Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Humor/Drama
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, swearing, and slightly AU.
Summary: When hit by the killing curse, Harry is blinded by the bright green light. Being blind and raised by Sirius and Remus isn't easy.
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Notes: Third story, on a roll. Now, I had been planning this one for quite a while now that I had to put it up. This is not horror, but humor, so it is quite a change for me. Hope it works out, and faithful reviewers, hope you review!

-Chapter One-

"Remus, they're dead. The Potter's are dead," Dumbledore said softly. The light brown haired man in front of him froze from his actions of pulling on his coat. He turned to look at the old man, afraid and disbelieving at what the man in front of him said. Remus stared blankly at him for a long moment, only one thought passing through him: Why didn't I save them?

"I am so sorry Remus," Dumbledore replied, placing a hand on the young man's trembling shoulder. Remus looked up at the blue eyes behind the half moon spectacles. He swallowed hard, a question on the tip of his tongue, but afraid to ask it. Dumbledore seemed to know.

"Ask it Remus, I will try to supply you with an answer," he said softly, trying to give the werewolf the most comfort possible. Remus glanced at the old man briefly before shuddering once and nodding.

"Sirius went to go visit them not to long ago. I-is he alright? Did Voldemort get him too?" Remus asked softly, on the verge of laughing hysterically at how fate hates him, and crying from the events. Well, no matter how he feels, hanging around his mate, Sirius Black, has taught him to cry in front of people, unless it is only him. To Remus, it was more like a pride thing.

"He sold them to Voldemort Remus. He was taken to Azkaban this morning," Dumbledore replied, a hint of anger in his voice.

"Sirius wouldn't do that!" Remus snapped angrily, wrenching the old man's hand off of his shoulder.

"He did Remus, he was the secret keeper," Dumbledore said, trying to keep his patience with the young man before him. The older wizard knew Remus would be completely stubborn about wanting to hear that his lover was a murderer and a madman.

"No he wasn't! He told me himself after…activities! They switched to Peter!" Remus shouted, walking out of the room to go get a cup of tea. He was always calmed by that, and right now, he needed a lot to keep him happy.

As Remus made his way back to the kitchen, he was vaguely aware of Dumbledore following him, but didn't want to acknowledge the old fart at that moment. His thoughts wandered to James and Lily, how he was unable to save them, how Harry must have died along with them. Remus paused; wouldn't Dumbledore have told him if Harry had died?

The young werewolf spun around, hoping to chew Dumbledore out for information, but didn't count on the old man being directly behind him. Remus and Dumbledore's heads clashed together, the man obviously not expecting Remus to turn around abruptly. The werewolf flung his hands to his head, rubbing at the large bump that was forming on his forehead.

Dumbledore touched the wound lightly, wincing at the dull throb it caused. "Maybe you should give me warning before you do that," he said lightly, slightly annoyed at getting an injury.

"Oh, so now it's my fault!" Remus snapped back.

"I never said that," Dumbledore said calmly.

"You were thinking it though!" Remus hissed. He stopped when he realized why he turned around in the first place. Remus opened his mouth, but shut it again, trying to get the right words about what to say. Dumbledore was obviously trying to keep the information from him, but it was worth a shot.

"What about Harry?" He asked calmly, voice changing, to kind ad polite.

"He is alive, living at Lily's sister's house." Okay maybe he wasn't trying to hide it from him. Why Petunia? Remus had only met the woman once, but vowed never to step foot near her again. The awful, horse faced woman, who had fallen in love with some fat man with an attitude towards wizards. Remus huffed; Harry was not going to live there, not while the young werewolf was still living and breathing.

Remus paused in his fantasies about how to make this daring rescue and turned his thoughts towards Sirius. Obviously, James had not informed anyone that they had switched Secret Keepers. They weren't even planning on telling him, had he not weaseled it out of Sirius after a very hot session of love making.

If they had switched, then Sirius would not have been able to tell Lord Voldemort –if he was even a death eater- where the Potter's had been. If he could strike a deal with the ministry, then maybe he could release Sirius long enough to get him out, catch Peter, and then get Harry from those horrible muggles!

"Dumbledore, come," Remus declared, walking out of the kitchen, "we are leaving!"

"Where to Remus?" The man asked warily.

"To the ministry," Remus called! If he could get Sirius out, then everything would be fine. He could get custody of Harry, and everything would be fine.

"Remus, maybe you should know something about the boy, if you would ever go and visit him," Dumbledore said from behind him, "the killing curse Voldemort shot at him, the light was so bright for a toddler, that as a result,blinded him."

Remus turned around, okay, perhaps everything wouldn't be fine.


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