Hey guys I know that this is not the chapter that you guys have been very patiently waiting for and I am really sorry about that. I've had many bad things happen since the last chapter that I have posted that I did not have time to post the next chapter for a long while. I had two laptops die on me, I and other family members have been sick, and I've just had a beloved uncle die from Colon cancer and I have been emotional.

But I have some very good news for everyone. I have finally dug up all of my old notes that I have hand written of my stories and I was able to continue right where I left off. Now all three of my stories next chapters are half written and should be out I PROMISE sometime the end of this week to the beginning of next week before Thanksgiving.

I want to seriously thank everyone so much for being so patient on me and keeping my stories on their favorites list, alerts, and others. Thank you and I also promise that these new chapters coming out soon are going to be one of the longest ones I have written for making up for my absence. Again thank you to all my readers for being so patience.