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The morning sun traveled through the windows in the messy apartment, waking Rei Ayanami from her much enjoyable sleep. Bringing her naked form from the bed, she walked to the bathroom and stepped into the shower. As the hot water washed her clean, she smiled to herself on the memory of her dream.

It was in the dreams that they could be together. Rei could only be with him that way and take the loneliness away from him in his prison.

Turning the water off, she stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel to dry herself off. Throwing the towel to the ground, she walked over to the dresser and pulled out her undergarments and school clothes and began to dress. When she finished, she walked to the kitchen and began to fix herself a peanut and jelly sandwich. In the dreams, he had recommended it as a suitable breakfast. When she had finished eating, she left the apartment and headed towards NERV for the sync test.

As she walked down the street, a blue car skidded to a halt beside her.

"Hey Rei! Need a Ride?" asked Misato ignoring an angry Asuka behind her.

In the dreams, He told her that the Misato was a crazy driver but that she should take her up on her offer as a ride so Rei wouldn't tire herself out.

"Yes Major Katsuragi, Thank you" said Rei as she opened the passenger side door and slipped into the seat. Turning around, she looked at the Second Child and said "Good Morning Pilot Soyru."

"Guten Morgen, Wondergirl" replied Asuka grumpily and stared out the window as Misato slammed on the gas.

Misato turned to Rei and said "Just ignore her Rei, she's mad because I cooked this morning." Looking into the rearview mirror, she smirked at Asuka.

Asuka glared back at her and stated "Your cooking is going to kill me one of these days; hopefully that stupid Baka will wake up soon and return to his role in the kitchen."

Rei turned her head and caught the pained expression on Misato's face at the mention of Shinji's name by the redhead. Shinji was still a sore subject to be talked about around the NERV Staff, especially Misato and Asuka. Both had their reasons for missing Shinji but Misato's seemed more caring than Asuka's.

As the car entered NERV and came to a stop, Rei turned and thanked Misato for the ride. Together, with Asuka ahead of her, Rei headed towards the changing room to dress into her plug suit for the sync test.

Rei hoped that the test wouldn't take too long, for she wished to return home and go back to Him in her dream.

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