I'm only gonna disclaim this once: I don't own Inuyasha, his friends, his enemies, or the universe in which they live. If I did, I'd be able to rub his ears every day.

It's okay, I'm not abandoning my other work! These are my shortstuff. :D For those of you new to the ficlet universe… these 'chapters' are stand-alone one-shots of 100 words or less, meant to conjure a series of short, brief images. A bit like a literary snapshot, if you will. I am not certain exactly how many stories will make it up here; they depend on inspiration. Now, if you will excuse me, I must go remove my professor glasses. They take over my brain sometimes. :leaves:

Just Business


That's all. He wanted my lands, I wanted the protection his name gave. Strictly business. Even when I ripped his flesh as we conceived our child, when he bit down so hungrily, it was never more than convenience. We asked nothing.

I raised my son for his first century of life, and did not argue when he took Sesshoumaru away. It was part of the agreement.

Then there was her. So frail—but how deadly an enemy. She didn't even know her own power.

I said nothing. Only business. It wasn't my business to love him.

But I did.

A/N: Why, you ask? Because I wanted to do something depressing and wistful about a character that not many people consider. (Not to discount the people who do… actually, most of the stuff that people write about Sesshoumaru's mother tends to be fairly good. Here's hoping. :D) Nobody mentioned, by the way, how bloody hard it is to keep a story to 100 words. I'm not used to such brevity, it being the soul of wit…