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Never rattle the fox's cage!

The first thing that Gin felt when she came to was the massive headache burning behind her eyes and the blasting pain in her abdomen. "That guy sucks to high hell. When I get my hands on him he will be begging to keep his baby machine for future use."

Shaking her head, clearing away the few cob webs that had collected into her hazy mind, Gin slowly took in the room around her. The room itself was mostly bare except for two high narrow Gothic arch windows and a single large oval mirror taking a quarter of the wall opposite of her. Rubbing her eyes, Gin stood from where she was placed leaning against the cold stone wall. Taking a quick mental check up to make sure that everything was in the places that they were supposed to be, shakily getting to her feet she took a few shaky steps towards the mirror. "Is there a fog in this room or is my eyes still out of focus?" Gin scrubbed at her eyes with her fist, hoping to clear whatever gunk was in her eyes.

Shaking her head one more time she was able to finally see the room without the slight haze obscuring her vision. "Had that chair always been there? I feel like an idiot."

Staying weary of the chair in case the idiot who kidnapped her from her brother and his friend's booby trapped the stupid thing. Taking one quick closer look around the room, this time even looking behind herself. Gin felt like smacking herself as she spotted another Gothic stone arch doorway not even a few steps away from where she woke up from. Snapping her wrist through her hair and taking out a bamboo seed, Gin concealed the seed between the sleeve of her school uniform and her tattooed wrist. Placing a tiny bit of her power into the seed to ready it in case she needed a quick defense, Gin lifted herself onto her toes and began to quickly and quietly make her way to the door. However, Gin was cut off from her escape before she even completed her fourth step.

Feeling the incoming foreign energy Gin dropped to the floor, spinning to where her back would hit the floor first before thrusting her wrist with the hidden seed up, parallel from her body. A very long bamboo pole like sword sprang from her wrist and towards the opponent that attacked her from behind. The man whom kidnapped her face twisted in absolute agony as the sword sliced through his stomach to at least two feet length of the sword prodding from his back. Gin gave a cry, not actually believing that she would kill her kidnapper before dropping the sword with wide eyes and crab walking backwards towards the door. Her hysterical crawling was halted by another body behind her quickly swiping her flaring body into his arms before bear hugging her, pinning her arms to her sides.

After about two minutes of breathing a little heavy to help calm herself down, Gin was able to gather her wits about her and take another look at the body that she had just skewered. The body was still there with her bamboo sword still sticking threw his stomach, his eyes were misty with death as still fresh blood and drool slowly dripped from his open mouth. Having more control, Gin glanced at the male still holding her in the near crushing bear hug only for her eyes to nearly bug out of her head. The same guy that she had just skewered not three minutes ago was holding onto her in a near death grip, that annoying smirk still present upon his face. "WHAT THE HELL?"

The male chuckled as he drank in her shocked face as he switched his view of her to his dead clone. "I must say that even though your memories are locked away in that weak human body that your soul inhibits, your wits are still up to par from what I remember three hundred years ago. I remember watching you hunt from the border of this accursed land of mine, how you decapitated that bird (yokai) with your rose sword as your brother watched from the shadow of the trees. It boiled my blood to see him looking at you as he hid with the look of amusement and disgust as you killed his dinner. It was at that time that I swore that I would have you and I almost did while you were still alive thanks to my sub ordinance, whom are now all dead. Yet my wait has now paid off as your brother hand delivered you to me before he and his miserable team of detectives die by my hands." The clone disappeared into mist which was then absorbed by the mystery man.

"My brother would never hate me. He loves me too much to leave me behind. He would never mock me either. He's always been there for me and I know for a fact that he loves me." Gin practically spat at the man.

The blond man nearly dropped her as his chest shook from his pent up mirth. "The brother you know now is not the brother that you grew up with over three hundred years ago. The deceiving, soft, supposedly caring brother that still abandons you even to this day is nothing like the cold blooded fox, Yoko Kurama that is what he was infamous years before. The human body in which your brother now inhabits is not his true body but he is like you, stealing a body of a fertile egg which has yet gained a soul. The easiest way to be reborn without completely losing your soul's imprint yet being cursed to live with a body separate of your original. Not many demons can do this yet you and your brother has done this far better than any other demon. And in that area I believe I should thank your brother before killing him."

Boiling in rage, Gin slammed her head back as fast as she dared, gasping softly as something soft and heard hit the back of her head. The arms around her waist loosened enough that she placed pressure on his thumbs, slipping through the gap she made. Gin ran across the small room towards the chair in hopes of having at least something between her and her assailant. Breathing heavy as adrenalin pumped through her veins helping her focus on his every move. "This doesn't make sense. How did I make that sword and how did it get into my hair in the first place? I'm tired off all this crap going on but, it still feels so familiar like I have done this before in another time. But….When?"

The blond male glared at her across the room, holding his bleeding nose stopping the blood flow that she had caused. "I know that foxes are clever creatures but I would never have pegged you to be a dirty fighter."

Searching her clothes Gin found no other seeds on her person that could help her. Sweating slightly she tried to buy time. "After being attacked as many times a day as I have been you learn to use what ever you can to get away from perverts. Besides it shouldn't take too long for my brother and his friends to make it up the rest of your tower. Then I will have the pleasure to watch you get your beating." She smirked at him, hoping that in baiting him she would get him to loose his focus.

The male fumed as his yokai healed the damage done by the female. Yet he couldn't help but chuckle at the sight the female made. "Your just a feisty as ever. I'm going to enjoy taming you."

Eyes widening in shock, Gin could only gasp as the male on the other side of the room disappeared. Sweeping the room she found the male as a fist tangled into her long ruby mane and forcefully pulled her onto a lap sitting on the chair she was hiding beside. A few tears blinded her sight as raw pain flowed through her head. She was so distracted by the pain that Gin couldn't feel the metal and leather collar until she heard a click and felt pressure on her neck. The hold on her hair fell away as her hands flew to her neck, grasping to collar looking for the buckle.

The boasting laugh startled her in her confusion, jumping back from the noise she found out the hard way that the collar was connected to a heavy chain. Coughing once as the leather jerked her neck, her hands flew around the collar hoping to find a crease or at least the buckle. His chuckle stopped her frantic search as he lovingly ran his hand through her thick red mane. "I'm sorry pet but that collar only opens if I allow it to. And since I have been waiting for you for so long I think I will keep the collar on until you can learn your place. Now be a good girl and sit still as we watch a little show."

A few more tears fell from her eyes and she followed the chain connecting her collar ending over the chair's arm. The chain laid taunt over the arm of the chair and continued down to the stone floor where a large metal plate welded the chain to the floor. "Don't worry love, soon I will make you a beautifully soft pillow to set by my chair so you have somewhere to sit while I do business."

Still in shock, Gin concentrated on the large mirror as the mirror began to glow and the face of her best friend appeared on its surface.


Golden eyes glared as the remaining team bound down the last remaining corridor leading to the last tower. Ignoring the small hole still slightly bleeding from the first battle, Kurama ignored his wound, pushing himself harder in hopes of reaching his sister before anything too damaging happened to her. Without breaking stride, Kurama glanced at Yusuke when his powdered communicator went off. "WE'RE A LITTLE BUSY RIGHT NOW BOTAN THIS BETTER BE IMPORTANT!"

(FYI a piece of ice flew by and sliced open his still healing internal stomach. I forgot to mention this sorry.)

"This is really important Yusuke, you need to hurry with getting that whistle."

"YEAH WE'RE BEATING THE BOSS NEXT SO YOU CAN WAIT JUST A LITTLE WHILE LONGER." Yusuke was panting lightly as he continued to lead the group down the hall.

"We may not have that long Yusuke. There's something going on with the bugs." Kurama could hear the smack of a wooden baseball bat landing on the side of some possessed ningen.


"At first the possessed humans were just creating mayhem, destroying things but now they seem to be concentrating on something now. I followed them to your school. I think they may be after a student but I'm not sure who yet."


Kurama reached back and grabbed Yusuke's arm as he began to slow down, staring at the screen of his communicator. "Come on Yusuke we don't have time to doodle when people's lives are on the line."

Snapping the communicator shut, Yusuke once again took the lead of the group. It didn't take too much longer for the group to reach the end of the hall ending up on the open ledge of the last roof leading to the last tower. The group stopped at the doorway to quickly catch their breaths before they attempted to run up the last stairway.

*Squish, squish.* The team snapped their attention to the doorway on the other side. Kurama felt his lip rise as he snarled at what emerged from the other side. Kurama was really starting to get pissed off with the saint beast as he watched more cannon fodder march out of the opposite door. "We don't have time for this. That bastard could be doing anything with my sister and I am not at my top fighting proficiency because of that stupid mistake with that worthless rock trash. The only other person left on this team that hasn't fought yet is that detective. I can't believe that I am giving my sister's life into his hands but its more important that someone gets there sooner rather then later."

Kurama began scanning the area, looking for any weaknesses or something that would allow Yusuke to reach the last saint beast quickly. His sharp green eyes spotted a small window high up on the tower that was just large enough to allow Yusuke's thin body to squeeze through. "Yusuke I have an idea."

Making sure that he had the whole group's attention, Kurama quickly laid out his plan to the rest of the team. "We have to do this quick. Those low level plant demons are useless but they do their job in keeping the enemy busy. Yusuke you have one shot to get up to that window and stopping their plan before anything worse happens."

Yusuke patted Kurama's shoulder. "Are you sure man? I mean, the dude has your sister."

Eyes sharpening Kurama pinned Yusuke with his icy emerald stare. "I am very well aware of the situation Yusuke, but as with my condition as it is at present and you whom has not used any of his strength I believe the answer is very clear. Though I am warning you now, if anything happens to my sister while you are up there fighting you will not like what I will do to you. Think about it."

Yusuke swallowed heavily as he shakily nodded his head in agreement. Yusuke wasn't an idiot as many people believed him to be, he knew that Kurama dumbed down the thinly veiled threat so that even someone like Yusuke; whom couldn't think of anything intelligent outside of a battle field, would understand that he wouldn't live to see the next morning. "R…r….right, lets hurry up and get this over with so we can all go home."

Smirking evilly, Kurama signaled for Kurabura to begin their charge. "And don't trip."

Kuwabara grumbled at the bottom of the human ladder. "Why me? Why is it always me?"

"Shut your whining and start running." Kurama snapped on top of Kuwabara's shoulders.

"I would listen to him if you value your limbs." Hiei smirked on top of Kurama's shoulders.

With a huff, Kuwabara took off from the safety of the door with Yusuke following behind. Panting with exhaustion, Kuwabara continued to grumble under his breath as the distance between his team and the nasty vegetable people quickly closed. "You've got one shot on this Yusuke so you better make this count."

"Hup, Hup, Hup." The three boys grunted as Yusuke stomped on their backs as if running up a ladder before shooting off Hiei's back.

The two demons landed gracefully on the ground still rushing under them. Kuwabara however, well, his nose will heal right? "Gah, this better have been worth it."

Yusuke pushed with most of his strength, holding back so as to not accidentally harm Hiei's back any and have him out for revenge for real this time. Yusuke gave a sigh of relief as his fingers grasped the edges of the stone window at least thirty feet high off the ground. Quickly climbing in the window Yusuke checked on his friends outside to make sure they landed alright.

"WHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Kuwabara as soon as this is all over you may have to see a plastic surgeon to fix that face of yours."

"Shut up Urameshi." Kuwabara jumped off the ground, shaking his fist at a still laughing Yusuke.

*CRACK*A piece of rock that was once connected to the stone window broke off violently and fell onto the surrounding plant men. "We do not have time for games get your ass moving NOW!"

Yusuke yelped, avoiding another whip strike from the enraged brother before jetting up the winding stone stairs. "Man Gin your brother is one scary mother fucker. But at least he cares about you a lot." Yusuke panted.

It took Yusuke a little over twenty minutes to make it to the top of the stair case. Slowing down the last few steps to catch his breath Yusuke squinted as the light of the room briefly blinded him from the dark stair case. When he rubbed the spots out of his eyes, Yusuke quickly swept the room. A stone chair turned around with a large oval glass with Keiko's face on the surface quickly drew his attention. A haunting melody of a flute twirled lazily from the chair that still was turned for Yusuke's view. "Did you and your friends enjoy my castle?"

"Are you kidding? The place is falling apart and the party games were so weak they broke apart so easy. You really need to fix this place up and find some new toys to replace the old ones."

The man tilted his head as if in digesting Yusuke's words. "You are completely correct detective, I do hope that you enjoy my new party game that I have just finished preparing for you and I have already attained a better toy then those four useless fools. You can never find decent minions anymore like you could in the old days." The man rotated the stone chair around to face Yusuke.

Gritting his teeth, Yusuke growled in pure anger. Sitting in the stone chair not twenty feet in front of him sat the cocky last saint beast. But what really pissed him off was the pretty fourteen year old red head forcibly held on his lap with a metal collar as he ran his other hand threw her long mane. Connecting with two bright emerald eyes, the girl began to cry as she opened her mouth yet nothing came past her lips. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HER?"

The beast never ceased his petting. "Hmm? Oh you mean my pet? She's just being trained right now to not talk unless spoken to. Isn't that right pet?" His hand tugged lightly on the chain.

Beyond pissed off Yusuke pointed his gun on the cocky ass. "I've came here for two things. The girl and the whistle." His voice a deadly whisper.

"Oh! And what shall you do if I do neither?" The man taunted as he set Gin down on the floor next to the chair before standing.

Blue spirit energy gathered at the tip of his finger. "I'll fucken kill you."


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