light, play, have a pack and no harm will be done to the innocent.

But we live in a prejudicial world. And as much as we preach tolerance there is none to be found. This especially holds true for the 'dark creatures'. Society's solution is to cage and destroy. I hope my story will help others realize this isn't true. A werewolf is like any other person with special needs.

Now that, Sirius thought, was worth the lack of sleep and the first two useless stories. That was the answer. He needed to become an animagus. Perhaps Peter and James as well, the more the merrier. Remus could have his pack.

Of course this plan had its flaws. They would need a professor to instruct them. Which he felt would never happen given their age and he did not want to wait. The sooner they could transform the better for Remus. Their animal counterparts would have to be compatible with a werewolf. It was also highly monitored by the ministry. Being caught doing it illegally might mean Azkaban.

Since when was Sirius going to let little things like this stop him?