Sailor Moon: Birth Stone Scouts

Their First Trip to the Past

"Run, we need Rini's help." Said Kiki. "We need to transform it will make us faster." Said Mimi. "Right." Said Kiki. "Moon Kitty Power!" Shouted Kiki. Then Kiki became Sailor Kitty Moon. "Moon Foxy Power!" Shouted Mimi. Then Mimi became Sailor Foxy Moon. "Diamond Dust!" Shouted their pursuer. The attack barely missed freezing Sailor Kitty Moon. "There is the door to the past." Said Sailor Foxy Moon.

"Pluto open the door we need to go to Sailor Moon's time." They shouted together. "Why do you need to get there?" Asked Pluto. "We need help." Said Sailor Foxy Moon. "Take out your time keys." Said Pluto. They took out their keys and Pluto opened the door. "The next door you come to hold your keys up to the door and shout out your destination." Said Pluto. "Right." Said the 2 demon scouts. They got to the next door, held up their keys and shouted: "Keys of time take us now to the year 1998 (this is what I think the year is so don't quote me)!" Then a blue vortex swirled around them and the next thing they knew they were in a park in the year 1998.

"Good we made it." Said Sailor Kitty Moon. "Yes now you should transform back to normal so you blend in." Said Moonlight. "Right." Said Kiki as she transformed back to normal. Mimi also transformed back to normal. "Lets find Rini and Serena." Said Mimi. "Right." Said Kiki. They began their search by asking people but no one would listen to them. Then they heard: "Serena, why are you always late?" It was Raye yelling at Serena. "Yes we found them!" Kiki exclaimed. "She would not wake up no mater how much me and Luna tried to get her up." Said Rini. "Rini!" Shouted Kiki and Mimi running toward them. "Kiki and Mimi, what are my older sisters doing here?" Asked Rini. "Wait sisters!" Asked Serena and Darien. "Yes we're Rini's sisters but we're only a few minutes older. We're triplets that's why we look so much alike." Said Mimi. "But we came for another reason than just to talk about things like that." Said Kiki. The scouts (witch were all at Raye's house) and Darien knew what was coming next, bad news.