Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Humor/Drama
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, swearing, and slightly AU.
Summary: When hit by the killing curse, Harry is blinded by the bright green light. Being blind and raised by Sirius and Remus isn't easy.

Notes: Hey, I know, but I decided to give this one a try. Okay, well, I really have nothing more to say but read and review this story and my other stories too. Okay, well, on with the story.

-Chapter Two-

It was dark there, a small little cell that was so cold it felt like all around winter time. The grimy walls were leaking water and growing moss, clearly never being washed. Choked sobs and screams of horror were sounds always heard in this place. And by now; Sirius Black was used to it, even though he had only been there two days.

He was innocent, and that was the only thing that was clearly being said throughout his entire conscious. The dark cloaked figures were unusually active, flowing by the cells with a purpose other than sucking the happiness out of the people.

Sirius glanced over numbly as another floated by, a dreary cold following in his wake. Definitely more active, this made Sirius wonder if a new victim was coming here. More Death Eaters were being thrown in everyday and it seemed the Dementors were on vacation. Sirius shut his eyes, a brief image of Remus popping into his mind, making sure to savor every last moment of it before it was gone.

Voices were speaking up front.

Sirius opened his eyes.

There was a moment of silence before those voices spoke again, but the footsteps were heading this way, meaning someone was going to be let go. Sirius had to wonder who the lucky fellow was, closing his eyes again. The steps stopped outside his cell, but he assumed it was the cell across from his.


He knew that soft voice. That voice that gave him comfort when he had a nightmare or a bad day. The same voice that told him he was special, and he was loved by the only person that mattered. Turning his head over and opening his eyes, he saw a person he never thought he would see again: Remus Lupin.

"Sirius, come on, we're getting you out of here," Remus said, his amber eyes bright with worry, "don't you want to come home with me?" He seemed…sad, but not because of where they were or the Dementor's, but something else.

Sirius crawled forward, hesitantly at first but picked up his pace, folding himself into Remus' outstretched arms that reached between the bars.

"R-Remus I was so scared," Sirius whispered, close to tears, a dry sob breaking through, "I thought I would be here forever…I didn't do it…I didn't do it…it was Peter…Rem…Remmie…you believe me…don't you?" He was crying now, afraid this Remus would reject and disappear. The smoothing circles on his back were comforting him though.

"It's okay, I've come to get you out, and then tomorrow we are going to be getting Harry," he said. Sirius looked up, his blue eyes tear streaked.

"Harry? What about James…Lily?" He asked, lip trembling. He already knew the answer, but he had to make sure. The look in Remus' eyes was enough, and he fell silent, head falling back against that warm fabric of Remus' outfit –which wasn't robes but normal jeans and T-shirt.

The door opened, Dumbledore standing and smiling down at him. "Come on Sirius. Let's get you out of here." Sirius nodded dumbly, standing up shakily and walking out the cell door, where he was immediately enfolded in Remus' arms again. Despite the coldness of Azkaban, he was plenty warm.

Remus flipped a page of his book, waiting for Sirius to come out of the bathroom. The man had immediately rushed there when they had gotten to Remus' home, and had been in there ever since. The werewolf was beginning to get annoyed when the door opened and out walked Sirius, clad only in a towel wrapped around his waist.

Remus blushed, immediately going back to his book to avoid contact. "Um, clothes are in the room, bought them before…I-we…came to, um, came to…get you." He finished so lamely Sirius was actually worried if the other man was okay. He nodded; eyebrow raised and went into the other room, going to get dressed.

Remus clutched his heart, it had been so long since he had Sirius that naked, and he had enjoyed it in the past too. The werewolf blushed, burying his face in his book again and watched as Sirius sat down next to him, the man acting like he was at home already.

Knock Knock Knock

Petunia Dursley looked up from her position on the floor, a fat child playing with a stack of toys as another child, another young boy, sat in the corner sobbing about something that she didn't care to understand. "Quiet Potter!" She snapped, quieting the child only slightly before he began silently crying.

Walking down the small hallway, she opened the door with a smile. "Yes, who is it?" She asked. Looking at the people in front of her she felt something off. The blonde, or dirty blonde, was dressed in normal attire, while the black haired man was dressed in…well, she didn't even want to know but knew that wearing a skirt wasn't normal.

The man didn't seem to mind, and he grinned like mad when she looked at him strangely. Remus resisted the urge to slap his forehead in frustration. Sirius had somehow managed to slip passed him with that ridiculous outfit with the excuse of: "It's just to freak them out a bit."

Remus cleared his throat, getting the woman's attention to turn towards him. "We are here to see Harry Potter," he said politely, not missing how she tensed at those words. Sirius growled in warning when a cry came from inside.

"Move!" He snapped, moving passed her to go inside, where he saw a fat boy and another in the corner, groping around him for god knows why. Remus rushed in after him coming up to see what had happened.

Before Sirius could react Remus had rushed forward, picking up the boy with care. He still hadn't forgotten what Dumbledore had told him, but he had neglected to tell Sirius. He was cautious in that aspect.

The young boy whined for a moment, sobbing silently. Remus picked him up, glaring fully at Petunia, shocking them both.

"You didn't change his diaper when he was clearly crying for it?" He asked calmly. Too calm she thought.

Petunia stuttered, not knowing how to respond to that. The amber eyes were glaring fiercely at her, practically melting her to the spot. She glanced at the blonde's companion, who had gone red from anger and swiveled on the spot, glaring at her.

Remus took out his wand, setting the boy on his back and waving his wand, the magic doing all the work. Picking up the child again, he glared at Petunia's pale face. Those freaks are in my home she thought desperately.

"We've come to get the boy," Remus said. Petunia stopped all she was doing. They were going to be taking the brat away? That was good. Sirius seemed confused, asking about it to Remus.

"Sirius, I have already taken care of it, in a few weeks we will be back with the paperwork, all they have to do is sign it," Remus informed, getting a nod from the other man.

"Let's go," Sirius said, snapping –as a dog might do to an enemy's heel- at Petunia as he left. Remus gave a withering glare, cooing to the boy as he left the house.

Thank god that is over Petunia thought, closing the door behind the two visitors.

"They were clearly abusing Harry!" Sirius yelled, making Remus cringe. He didn't like it when people yelled near him, with his sensitive wolf hearing he couldn't handle it. Harry was still frightened, not knowing what was going on and Remus knew he had to tell Sirius sometime.

That would be a great conversation "oh yeah, Sirius, by the way you're godson is blind" yeah, perfect Remus thought bitterly. Turning to look at Sirius, he saw him cuddling the young boy, trying to make him calm down.

Now or never.

"Sirius…um…about Harry," he said, catching the other man's attention, "he has a few…complications." He started slowly. Sirius growled.

"Remus, what the hell are you talking about?" He snapped, not liking this little thing his lover was playing on him.

"Dumbledore told me that," Remus said shakily, "Harry was blinded, by the brightness of the Avada Kedavra." He started slowly and ended softly. Sirius didn't look to happy. Now he looked at Remus like this was some sort of sick joke.

"Very funny Remus," he spat. Remus flinched, grabbing the young boy quickly and sat him down, stepping back again. Harry whimpered, groping around in a darkness he could only see. Sirius looked horrified.

"I'm sorry," Remus said, picking the boy back up again and hugging him gently. "We also have two weeks to find Peter or you go back to Azkaban. I had to strike a bargain with the Minister in order to do it, much to the dismay of Dumbledore, but he had agreed." Sirius noticed that Remus was a bit shaky at that part, but kept that to himself.

"How did you do this? What was the deal you struck with the minister?" He asked, leaning forward, curious. Remus stiffened.

"When I was eighteen, I was supposed to go and get a-a werewolf seal," he said, "but Dumbledore got me out of it and so in order to get you free I said that I would get my seal." Sirius looked outraged.

"Why would you do that Remus? You could have just left me!" He yelled, standing up and stepping in front of Remus. The other man was trembling, but not because of Sirius' anger but because of what he has to go do the very next day. The thought of it made him squirm with uneasiness.

"Because I couldn't leave you in there," he said. Sirius slid down to his knees, reaching up to draw Remus in a hug, he was careful not to harm Harry, whom was quite comfortable.

"Thank you Remus, I promise we will find Peter," Sirius whispered in his ear. "You know I love you right, I won't let you down." Remus smiled lovingly at him.

"Yeah, I know, but it still scares me," he said. "Apparently they have to burn the seal with silver, so it will stay and never fade."

"Cruel," was the only reply.

"…I know."

The next day Remus was smiling at Harry as he babbled happily, bouncing up and down on Remus' knee. He looked up when he heard a sound towards the doorway, where Sirius walked in, smiling happily. Reaching into his pocket he took out a mini cradle, play pin, toys, and other assorted items.

"There, now Harry won't have to sleep in our bed any more," he said, grinning broadly. Remus smiled, nodding his head. Sirius went off to go and set up the things, leaving Remus alone with Harry. The werewolf set Harry on the floor, him sitting far enough away from the boy.

"Harry, can you find me by the sound of my voice?" Remus asked. Harry giggled, plopping down onto the floor with his fist in his mouth. Remus smiled gently, grabbing the boy's hands and pointing him in his direction. Harry looked that way, smiled, and crawled forward. Remus laughed picking him up and kissing the boys forehead.

Harry giggled, clearly proud of himself. Both looked up when they heard a chuckle. Remus smiled at the sight of Sirius and stood up, handing Harry to the other man. "I have to go get the seal now, don't want to be late," he said, voice nervous.

"I'm calling Dumbledore to watch Harry, I'm coming with you," Sirius said firmly. Remus shook his head.

"I don't want to burden you," he said. Sirius sent him a glare. Remus avoided his look, giving a small little nod.

"Great," he said.

"Name and purpose," the man at the front desk snapped.

"Remus Lupin and I have come to get my werewolf seal," he said softly.

"And I'm Sirius Black," Sirius informed. Remus elbowed him in the gut, silencing him. He gave him a look that clearly said to shut up before something worse happened. The man raised in eyebrow.

"Down the hall," he said adding something else under his breath. Sirius sneered at him bitterly before following his lover.

Before they even got to the door, the minister of magic came out of that room. He stopped short when he took one look at Remus and Sirius. "It is good to see you have finally come to get registered," he said simply, sniffing indignantly. Remus frowned, sending a small glare.

"Back off minister," Sirius snapped.

"Watch your tongue Black," a man said from beside him, both of them knew too well as Lucius Malfoy. "You may be out for now but we could always send you back –and no werewolf would be able to stop m-us." Sirius gave a withering glare, stepping in front of Remus with a protecting gaze.

Remus shook his head, grabbing Sirius' arm in protest. "Let's go, I don't want to be late."

Sirius made a noise of protest but nodded.

As they continued down the hall, Sirius turned towards Remus.

"I don't get it Remus," Sirius said. "For getting me out of Azkaban the minister wouldn't just take this from you. Did he want something else?" Remus shook his head.

"The minister wanted to keep an eye on ALL werewolves, fearing one might go wrong. So with me running about he was worried, so it was an equal bargain to him. Truthfully I would have given anything to get you back." Sirius smiled, pecking Remus' cheek and allowing them to walk in silence.

The room was dull, nothing but portraits that weren't remotely interesting –some even disturbing. Most were about werewolves being tamed by humans, ones Sirius and Remus promptly ignored. Looking up, they both saw a mean looking man enter with a large metal item in his hand, a large 'W' printed on it.

"Remus Lupin?"


"Take off your shirt and lie down on that table over there," he said gruffly, tapping his wand on the metal and silver immediately coated it. Pulling on rubber gloves he went over to Remus, where he was shifting nervously. Sirius was holding his hand, whispering soft words to him.

Looking at Remus he said calmly. "Ready?"

Remus gave a nod, watching with nervousness as the metal lowered down onto his wrist, where a burning pain erupted. Sirius grasped his hand, whispering calmly to him. Remus bit his lower lip refusing to scream out or making a noise. The man raised it up again, brushing over the burn, making Remus wince.

"Good, now this one will hurt much worse," he said.

Remus nodded dumbly, afraid. The man made the metal larger and put more silver onto it after making a few more modifications. Now the metal had a number on it instead of a large 'W'. Looking down again, he inquired. "Ready?" Remus nodded, shutting his eyes. That same burning sensation but ten times worse. Remus cried out, struggling gently but Sirius was holding him down.

It hurts make it stop it hurts it hurts it hurts Remus thought, sobbing gently. Crying out again, his reaction was to wiggle away from the pain, but Sirius was holding him in place. Finally, it was over, the smell of his burning skin going along with his pain, it was too much and he passed out.

On his stomach was his number '000007' and that was located near his naval. Sirius wrapped Remus up in his jacket and picked him up, cradling him close. "You did great Remus, thank you," he whispered.

"Thank you and come again," the man said, checking something off a clipboard. Sirius stuck his tongue out when he thought the man wasn't looking and left, carrying Remus with gentle care. It was painful and he almost gave out from the smell of burning flesh.

"You did great Remus," he said. The ex-prisoner continued walking until he bumped into someone rushing by. Looking up he saw Arthur Weasley, whom was trying to apologize, control the kids with him, and pick up his papers at the same time.

"You okay Arthur?" Sirius asked. The man looked up and smiled, but his grin soon faded when he saw an unconscious Remus and exactly who was holding the man.

"S-Sirius Black," he stuttered.

Sirius was confused at first but soon got the hint. Too many people thought he was still a murderer. "No, no, Arthur, don't worry, I'm temporarily set free. No need to be scared." He smiled broadly, ignoring the frightened looks he was getting.

Changing the subject seemed like a good idea so Sirius cleared his throat, pointing at the little boys behind Arthur. "Those four are cute, what are their names?" He asked, trying to ease Arthur's pain.

"This is Bill, this is Percy, and this is Fred and Gorge," Arthur replied, relaxing a bit. "Boys, say hi to Mr. Black."

A chorus of 'hi' was heard. One of them –Bill I think Sirius thought- spoke up. "What's wrong with him?" He was indicating towards Remus, whom was still unconscious.

Sirius smiled, hugging him gently. "He went through something difficult today, but don't worry, he'll be okay," he explained. Though looking at all four of them he saw something peculiar, the second tallest boy was holding a rat, one which looked fairly familiar.

"Arthur do you mind holding Remus?" He asked, his serious tone implying the man had no choice. The orange haired man nodded dumbly, taking Remus with care. Sirius squatted down, looking at Percy.

"Do you mind if I see your rat?" He asked. The rat squeaked and squirmed, as if he was fighting an invisible force. Sirius grinned darkly, taking the rat forcefully –much to the protest of all of the boys.

"Don't hurt Scabbers!" Percy wailed.

Sirius pointed his wand at the rat, which was viciously biting his hand. A bright flash of blue erupted from the tip and where a rat once was a man was standing there. In the background he heard Arthur shout in surprise. Many workers had come to see what the ruckus was about and stopped in their tracks when they saw who was standing there.

Sirius pointing his wand at Peter Pettigrew was a sight you could have only seen once.

Remus stirred in Arthur's arms, which had gone into shock. He opened his eyes, wondering where he was and tried to collect his bearings. The arms holding him moved to somewhere and he was set down in a chair. Remus looked up, wondering what was going on.

The first thing he looked for was Sirius, but his gaze found Peter first, whom was standing in front of Sirius shivering and quivering pathetically.

"S-S-Sirius, y-you w-wouldn't h-hurt a friend?" He said pathetically, getting on his hands and knees. His finger was still sore from chopping it off, but he could live with it. First he had to get out of here.


"I-I didn't mean to Sirius, I WAS SCARED," he wailed. Many whispers were heard in the halls. 'He killed the Potters' or 'So Black was innocent!' but the words went blindly through Sirius as he felt murder raging through him.


A soft whisper made both Sirius and Peter turn their attention towards Remus. The werewolf seemed to be struggling a bit, but he was reaching out to Sirius. The man forgot about Peter and rushed forward, still pointing his wand at the dirty rat. Arthur had his children go behind him and had his wand out at the ready.

Many of the Auror's were standing nearby, ready for the order to arrest him.

"Don't kill him Sirius," Remus whispered.

"But he killed Lily and James!" Sirius snapped.

"So make him suffer, don't just kill him," he said. "Besides I had to go through this just to get you out, don't do anything stupid." Sirius swallowed his next words. That's right, Remus did go in there and make a bargain, and he couldn't risk it.


It seemed the minister had finally arrived, panting and wondering what in the bloody hell was going on. Many of the workers pointed towards Peter and the Auror's nodded. "Arrest that man, bring him in for questioning," the minister said, huffing.

Sirius squashed down the feeling to go and ring the little rat's neck right then but instead turned to Remus. "Let's go," he said, picking the werewolf up, much to his protest. "Harry will hopefully be glad to see us," Sirius said.

"Yes, lets," Remus replied calming down and relaxing in the warm comfort and falling back asleep. Sirius smiled and kissed him deeply.

"Sleep well my little wolf," he whispered walking out of the building and outside, where the light breeze brushed his hair gently. Looking towards the sky, he smiled. "Proud of me James!" He yelled, catching much attention. Walking down the street where no one was and raised his wand, catching the Knight Bus and leaving to get Harry.


Yay! Long chapter! Anyway, we now have Harry and Sirius, but in the next chapter the fight for custody of Harry continues while the boy tries to learn to sense where people are without the use of his eyes!