Chapter 1: Can't Stop Them

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"Get up loser," Piper Halliwell sat crouched on the floor of Baker High School. "What are you def? I said GET UP!"

As Piper stared at the floor a million thoughts raced through her troubled mind, the operative one being 'I can't do a thing to stop them.'

The gibes continued as her books and papers were strewn across the hallway floor. She hardly tried to get them as she slowly complied with Missy Campbell's spiteful orders. Her face showed no visible emotion; after all this was High School. All she wanted to do was make the smallest ripple she could and get on with her life. Bystanders stopped to watch the classic scene, which had become their daily entertainment. Now that she had an audience Missy decided to put on a show.

"So Pepper," Missy said in her most psychotically chipper tone, "Are these glasses new?"

Missy swiped the year old glasses off Piper's face without a second of hesitation.

Wearily, Piper tried to retrieve her much needed glasses from Missy's hands.

"Missy, I…they're my, uh, they're the same ones I had last week when you asked," she stated, trying to grab the glasses from the girl's clutches.

Missy held them high above Piper's head tauntingly.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she began, "Do you need these?" Missy laughed. The congregation in the hall joined her in merriment as Piper found it increasingly hard to see.

"Yeah M….Missy. I, can't see without them. Could you…c…could you hand them back to me…. please?" Piper stammered.

"Right," Missy started, "And if I don't give them back you're gonna what?" The girl spat.

"Sick you're bodyguard on me?" Missy waved the glasses around one more time, getting ready to break them in two as someone snatched them from her hand.

"I think I'll be taking those," Prue came next to Missy and handed the glasses back to her little sister.

The unyielding Prue turned towards the lowly sophomore dedicated to making her sister's life a living hell.

"Hope you're coming to cheerleading try-outs," Prue starred down the girl, "wouldn't want me to fill your spot."

With that Prue turned on her heels leaving Piper to fix the mess Prue had only worsened.

"If I don't get a spot on that team," Missy promised, "You're gonna wish I broke those glasses so you couldn't see what was coming to you."

The bell rang and the crowd began to dissipate.

"See you after class, Pepper," Missy quipped as she motioned for her followers to lead her to her next class.

Piper sighed deeply at Missy's cheap but effective threat, shook her head, and walked off to her next class, AP Chem.

Prue, having a free period at the time, was happy with her good deed for the day. With Piper's petty dramas out of the way, she decided it was just about time to check on Grams back at the Manor. The drive was relatively short and hardly a trouble to walk, but she had appearances to keep up among her group of friends. She pulled into the driveway and made her way into the house.

"Grams, it's me. I came to check up on you," Prue called through the house, expecting an answer from her grandmother.

"Prue, dear, what are you doing home from school?" Grams inquired as she came from the kitchen to meet her oldest granddaughter.

"I have a free period Grams," Prue answered, "I came to say hi and make sure everything was all right."

Grams opened her mouth as to object to Prue's concerns, but Prue spoke first.

"Grams, don't say another word," Prue said jokingly, "I'm here to take care of you and I'm not going anywhere until my next class."

Grams smiled at her granddaughter's admiralty and turned to go into the kitchen as Prue followed.

"What are you cooking?" Prue asked as she watched her guardian throw ingredients into a bubbling pot.

"I'm just keeping my hands busy," Grams answered hastily, continuing making her concoction.

"You know," Prue grinned at her grandmother, "One of these days I'm gonna find out what you're actually making."

Grams thought on the comment for a second, but shook it off quickly and kept up the conversation with Prue.

"How were your periods this morning?" Grams asked her.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," Prue said absentmindedly as she fiddled with a bit of thyme on the counter.

"What about Piper?" Grams continued, "Have you seen her this morning?"

Prue, not wanting to worry Grams with Piper's problems, answered unnaturally quickly.

"Fine," Prue said cheerfully, "Piper's morning was fine."

Grams shot an incredulous look at Prue, knowing that she was obviously lying.

"Has that Messy girl been bullying your sister again Prudence?" The aged woman said to Prue. "I thought I told you to put a stop to that."

Prue rolled her eyes at being caught and began to tell Grams how Piper's morning really was.

"Her name's Missy," Prue corrected, "And Grams, I tried," Prue pleaded, "I stopped the bullying this time, but they're just gonna keep at it. I can't stop them every time. I shouldn't have to."

Grams glared deeply at Prue with her last words.

"Prudence, she's your sister. You will look after her and stop any attempts to make her life unhappy. Is that understood?" Grams said in her sternest and frankly most frightening tone.

Prue mumbled something undecipherable, and Grams looked exasperated at having to explain the situation one more time.

"You know she won't stand up for herself Prudence. She needs someone like you to watch over her because she'll just let then step all over her," Grams said knowingly.

"I just don't understand why she can't defend herself," Prue said agitated, but tried to hide her irritation in fear of getting into trouble.

"She could if she wanted to," Grams answered, "But she's too patient with them. She'll take everything they throw at her and never try to fight back because she's so enduring. But you, you're full of so much pride that you can stand up to whomever you feel you need to no matter what."

Grams stopped herself from explaining further, in fear that she would slip and tell Prue why her and Piper really acted the way they did.

Prue complied with Grams requests and Grams then tried to turn the conversation to lighter matters, not wanting Prue to feel too imposed upon.

"What about Phoebe?" She asked. "Have you seen her this morning?"

Phoebe looked back at the hallway and laughed at the morons who were actually going to their classes. She hiked her backpack up on her shoulder and pushed open the double doors ahead of her.

She didn't cut that often, but she couldn't bear to listen to her droning teacher who was dumb enough to believe that she was really going to the bathroom. On her way out, she bumped into a small girl that looked close to her age. She had dark brown hair, clean cut bangs, braces, and a battered Army jacket on.

"Watch where you're going," Phoebe sniped under her breath. The girl, however, heard her loud and clear.

"So sorry I interrupted you. I'm sure it's somewhere very important you're cutting class to get to," the girl shot back.

"You don't even know I'm cutting class," Phoebe called as she rolled her eyes and started to walk away.

"Well let's see," the girl began, "You're an eight grader, and only seniors have free periods this time in the day. You're possibly wearing the skimpiest clothes I've ever seen, not something anyone, even you, would wear to the dentist or doctor's office. Your face has been carefully made up, like you're planning to meet someone. And the biggest incrimination of them all-you're Phoebe Halliwell. You cut at this time every Wednesday," the girl finished all too smugly.

"Oh, great. I have a stalker," Phoebe tried once more to break away from the scene, "What's you're name anyway?" she threw as an afterthought as she turned back to the girl.

"My name is Paige. Paige Matthews."

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