Update on when next chapter will be up

a/n: Okay, sorry if I got anyone's hopes up with this current update. I'm essentially putting this here as a way to give myself deadlines, but also as a way of letting you all know when to expect the next chapter. obviously, I might not always make the deadlines I put down exactly, but I should have them up around the date specified. I'll probably change this page periodically if anything needs updating, but until then, here are the dates to expect each chapter. Also, if it's ever past the day I say it will be up, feel free to send me a private message asking me about it. Here are the dates

Chapter 12: 12/16/2015

Chapter 13: 12/30/2015

Chapter 14: 1/13/2016

Chapter 15: 1/27/2016

Chapter 16: 2/10/2016

Chapter 17: 2/24/2016

Chapter 18: 3/9/2016

Chapter 19: 3/23/2016

Chapter 20: 4/6/2016

Chapter 21: 4/20/2016

Chapter 22: 5/4/2016

Chapter 23: 5/18/2016

Chapter 24: 6/1/2016

Chapter 25: 6/15/2016

As of right now, I plan on finishing this story up on Chapter 25. this, however, could be more or less, depending on how much story I think is left. anyway, thank you, everyone for your reviews. also, if you have any suggestions, feel free to send me a message. :)