Chapter 1: Mew Mew Party

Chapter 1: Mew Mew Party

Mew Lizzy: This story is basically where I, Lizzy, play all types of games (which you can suggest in a review) with the Tokyo Mew Mew characters. But here's a little warning, the chapters will be pretty short. I do not own Tokyo Mew Mew or Mario Party!

"It's time to play 'Mew Mew Party'!" I exclaimed and led Kisshu, Momomiya Ichigo, and Pai into my basement family room. We all squished ourselves on the couch and grabbed a Gamecube controller. "I want to play the Kish character!"

"I want to play Ichigo." Kish said smirking over at the cat-girl.

"In your dreams," Ichigo clicked to play herself and stuck her tongue out at Kish. Pai and Kish also picked themselves leaving me left.

"Hmm…I'll be Zakuro!" I clicked on the picture of Fujiwara Zakuro's head and we faced the next to impossible task of picking a level.

"Let's do Café Mew Mew!" Ichigo pointed to the little picture of the pink café.

"Let's do Ichigo's House." Kish suggested.

"Let's do either Pai's Lab or The Ship." I said.

"The Ship!" Kish agreed. I clicked on it and the game began. The theme song music played and then it was time to choose our playing order. Each character had to smash a block revealing a number. I rolled a nine, Ichigo two, Kish eight, and Pai five.

"Yeah, I get to go first!" I smashed my block and moved forward landing on a blue space.

Kish moved and landed on a Dueling Space. "I'll duel Kitten!" Kish clicked on the cat-girl's name and the duel began. They were neck and neck at the beginning but to Kish's dismay, Ichigo won. Ichigo got the ten coins that they both bet and it was time for Pai to take his turn. He landed on a red space losing three of his coins. His eyes went hard for a moment but went back to normal. Ichigo went and landed on a blue. Finally it was time to play the first mini game.

4 Player Game

"Will Kitty"

Rules: Revive the kitty by pressing the A button as fast as you can.

Kish won the game gaining ten coins.

By halftime everyone was really getting into the game. Including Pai.


We all quickly took our turns and waited for the next mini game.

2 vs. 2

"Rumble Ready"

Rules: Press the A button as soon as you feel the rumble in your controller.

The teams consisted of Kish and Ichigo verses Pai and I. In the end Kish and Ichigo's team won. Pai stood up angrily. "Pai?" I said hesitantly.

"What?!" He exclaimed

"It's your turn."

"Oh..." He sat down and smashed his block. He landed on the DK Tree.

Something exciting is about to happen! It's a…DK MINI GAME!

We all cheered and awaited the name of the game.

4 Player Game

"Chasing for Red Data Animals!"

Rules: Bring the baby Red Data Animals to their proper parents. If you upset the parent of one of the animas, that animal will freeze momentarily.

Ichigo went straight for the Wild Cats and Kish followed. I rolled my eyes. "You do know that you can go for all of the animals, right?"

"Yes, but the kittens remind me of my Kitten." Ichigo glared at Kish but continued to play the game.

At the very end of the entire Mew Mew Party game, Pai won with three stars. He smiled satisfactorily as his character collected the Mew Mew Party game trophy and posed. "Of course I won." He set down the controller before leaning back against the couch. Sadly the rest of us set our controllers down as well.

The room was silent for a few moments until Kish spoke up. "Now what game are we going to play?!" Him and I jumped up and headed for the game closet.

Tune in next time to see Taruto, Pudding, and Keiichiro play Candy Land!