Sailor Moon: Birth Stone Scouts

A New Battle to Fight

"What now I thought we were done fighting." Said Serena. "You were but now a new evil has appeared." Said Kiki. Kiki and Mimi explained everything they knew about their new enemy. "And the evil scout's name is Sailor Diamond." Said Mimi. "And she's trying to find the other Birth Stone Scouts." Said Kiki. "So all we have to do is get to these new scouts first." Said Amy. "Yes and turn Sailor Diamond good again. Also we have to find out who she's working for and what they want." Said Mimi. "We have found out that all of the new scouts are here in your time but are probably from a different dimension." Said Kiki.

"How can they be from a different dimension?" Asked Mina. "Just like we're from the future. They have keys that open portals to different dimensions." Said Mimi. "The people who brought them here obviously knew the Sailor Scouts lived here." Said Kiki. "You 3 obviously don't take after Serena." Said Raye. "Hey!" Serena said angrily. "All the new scouts are supposed to be our age (7 years old)." Said Mimi. "Great. How do we find them?" Rini asked. "They will most likely find us." Said Kiki. "Some of them you might already know." Said Mimi. "Hey Rini!" Shouted a girl running over to them. "Hi Melissa." Said Rini. "These are my sisters." "I need help." Said Melissa. (By this time they where all inside Raye's house.) "What's wrong?" Asked Rini. "Can all of you keep a secret?" Asked Melissa. "Yes." Said everyone because they had their own secrets to keep safe. But before Melissa could say anything the whole group was nearly frozen.