Sailor Moon: Birth Stone Scouts


4 years before present day Crystal Tokyo

"Here comes our prey." Whispered a female cat demon. "Yes, I can smell the human approaching." Whispered a female fox demon. It just so happened that the human was hunting the 2 demons. Before they could react their physical bodies where dead. "Great now we have to find bodies to share." Said the cat spirit as the 2 escaped the demon hunter. "And I know the perfect girls. Two of Neo Queen Serenity's daughters." Said the fox spirit.

In Crystal Tokyo the triplets were playing with a ball. "Catch Rini." Said Kiki throwing the ball to Rini. Rini missed and Kiki and Mimi went to get it. "There they are." Said the cat spirit. "Yes lets make a deal with the 2 looking for the ball." Said the fox spirit. Kiki had blue hair and silver eyes and the cat spirit wanted to make a deal with her. "Who are you?" Asked Kiki. "I'm Moonlight and I would like to make a deal with you." Said the cat spirit. "What kind of deal?" Asked Kiki. "I'll share your body and give you Sailor powers." Said Moonlight. "What do you get?" Asked Kiki. "I get a new body and I get to help make the decisions. You have all the control except when we are in demon form." Said Moonlight. "O.K. I will accept your deal." Said Kiki. "Good. Now hold on while I enter your body." Said Moonlight floating into Kiki's body. "That is the same deal I want to make with you, Mimi." Said the fox. "And my name is Starlight." "O.K. I accept your deal." Said Mimi. "Good. Now I will enter your body." Said Starlight floating into Mimi's body. By this time Kiki and Moonlight finished fusing. "This feels great." Said Kiki. "Yes it does." Said Moonlight (if your wondering its just like Yugi and the pharaoh). "This is awesome." Said Mimi. "Yes it is." Said Starlight. "What are you 2 doing?" Asked Rini. "Coming." Said Kiki and Mimi grabbing the ball.

Kiki and Mimi look exactly like Rini except Kiki has blue hair and silver eyes and Mimi has purple hair and blue eyes.