Sailor Moon: Birth Stone Scouts

New Transformations

"Here." Said Kiki throwing new brooches to Serena and Rini. "Yell Moon Jewel Power." Said Kiki. "But you must say it together." Said Mimi. "Moon Jewel Power!" Shouted Serena and Rini. They became Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Mini Moon. "This feels stronger than usual." Said S. S. Moon. "Of course its stronger." Said Kiki transforming into Sailor Kitty Moon and dodging an ice attack. "Scouts you have to shout the name of your planet and Jewel Power." Said Mimi transforming into Sailor Foxy Moon. "Jupiter Jewel Power!" Shouted Lita. "Mars Jewel Power!" Shouted Raye. "Mercury Jewel Power!" Shouted Amy. "Venus Jewel Power!" Shouted Mina. They all became Super Sailor Scouts.

"You guys are the Sailor Scouts?" Asked Melissa. "Yes." Said S. S. Mini Moon jumping away from an ice attack. "Good. Than I know you can keep my secret." Said Melissa jumping in the air. "Pearl Power!" Shouted Melissa. Then she became Sailor Pearl. "She is one of the Birth Stone Scouts." Said Sailor Kitty Moon. "Enough talk." Said Sailor Diamond. "Ready S. S. Moon and S. S. Mini Moon shout Moon Jewel Healing." Said Sailor Foxy Moon. "Moon Jewel Healing!" Shouted S. S. Moon and S. S. Mini Moon. "Shoot I lost a Birth Stone Scout to you." Said Sailor Diamond. "Got to go." She said. Before the healing attack could hit her she disappeared through a portal.

When you see the S. S. in front of a scouts name it means that the scout is in Super Sailor form.