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Peter Parker's (Spider-Man's) POV

ah! Peter thought as he made his way through the terminal of the London Heathrow airport. Nothing better than going to jolly ol' England to find a couple of my most beloved foes. Peter Parker, who to the world is Spider-Man, decided to take the seven and a half hour flight down to the UK in an attempt to locate his two worst enemies, Venom and Carnage. They were supposedly spotted causing some havoc on some London street corner a few days ago, and as a result, Peter's boss, J. Jonah Jameson, decided to send his best photographer overseas to get photographs. What Jolly Jonah didn't know was that where ever Peter Parker goes, Spidey follows with him. Good thing, too, because these guys will have a lot of trouble on their hands if Brock and Kasady aren't caught.

There is one thing that baffles me, though. Peter thought to himself as he stepped outside the doors of the airport and into the world outside. what on earth brought them to the UK in the first place? They clearly weren't there to take a vacation. After all, the image of Venom and Carnage taking photos of themselves in front of Big Ben could make even the most straight faced person laugh. Well, crazier things have happened.

Peter approached the road, attempting to wave down a taxi. No luck.

you can't even get decent transportation around here. Peter thought. He then ran into an alley. Well, I was going to save this for later, but I guess I'm just gonna have to do it the old fashioned way. Peter got into his Spider-Man costume, and swung off through the streets of Britain. He did this for about an hour getting used to his surroundings. He figured he might as well since he'd be here for a while. He had only ever been in London once in the past, and that was for little more than a day. It was before... well... before something that he would rather not think about happened. Needless to say, he lacked knowledge of the place, and scoping everything out from higher up was a good start.

while he was on his little hike through the city, he soon came across an odd group of four people wearing funny looking masks. They kind of looked like Doctor Doom impersonators, only without the vibrant green colors. he wondered what was going on, and decided to listen in on there conversation, landing on top of a nearby rooftop and crawling down the wall as quietly as possible.

"What are the Dark Lord's orders, Severus?" one of the men had said.

"He wants us to be ready for battle." The supposed leader, Severus, replied.

"But what about Potter?" proclaimed a voice of a woman. from behind which mask it was coming from, Peter could not tell. "Now that Dumbledore's out of the way, we could easily kill the boy."

"The Dark Lord wants to kill Harry himself. But he wants us to take care of Harry's friends, so they don't get in the way."

"Ah, yes." one of the others, who sounded much younger than the other two voices, replied. "Weasley and Granger. The blood traitor and the mudblood. I'd like to take care of those two, myself."

"Don't be so smug, Draco." the woman responded. "Harry and his friends are tougher than they look, that is why we need to take caution.

"Oh, please! Harry's two 'pals' are too blind to notice their feelings for each other, let alone spot us pointing wands at them!" Draco replied.

"Don't be so naive, Draco." The woman said. "they are more than capable! You must take caution" then the woman turned to Severus. "And the Aurors?" she asked. "How are we going to fight them off?"

"Don't worry about that." Severus replied. "We have the two Americans to deal with that."

"You mean those muggles?" The woman said. "What on earth can muggles do to protect us. and why out of all people, would Voldemort ask them to help us!"

"Because they have..." Severus paused for a second, then went back to speaking, "...Special qualities for the job. plus it was I who suggested Voldemort become their allies. they are more capable than you know. Now we must separate, and meet up later for our first attack." and with that, Severus, the woman, and Draco left, leaving one man, the only one that didn't speak, to go in the opposite direction. Peter was confused. who was this 'Potter'? And what did Draco mean when he referred to 'Weasley' and 'Granger' as a 'bloodtraiter and mudblood'? And what the heck is a 'muggle'? sounded like a breed of dog to Peter. Oh, and then there was the 'dark lord.' I'm going to guess not Darth Vader. Peter thought to himself

And were those two 'muggles' Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady, also known as Venom and Carnage? Could that be the whole reason they're here? Well, whatever this was, Peter felt he had to investigate it. skidding across the wall he was on, Peter made his way over to the man, who had been taking his time walking down the alley path. then shootingt a web at the man, he reeled him upwards.

the man screeched as Peter webbed him to the wall, and revealed himself.

when the man looked directly at him, Peter responded with, "Hi there!"

The man screamed.

"Whoa, whoa! Easy there, buddy." Peter cut in. "I'm not gonna kill you. I'm just taking you in for some questions."

"You're not going to get anything out of me!" The man shouted.

"all right, all right." Peter muttered. "Then I guess i'll keep you webbed up on this nice comfy wall. Of course, it dissolves in about an hour, so you'll go SPLAT on the sidewalk."

"Wait, Wait! I changed my mind!" the man panicked even more. "I'll tell you EVERYTHING!"

"Now that's more like it." Peter said. "So, who's this potter guy, anyway? and why are you trying to kill him?"

"He's the chosen one!" the man replied. "He's the only one stopping Voldemort from completing his mission!"

"His mission, huh?" Peter said, amused. "What's his mission?"

"To destroy all you stupid muggles, mudbloods, and blood traitors so that only us worthy purebloods are left!"

"Um... Okay... and what's this talk about muggles?" Peter asked, still unsure what any of this meant.

"It's what us wizards call non-magical humans!" the man replied. "Please! get me off this thing already!"

Wizards? Peter thought. this has to be a joke. granted such a thing wasn't so far fetched. after all, Doctor Strange is supposedly a sorceror, but still, Pete never heard the word 'muggle' come out of that guy's mouth.

"Right." He stated, giving the man an incredulous look from underneath his mask. "So where is this 'Potter' at, now?"

"At the Burrow!" The man shouted. Peter had no idea what he meant.

"A burrow? you mean like where weasels live." Peter asked.

"Well, actually, it's 'Weasley' not 'weasel'." Responded the man, as he trembled. Peter face palmed himself, not suspecting the answer he was given.

well, that answers who Weasley is. Peter thought.

"Okay, where is the Burrow, then?" He asked.

"I don't know the exact location! I just remember the route!"

"Then I guess you're going to have to take me to it." Peter stated.

"No, I'm not!" the man replied.

"Oh, really?" Peter said, pulling off the man's silly mask. the man was really ugly looking. a bit rat-like actually. "Now that I know what you look like, I can always find and kill you."

"But you just said you don't kill!" the man said.

"That was just to calm you down." Peter lied. "Now I suggest you take me there if you want to live. is that a deal?" the man, who was now in utter fear, nodded his head. "Good!" Peter replied. he then grabbed the man, pulled him off the web, threw the man onto his shoulders, and jumped back down to the ground. Peter then put the man down and said, "Lead the way, rat boy!"

and so they went off.

A/N: This is my first fanfic. I know it's short, but there'll be more very soon. :)