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And everything came tumbeling down

She smiled as she pondered what she was going to do while she waited for her friends to arrive at their appointed meeting spot. They said that they needed to talk to her about something of importance. Cherry blossom petals kissed her hair as they floated from the trees which hung above her head. Mamoru. The smile dropped from her face as she thought about him. In the beginning she just had a little crush on him in which she hoped that would turn into true love as she spent more time with him. But, it was never meant to be as she could feel herself growing farther and father apart from him as he became very possessive of her. She knew that she had to end it before it became too late.

She hummed to herself as she gazed at the crystal cleat pond. Swans glided through the water lilies as a few boats drifted over the water. She was startled out of her daze as two slim hands covered her eyes. "Guess who?" a voice giggled.

"Tenshi how are you?" Usagi giggled.

Tenshi took a seat besides usagi. "I'm doing better. They still do not know how to cure my cancer yet, however. I don't care though because you are taking care of things for me. I only wish that we could spend more time like this though." Tenshi smiled sadly.

"I'm sorry to hear that tenshi-hime. But as I said before, I rather be the one there fighting instead of you. I will not allow you to get hurt. Besides, it is my responsibility to take care of you now." She gave tenshi a hug.

"Thank you serenity-hime. Even though it is me who should be protecting you. What good am I as a sailor soldier of the north star if I can not even protect you hime?" Tenshi whispered.

"You are helping me by talking to me when I need somebody to talk to. You protect me enough over the silver millennium. It is time that I returned that favor. Besides. I rather spend time with you in peace instead of constantly worrying about you while we are in battle. I care for you too much to see you get hurt." Usagi whispered to her.

"Did you hear that?" One voice whispered.

"Yes, this confirms our theory. We should take care of this imposture and the rightful princess on her throne." Another whispered.

"The traitor shall die and the true Crystal Tokyo will be brought to life." A third sneered.

"Ready girls?" A voice broke in.


Five figures jumped from the shadows that the trees had hidden them. "Time to die traitor." A voice sneered.

"What are you talking about? Who are you?" Tenshi yelled as she moved in front of usagi to protect her.

"Princess. At long last we have finally found you. Your replacement has been trying to take over the throne that rightly belongs to you." The shadow stepped out into the light, followed shortly by the others.

"What is the meaning of this? She is not the princess I am. She is….." Usagi tried to reason.

"No, you are not the princess. A long time ago the princess had a friend that lived in the palace with her. They looked so much alike that they could have been twins. They often switched places with each other. They enjoyed trying to trick other people into believing that one was the other and vise versa through games that they created. We finally received all of our memories back from the silver millennium and you look and act exactly like the sailor soldier of the north star." Mercury yelled.

"You were going to kill our real princess and take her place on the throne." Mars snarled.

"We would never have known since you found us first and we worked with you for so long." Jupiter growled.

"We will not listen to your lies any longer. Time to die traitor." Venus yelled as she threw her whip at usagi.

Usagi was able to do a one handed back flip as she held tenshi protectively to her with her other arm. She landed twenty feet away from her former friends. She set tenshi down. "Go take cover while I deal with them." Tenshi nodded her head before running over to a large sakura tree where she watched from a high branch.

"You guys are making a big mistake." Usagi yelled at them.

"You are the mistake." Luna yelled after she had landed behind the inner senshi.

"You believe them as well?" Usagi asked as a few tears escaped from her eyes.

"I can not believe that I was living with a fake the whole time. I really did love you usagi, but your crime must end now. I will follow a fake no more." She turned away with tears in her own eyes and ran from the park.

"Luna, wait." Usagi tried to run after her but she was stopped from going after her as venus whip wrapped itself tightly around her left forearm.

"You are going no where traitor." Venus snarled.

Usagi looked shocked but understood that she was not going to get threw to them. Her face hardened into a cool mask which showed no emotion. The adrenalin pumped into her veins as her survival instincts kicked in to help and preserve her life. The feeling felt very familiar but she could not remember exactly where from. Suddenly it felt as if someone was controlling her body. She could somehow see everything that went on around her. ("Relax. I am you who have been trapped in a destiny that we are not supposed to have. If we die by their hand, we will finally return to the destiny that we were born to accomplish. Back in the silver millennium, the queen's crystal has trapped our soul into her daughter's body and former destiny. Her soul was completely shattered that day so the silver crystal merged our soul with her memory and created a replacement that is what we are today. By doing this, the silver crystal had to merge with our natural soul crystal, thus becoming one half of our very life source. Now watch and try to remember.")

Reaching into her right bun, she pulled out a single seed. With one quick flick of her wrist caused the seed to suddenly grow into a rose. With another snap of her wrist turned the rose into a thirty foot whip. The rose's thorns sharpened dangerously as the wrapped around the whole whip. Rose petals fell from the sky giving the surrounding area with the sent of the rose that usagi once held. Her monotone voice informed them.

A soft gasp of adored reconnection was heard from tenshi as she watched from her branch. Usagi only tilted her head in tenshi's direction. "Gin. I'm glad that you are alive." Tenshi laughed.

All of the senshi had a confused look on their faces. Flexing her arm which was wrapped by venus whip and gave it a quick tug, usagi snapped venus whip cleanly in half with her own whip causing venus to fall unprepared onto her ass.

"Who are you?" Mars yelled.

"My name is usagi or have you forgotten that already?" Usagi mocked.

"You are not usagi. Your eyes are tinted with yellow. Only demons have amber eyes. Have you been a demon from the beginning?" Mars glared at her.

The inner senshi waited anxiously for her to answer but then began to become aggravated because with her nonresponse. Finally, which seemed like forever, she answered. "You're true princess; the one who you have been waiting to be reborn will never walk any plain of existence ever again. Serenity's soul has been completely ripped apart and her star seed shattered when she stabbed herself with that lunar sword so long ago. The queen's crystal captured my soul and forcefully infused her memories into me, causing me to become her replacement. But in order to do this, the crystal had to merge itself with my own star seed to keep my body hidden inside of the princess's body. As you see. The crystal is now and forever a part of me."

Venus growled. "Show us your real form monster."

I couldn't help but smirk. "The only way for me to regain my true body, I must fight my former friends. But to regain my true destiny back…..well, that's a secret." I sneered as I snapped my whip at the inner senshi.

I was caught off guard once again as my whip wrapped around Pluto's staff instead of my intended target, mercury's computer. "Is that true demon? Are you just a copy that was sent to take place of our princess?" Pluto snapped.

The three other outer senshi landed behind Pluto. Usagi didn't show it but she was sobbing inside but she knew that today, she would regain her true destiny. Today she would become free. Tenshi understood this. "I will miss you gin. But if we are reborn, I will find you my friend. And that time, it will be my job to protect you." She whispered only loud enough so that usagi could hear.

Without warning all of the senshi attacked usagi together. They put up a good fight but usagi was still able to break mercury's computer, shatter Neptune's mirror, leave a long scratch on Uranus sword, scare mercury's hand, and cracked the jewel on Pluto's staff.

After a twelve hour battle, usagi allowed herself to be caught. Mercury froze her feet to the ground which allowed venus to pin usagi arms to her side with her whip. I held still as Uranus ran her sword threw my stomach. As Uranus pulled her sword from usagi's stomach, everyone could hear a sound as if there was glass breaking. Where usagi once stood now stood a beautiful fox demon. She stood at five foot seven with silver hair tipped with electric blue. Her amber eyes gleamed with hidden knowledge and amusement as she smirked at Uranus. A sliver tipped tail swayed softly behind her gently brushing against the bottom of her hair. A silver tipped purple rose laid behind her right fox ear as a white gold lily necklace hung from her neck. She was breath taking.

"Oni." Mars snarled as she used her power to finish off the demon.

The half dead girl did not feel a thing as she was finished off by being burned to death.

Tenshi couldn't help but cry as she watched her best friend burn to death. Her eyes never wavered as she watched her friends last moments. She knew that she would die soon as well but she neglected to tell usagi this. When her friend was complete ash she took out her transformation broach and transformed. Cloaked in shadow she jumped from the tree that she sat in. "Who the hell are you?" Jupiter yelled.

Tenshi scanned the exhausted senshi as she took out her staff. The long ice blue staff had key engravings at the end like Pluto's. At the top held a multi pointed star enclosed in a near enclosed crescent moon. Three rings floated underneath the crescent moon.

Lifting her staff, tenshi activated her power. Gathering usagi ashes and containing them with in a small crystal, she knocked on thin air three times. A dark blue/black door with foreign engravings appeared. With a soft push the door opened. Tenshi quickly threw in the jewel before slamming the door shut forever to this dimension with a bang. "Now she is forever beyond your reach. She is where she really belongs." Pluto gave a surprised gasp.

The senshi stared at the person as she teleported out of their view. "I should get back to my post and see if I can't find our real princess." Pluto said as she opened a portal.

As soon as Pluto arrived at the time gates she made a mad dash towards the time gates. She stopped at a beach ball sized crystal which would show her the past or the future. Placing her staff next to the crystal, with a mental command she witnessed the events that took place that one thousand years ago. Parts of this even used to be blocked to her but now, it seemed to open up to here.

She watched closely on to where the princess stabbed herself with the luna sword, yet she found nothing out of the ordinary. To make sure she didn't miss anything she played threw the event again. Something caught her eye. Right before the princess fell after stabbing herself, something flashed before her eyes, but only for a second. No matter how many times she played threw this event, she couldn't find anything more.

Taking a few minutes to think things threw, she came to a decision. Praying for forgiveness, Pluto called fourth a small amount of Saturn's powers to see souls that had been recently passed on that stood around the battle. She played the event once more.

She watched as serenity stabbed herself with the sword. Once again she heard the distinct sound of glass breaking. She watched as serenity's star seed shattered into a thousand pieces and her soul torn completely apart. She watched the queen make her wish as she watched her daughter stab herself. Then she saw something she had seen before but never wished on anybody. She watched as a phantom shadow of the silver crystal drag a screaming soul towards the princess body as it fell to the ground. The phantom crystal slammed into the princess body, forcing the soul to merge with the body as well as the crystal merging with the girl's soul. The body flashed to the one of the fox demon before forcing the soul to take the shape of the dead princess. The soul screamed in outrage as it died again then was sent to be reborn with the rest of the lunar population.

Pluto covered her mouth in horror. She could not believe that she had just helped kill an innocent that she, in some small part, help to create. She asked the crystal to allow her to look into the future. There she saw hundreds of demons attacking the city. Most of the weaker ones were destroyed by the senshi but they were soon over whelmed. The senshi bodies were destroyed and their star seeds were collected. A man in shadow laughed. "Now that fox bitch will be mine and the world will bow to my feet. Oh how I have waited for this day. The ultimate power will soon be mine." The figure laughed once more.

Panicking now Pluto tried to look for usagi but the crystal became silent with white fog swirling around inside. "Please allow me to help her. I'm sorry that I listened to that traitorous prince but please allow me to save her. To at least protect her, please send me to her. I will not even be involved in her life unless she really needs me please." She cried.

The crystal only flashed once and became silent once more. "I understand. Maybe in time, I will become worthy enough." Pluto sighed sadly.

Pluto tried to open another portal to tell the outer senshi what she had found out. A few minutes later a scream of frustrated pain vibrated threw time.

Tenshi stumbled into her apartment still transformed. She knew that her time had finally come. In order for her to follow her friend into her rightful dimension, she had to die with her power still intact so the link was still open for her soul to use as a beacon. Clinging to the wall for support, she made her way slowly to her room. Lying down on her bed she folded her hand upon her stomach and closed her eyes. On her last breath she didn't see a small portal open beside her and snatch one of her dimensional keys from her belt before she passed.