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Should I go or should I stay?

I lay on Dudley's old bed as I watched the clock on the bed side table on my left. The clock flashed 11:58 in red numbers. Just two more minutes and I will turn 17 years old. My window had been rebarred and the door was secured with even more locks on the outside. Before I left for the holidays, Dumbledore pulled me aside to talk to me. "I am sorry Harry but we will not be able to write to you at all this summer. You will not be able to send any letters to any of us this summer either. I am sorry Harry but I am afraid that the death eaters are going to try and track your letters to find where you are hiding. It is for your own safety as well as hedgewidge, is for you to leave her here. She will be well taken care of, I will promise you this."

"But…." I tried to argue with him.

"Don't you think that she will not be well taken care of here? And she will be waiting for you when you come back next year." Dumbledore stared evenly at him.

I hung my head in defeat.

I couldn't believe that I allowed him to do that. I will not complain but the beatings have been getting to the critical level. I fear that I will not survive much longer in my condition. Uncle Vernon was getting much more violent. Now, not only was he beaten me badly with a leather belt but he has been carving my skin with a bloody knife. The designs that he drew on my skin scared me. The designs he drew were very detailed and looked very life like that I couldn't help but to stop and stare at every design that he carved on me. The major downfall to this was that every slice, every flick of the knife hurt like hell.

There were a couple of times that I believed that he had cut so deep and that I was so weak that I almost died a good couple of times all ready. How I survived was a mystery to me. What shamed me the most was that no matter what I did, I couldn't fight back? Uncle Vernon tied me down so tight, that it was a miracle for me to move my head just the tiniest bit. What disgusted me was that I was so used to this that I sometimes looked forward to see what type of design he would carve next.

On my left wrist sat a viper posed to strike, his back adorned an Japanese dragon guarding a sword in flight while breathing fire, (This design covered his whole back.) A lily bloomed behind my right shoulder as an ivy pattern wove around a mock of the dark mark which was carved all the way down his right arm to his wrist.

A thick bandage wrapped around his upper left arm. His uncle had just finished drawing a brand new design which was now healing. His uncle had drawn a panther in mid pounce, mouth open, ears back hissing.

12:00 a.m. flashed on his clock. "Happy birthday Harry." I whispered to myself. "No that's not right. Happy birthday Zack."

A soft glow forced its way from below his floor boards, under his bed. He bit his lower lip to keep from screaming in pain as he slid off his bed towards the light. He pried off the floor board and pulled out his mother's diary from the hidden compartment. Harry found his mother's diary when he cleaned his uncle's attic one day. It was hidden in a dark cherry wood chest that was hidden deep behind a bunch of junk. Holding the book in his hands, it started to turn its pages on its own. It stopped three pages from the back cover. Lines snaked their way across the page.

"Dear Zack,

I know that you have found my diary and now know of your true heritage. I have taken precautions if you wish to remain hidden for your own reasons. I have made a pendent which will reinforce the glamorie placed on you. But be careful. The glamorie will only work if you wear this pendent around your neck. I beg you to give your father a chance. You may not believe me now but there is more to him then meets the eye. Your brother is also out there waiting for you.

With luck and love. Your mother.


A necklace fell out of the pages as the diary gave off a last pulsing violet glow before coming into a rest in Zack's hands.

The necklace wasn't too big for it was made to be unrecognizable. On a thin silver chain lay an open lily guarded by a silver snake with emerald eyes. It was beautiful even though it was a bit girly.

#'I'll wait and see what I look life first before I put this charm on. Thank you mother. I'll talk to him before I decide anything. That is. If I survive first.'# He decided.

Placing the diary back under the floor boards, he tiredly trudged back to the bed to get some well worth sleep.

I was woken up five minutes before seven. Gently placing the necklace around his throat, he tucked it under his shirt so his aunt would not steel it. He felt a tingling sensation go throughout his body before his aunt slammed open the door to his room. "Get up boy. You get ten minutes in the wash room today. Then you have to fix Dudley's breakfast before he wakes up." She screeched at him.

Mentally rolling his eyes, he got up to comply. The door slammed behind him as his aunt locked the bathroom door. Getting his things done with six minutes to spare, he turned towards the mirror. With care, he removed the necklace and laid it gently on the counter. He closed his eyes as he felt as if his whole body fell asleep then he felt tingling sensation of the after affect.

With a sigh he opened his eyes. The person before him took his breath away. He finally had long hair. A little longer then he wanted but he liked it all the same. A river of black hair with red highlights flowed to the back of his knees. No, his hair was so deep a red that it appeared black. His bangs reached his chin on both sides, proudly showing his lightening bolt scare. He was now 6'2, he still had his green eyes. His nose was small like his mother, his long fingers were perfect for making potions, his lips were full and when he smiled he saw a dimple on his right cheek. He put the necklace back on when the bathroom door opened. "Get in the kitchen and fix breakfast now." His aunt snapped.

Sighing he followed his aunt down to the kitchen. Picking up the pan he began breakfast. He winced every time he used his left arm. His aunt ignored this as she set the table. Harry was able to finish the eggs and bacon when his whale of a cousin came lumbering down the stairs. Duddly was severely over weight. He could barely support his weight and when he moved he was forced to swing his weight side to side just to move. To Harry he looked like a humongous over weight duck. A sharp contrast to his own stick figure. Duddly now had to have two metal chairs to support his weight. Thus is why Harry was forced to stand at the oven to wait for the others to finish eating.

Harry had just enough time to place a cup of coffee and his uncle's plate down when he emerged into the kitchen. "You better had not done anything to that boy or you are going to wish that you had never been born." His uncle pierced his with his glare.

"Its fine uncle Vernon, I did not do a thing to your breakfast I swear." His glare intensified.

"Don't you dear swear in my house." Was all he said before taking his seat at the table.

Harry began to sweat. He knew that if his uncle's mood did not change during the day, he would have to bear the brunt of it tonight. #"I have to get out of here soon or I will not last the rest of the summer. Dumbeldore be damned."# Harry panicked.

Breakfast was done with a few smart comments from the family and Duddly's belching around eight. Cleaning and putting away the dishes, Harry was then given a two page worth or chores to do. Putting on his shoes, Harry went outside to work on the garden for the hundredth time. Harry noticed that there were at least three people watching him. Two felt non threatening but the third magic signature felt like one of the death eaters. #'Wait a minute. Magic signatures?'#

Somehow Harry could not only feel but see the magic signature of a witch or wizard. All three of them were different colored though. He worked on auto pilot as he though about what he saw. #"Ok. I can see magic signatures now. I think that the different colors could be their power level or their emotions. Heck it could be both but I bet that the center's constant color could be their power indicator and the colors the surround it could be their moods. This could be awesome to try out at school. That is, if I last that long. Man this life bites."# Harry found that his chores were done outside in less then two hours. #"Maybe if I keep this up I might just get done on time. If I'm lucky I can finish early."#

Harry took off his shoes out side the back door as to not track mud into the mostly clean house. Starting with the windows he heard his aunt screech about taking Duddly to the mall before slamming the front door shut and locking it. Harry gave a sigh of relief. Quickly finishing most of the petty indoor chores, Harry relaxed on the couch to think of his next move.

#"Ok. Let's sort out what is happening now and what my options are for staying and leaving this hell hole."#

#1. I might not survive this summer because of my uncle's beatings.

# 2. The order took away my only source of communication.

# 3. The order is not giving me any information on what is happening in the

outside world.

# 4. The order has no intention of picking me up this summer.

# 5. There are not only order members out side my house but there is also an

death eater.

Now for the pro's and con's of staying here.

# 1. The barrier that Dumbeldork placed around the house will stay good for

only a little longer.

# 2. The order members are watching my house and are watching my every


# 3. The order members will not do anything against Dumbeldork's commands

especially helping me out when I need it.

# 4. There is a maniac after my blood which I have to dispose of soon.

# 5. I'll kick the bucket before anyone knows what happened to me.

# 6. This is one of the few places that I can get a roof over my head.

Now for the pro's and con's of leaving this hell hole.

# 1. I will survive this summer with what little money I have left.

# 2. The order will be hunting me down to drag my ass back here.

# 3. Voldermort is out there waiting for me to show my face.

# 4. No more of my uncle's beatings.

# 5. No more starvation.

# 6. No more chores except to keep myself alive.

# 7. Horminey will blow my ear drums out about learning the trust and listen

to grown ups especially when they only have my safety in mind.

# 8. I will get away from the order and death eaters that are watching the


# 9. I will survive.

Making up his mind, Harry gathered up his few belongings and tried to pull his trunk out from under the cupboard. Suddenly the trunk moved as if something with amazing strength pushed it. Harry fell flat on his face as the trunk suddenly moved from under him. Slowly getting up, Harry made his way over to his trunk and gently touched the cover of his trunk. He gasped as he felt the feather light charm that had activated on his trunk. His eyes widened as he realized that he placed the spell wandlessly on the trunk. Stroking the trunk, he concentrated on making the trunk shrink. He gasped again as the trunk seemed to follow his command. (Trunk, trunk, trunk, too many trunks hehe.)

Picking up the trunk and shoving it in his pocket, Harry wrote out a fake shopping list and took some money out of his uncle's secret stash from between the bed mattress. Shredding the chore list and scattering the pieces across the kitchen table, he snatched up the false shopping list he left the house, locking it as he left.

Harry could feel his stalkers follow him as he waited for the cab that he had called as he filled out the shopping list. He made sure to hold the list so that his stalkers could see where he was going but did not let them know that he knew that they were there. Harry silently gave them the finger as he climbed into the cab.

He had the guy stop half way and paid him the right amount. Getting out of the cab he couldn't feel anyone following him. He grinned as he figured that they were both waiting at the super market for him to arrive. Drawing the hood over his head from his hoodie, he made his way down many back alleys. He continued to walk as he felt someone young beginning to follow him. Ducking around the corner Harry close lined the teen who had been following him. "Who are you and what do you want?" He asked the teen coldly.

"Whoa man, take it easy. I was just following you because you resemble our leader. Sorry man won't happen again." The teen said as he stood up.

Harry studied the teen before grabbing the teens arm and twisting it around his back. "And you thought that you could take my money as a way to forgive me. You really are a crappy pick pocket you know." Harry snarled as he ripped his money from the thief's hand.

The teen began to tremble in his hold. "Gees man. You really are like the boss. I hope that you never get to meet him because if he found out that you were this good and was tress passin on his territory. He would lock you in a closet until you agreed to become part of the gang." The teen rubbed his wrist as Harry let go of him.

"Thanks for the warning but I think that I can take care of myself thanks. Been doing it for the past 17 years. Now I will be on my way." Harry stalked down the alley way.

Harry took no head as he heard the teen scramble for cover as he walked out into the street. Taking a quick look around Harry concluded that he was standing in 'Baker's Street'. #"Got to love Sherlock Holmes."# Harry thought as he made his way to the bakery across the street.

The door made a soft chime as he walked into the shop. Harry stood opened mouth at the sight of thousands of types of breads stacked neatly upon hundreds of shelves. #"There must be magic on those shelves to fit that many loaves of bread in this small room."# Harry thought as he scanned the tiny shop.

"Can I help you sir?" A voice asked behind him.

Harry jumped in surprised as he heard the voice. "Please don't do that." Harry whined as he rubbed his rear from where he fell.

The girl giggled as she apologized. "I'm sorry but I couldn't resist." She giggled again.

Harry studied the girl who stood in front of him. She wasn't very tall, only about five foot four. She had shoulder length, multi color hair put up in a bun. She had glasses like him except that they were oval with light gold trim. She wore slightly baggy pants and a tight fitting shirt of royal blue and an emerald snake wrapped around a bleeding heart in flames on the front. She also had a little flower on he left cheek showing that she had just finish making another batch of bread. She looked pretty normal except, for the pale yellow eyes with a ring of green and light brown wrapped around her pupil as well as that she looked only fourteen years old.

Harry took a step away from the girl still staring at her eyes which melded into a light hazel color the farther he moved away. She looked a little annoyed by now. "Is there something that I can help you with sir?" She asked Harry again.

Still in a daze at the girls appearance he shook his head slowly and "Aren't you a little young to work here?" Came from his mouth.

The girl was pissed by now. "I may look young short stack but I bet you anything that I am older than you. Besides I just don't work here I own this bakery." The girl ranted at him while waving a wooden spoon threatening at him.

Harry ducked out of the spoons path as he tried to calm the girl down. "Ok, ok I'm sorry. I didn't mean it I swear."

The girl only crossed her arms and stared at him across the room. "Don't do that again blackie or I swear that you will live to regret it." She hissed at him.

Rubbing his head a few times Harry tried again. "You own this bakery?"

The girl looked at him funny. "That's what I said yeah." She shifted her weight onto her other leg.

For some reason this scared the crap out of Harry. ""So what's your name?"

The girl studied him for a few minutes which seemed like forever to Harry and seemed to come up with a decision. "My name is Bethany." She said as she whipped her hands on her apron. "And you are?"

Harry found that he couldn't lie the Beth. "My name is Harry Potter." He braced himself.

A flash of understanding passed threw Beth's eyes. "Oh you're the boy that lived six houses down from where I lived. I haven't seen you in forever. How are you doing now that you are out of the Dursley's house?" She asked him.

"Um. Do I know you?" He asked here.

Beth only smiled. "Well I never really talked to you while we were in the muggel community but we have talked at Hogwarts a couple of times." She continued to smile at him.

"WHAT?" Harry yelped.

"Harry, Harry. Do you not recognize me? I only graduated last year?" Beth actually looked hurt.

Taking a few steps closer to Beth, Harry studied her a little closer. Then something caught his eye. A thin white scar on her neck shaped as a crescent moon. "Bethany Belle?" Harry yelped.

"Took your little brain long enough. So how is it going shorty?" Beth hugged him.

"Hey, who are you calling short? I am now taller than you by three inches." Harry pretended to puff up his chest.

Beth raised her right eyebrow. "Three inches? Try ten inches. Damn did you have one heck of a growth spurt or what?" She starred at him.

Harry began to sweat. "What are you talking about?" Harry asked her.

"If you do not remember I can see threw just about any enchantments placed on anyone else. That's why the ministry of magic has been trying to recruit me into their ranks. Remember I told you that I was going to open my bakery and write my stories on the side ministry be damned." Beth eyed him.

Harry only had the tendency to blush. "I forgot about that." He scratched his head once more.

"If you don't stop that you are going to go bald at an early age. So let me see what you really look like. Without the enchantments."

Slowly, Harry reached for the clasp of his necklace. As soon as the clasp came undone, Harry felt as if warm water was trickling from the top of his head. He only stared at Beth to see what her reaction would be. He was surprised when all he heard was a squeal before he was tackled to the floor. "Oh Harry if only there was another one of you I would marry them in an instant. You are way too cute for your own good. Man when Ginny sees you she is going to flip inside out." Bethany Gushed.

Harry only blushed as he heard this. "You are the only one from ravenclaw who can get this hyper." Harry chuckled.

He got a little cuff on his head. "And what is that supposed to mean young man?"

"You are only two years older then I am sweat heart." Harry joked.

"So what are you doing at this neck of the woods?" Beth pushed that aside as she changed the subject.

Harry looked around the shop again. "Actually I was looking for some breakfast before looking for a place to stay for the rest of the summer." Harry picked up a cinnamon roll.

Bethany watched as he scanned her shelves. "You could help me here."

This startled Harry. "Wha..." Was his reply.

"Well I have a spare room in the back that you could use and I could also use the extra help in running my bakery. What do you say?" Beth crossed her arms.

Harry could only stare at her. "You know I can't for the death eaters would be looking for me and they will kill you for holding me here. I will not allow you to do that." Harry protested.

Bethany shook her head sadly. "Harry have you forgotten that I am the best charms caster in over two centuries? I can place charms on you that can change your appearance that no simple spell can break the enchantment."

"I know that but what will stop the death eaters from finding this place and burning your bakery to the ground." Harry tried to argue with her.

"There are enchantments on my bakery that anyone, especially Dumbeldore and Voldermort would have a hard time trying to break threw." Beth told him.

"Then how was I able to not only find the store but come inside if it protected from the magical world?" Harry tried to get to her there.

"Ok there are only three ways that a wizard can come into my shop." Beth held out three fingers.

"And what's that?" Harry asked truly intrigued.

" 1) No witch or wizard may come into or near my bakery if they desire to cause harm to anyone in this or around my bakery.

2) No wizard or witch may come into the bakery if they are trying to spy on anyone or anything in this shop for later usage.

3) No witch or wizard may come into this shop unless they need help with no ill intentions to anyone else.

That answer your question?" Bethany asked him.

Harry only stared at her dumbfounded. "Yeah."

"So would you help me with my shop until school starts?"

Harry could only smile as he nodded. "But what should my new look be?"

Bethany circled him a few times. "Put the necklace back on and I should have some clothes and hair dye in the back." She instructed him.

Harry obediently put his necklace back on. Harry's old appearance shimmered back into place. Harry began to sweat though as Beth poked and probed him while muttering under her breath. "Yes. Yes that is what I think that I will do. Now Harry we are going to have so much fun. Hehe." She started to pull him to the back of the shop after putting the closed sign in the window.

Harry got a dread of forbidding as she led him past the counter. #"This can so not be good."# He started to sweat as the door closed behind him.