Continuing from when Squee was in the crazy 6 years later.

It was november 14 was in 10th grade and 16 years was walking home from nny drives up in his car and ride?

Squee replyed opened the door squee hopped said how ya been?good,good...Said answered ah i was skool?Squee so good.I got detention 6 times for the past 6 today i almost went to jail because i killed this guy for pissing me off.

Said heres your house said squee happily.

Squee walked to the front out his keys unlocked the door went inside and ran changed out of his pants and shoes he had put on some jeans a black overshirt and some boots that Nny had gave grabbed his backpack and went down stairs grabbed his spike collar and a magizine called capenoctem slipped it in his bag and left with his dads drove to an old abandoned building the adress was 335 south bywood.

Squee parked the car and went in the building he went down some stairs that led him to a giant of the room was torcher devices,the other was a living sat on a couch and said ah home sweet home.

squee pulled the carpe noctem magizine out of his started reading squee hears police sirens .then a whole bunch of foot steps comin down the flipped a switch every thing was flipped under ground squee quickly jumped to grab a bar in the air then hopped to aledge and stayed there the cops looked up and saw squee sitting on the quickly jumped for the stairs and made a run for it.