They said it was fifty years. Half a century pinned like a fucking bug. Waiting to wake up and kill her for what she'd done to me.

I woke to find her—looking out of that damn girl'seyes.

Obviously, Kagome was different. She'd never been able to squash me into the ground with a fucking word, for one thing. But that face… through Kagome's eyes, I could see her. Gentleness, anger, amusement, sadness—it didn't fucking matter. All I could see was Kikyou.

They told me it was fifty years ago. But my heart was still ripped apart yesterday.

A/N: Again, Niamh is the cause of this. If three days can translate into five hundred years (all you OGAM 'shippers'll know what I mean), then why would fifty years asleep be any different for Inuyasha? 'Cept, y'know, Inuyasha's language is lots worse than Teles'… sorry 'bout that.