Squee made it out of the building and saw his dads car was flipped over and had bullet marks on the ran because the cops got out of the building.

he ran for an alley and hid there the cops ran right past the ran he made it to his street and then went in Nny's went inside and

nny turned around and said...WHO EVER THE HELL YOU ARE GET YOUR ASS OUT OF MY HOUSE!BITCH...!Squee replyed JONNY?oh hi jonny.

Nny im being chased by squee they wont find you here.

said ?said a cosmic mistake thats why im not loved...or caught by cops for your said i got to find pepito!Squee ran to pepitos knocked on the door and pepito answered

then squee i talk to your father?ya i got to call for pepito.

FATHER!suddenly a giant blaze of fire puffed from the ground.A dark tall mysterious figure comes from the bam satan started talking to squee and then squee said.A cosmic mistake...Well after 16 years that explains squee then squee said do you have a gun?Satan i have this knife. that will said why?Because im a flusher ill end back up at my house well see you in hell!

Squee shoved the knife through his head and fell to the !called out crawled in and at the same time satan and pepito both said...DAWNM FLUSHERS!

-The End-