Vampire Chronics: CH 5

Tex awoke strapped to a chair.

"I'm glad you're finally awake, Mr. Madden," a voice said.

His vision was blurry and his foot was... asleep.

"Dracula? Is that you? Show yourself!" Tex was able to see a figure emerging out of the shadows.

"You want me? Well, you got me."

Dracula grinned and Tex could see his long white fangs. His eyes were a deep red, and Tex was stunned by his presence. "Surprise, surprise, Mr. Madden. Am I the Dracula you imagined I would be?"

"Well..." Tex said.

Dracula became infuriated by Tex's remark and grabbed him by the neck. Tex jerked his head as Dracula leaned over and his face was right in his. Tex could smell the gruesome stench of rotting flesh on his breath. Dracula's red eyes pierced through his.

"I have a job for you later. Although, I want to kill you now," Dracula squeezed Tex's neck harder, "Master needs you.." Dracula reluctantly let Tex go. Tex coughed, and gasped for air.

"I thought you were the master?" Tex asked.

"Ohh no, there is a greater power that I serve. Soon, Mr. Madden, you will meet him. Real soon.." Dracula grinned. His teeth glistened.

"What does he want with me?"

"You will find out your purpose, Mr. Madden. You just wait and see.."

Meanwhile; Jonny, Andrew, and the eleven had reunited in a hallway. The thirteen of them were looking for a way out of the dungeon. It was dark, damp, and very cold. Only a few torches on the walls gave off a faint amount of light, just enough to see a few feet in front of them. After walking for a few minutes, the group rested in a small room. Apparently, a lounge for the dungeon guards that used to inhabit the area a long time ago. The room had six comfortable but rotting wooden stools. Wanto, Elmo, and Foo stood guard by the two entrances to the room.

"You seem to know your way around this place, Mr.-" Laquiefa said.

"My name's Andrew," Andrew said, sitting down on a stool. "My family has owned this castle for generations. But I haven't been here for a while."

"Who brought us here?" Bobert said.

Andrew hesitated, but then decided that it was best to tell everything.

"My ancestor was Diapper the Great," Andrew said. "About six-hundred and thirty years ago, Diapper made a pact with the Devil, to live forever in exchange for eternal service. A family legend says that the Devil kept his part of the bargain, but not in the way Diapper had wanted it. Diapper's body continued to age, and upon his death his soul was released. But, because he belonged to the Devil, he was forbidden to enter the gates of Heaven and was trapped on earth."

"Man, that sucks!" Fabio said, "then what?"

"Diapper was able to possess bodies with a magic spell crafted by the Prince of Darkness. So Diapper took the body of a gypsy girl. He performed ritual sacrifices on other people reported to have 'supernatural powers' in order to become more powerful. Eventually he created a small army of servants made entirely of magic- The Ogre, Dr. Butkis, Valerie the Betrayer, Barbarossassasasa the Pirate, and an unnamed vampire who believes himself to be Count Dracula. Eventually Diapper's lust for power caught the attention of a powerful Gypsy king. In a battle of arcane might that lasted almost a month, the Gypsy king was killed, but not before he caught up Diapper and his minions in a wave of magic and sealed them into a book titled 'The Thirteen Insanities'. The book was never supposed to be opened- doing to releases one of the Book's thirteen powers, some of them are summoning spells for his minions. The Book was hidden away, but it seems that Dracula was able to escape on his own. You are all here for one purpose."

"Don't tell us.. we're sacrifices aren't we?" Dwayne said.

"How did you know?" Jonny said. Andrew had a stern look on his face.

"You mean we ARE sacrifices? DUDE! I was just joking!"

"Well, in order for Diapper to come out of the book.. Dracula needed to gather thirteen sacrifices to sacrifice in the 'sacrificial chamber.' After the sacrifice, Dracula must summon Diapper and then Diapper will possess someone. After that, he will only get stronger and more powerful. Then he will be unstoppable."

"What about the vampires?" Jonny said.

"I don't know where the vampires came from, but I do know Dracula used them to get to you Jonny."

"What do you mean? Why would they want Jonny?" Jackie said.

"Yeah, why me? Why not mom cops? Hey, where is mom cops anyway? Mom! Help! Fireman!" Jonny yelled.

"Shhh!" Andrew said. He could hear footsteps but he couldn't see anything, walking backwards, Jonny felt a door handle. The door opened and Jonny fell back first into the room. The door closed and Jonny sat up.

"Mom cops! Dad! Fireman!" Jonny pounded on the door. The light turned on.

There were weird shapes and smells in the room. There was a dirty, round shaped 'chair' in the middle of the room. It had a huge hole in the middle and it reeked. Next to the chair was a cabinet with a long mirror. On the cabinet were some random things. Some were sharp, some were soft, some were lumpy.

"This must be the 'sacrificial chamber!'" Jonny cried. "I'm gonna be a sacrifice!" Jonny sat on the 'chair' and thought of something to do. I know, Jonny thought, I'll break out of here and then they can't sacrifice me. Before Jonny left he grabbed a couple of the things from off the cabinet and put them in his pocket. I might need this later, he thought. "Okay..." Jonny said as he grabbed onto the door knob. He started pushing with all his might. "OPEN!" He yelled, "OPEN SESAME!" But the door still didn't budge. Then Jonny decided to kick the door but it didn't open. I know, he thought, maybe if I put something in the chair the door might open. So Jonny picked up a soap bar and put it in the chair. The chair flushed and started overflowing. "AH!" Jonny yelled, throwing himself against the door. The door still didn't open. Jonny, frustrated, grabbed the handle and shook it. The door clicked and it opened. The opposite way Jonny was trying to open it. All the water from the toilet leaked out as Jonny went out of the room. The door closed and disappeared. Jonny looked around and no one was there.

"Hello?" Jonny said as it echoed down the hallway.

It was the same room, but it seemed that everyone else had left without him. Jonny started to panic, until he looked down and saw a trail of chocolate doo-doo. He followed the long trail until he came to a huge metal door.

Meanwhile, Andrew and the others were wandering around in a maze of mirrors. Hundreds of shiny mirrors of varying shapes and sizes were placed on the walls and in the middle of the floor. Some stood upright, others hung from ropes tied to the ceiling. Of all the mirrors, the largest one stood against a wall. It had wavy edges and was at least twice as tall and twice as wide as an average man. Everyone gathered around the mirror and looked at it. When they did, they were surprised to discover that it didn't reflect their faces. Instead, the mirror reflected the back of their heads. The rest of the front of their bodies were normal, but where their faces would be there was only the back of their heads.

"Whoa, that is so weird," Bertha said.

Jonny grabbed the handle of the huge door and pulled it open.

Andrew and the others looked at each other- and their faces were normal. But some illusion made their faces change in the mirror.

"How does it do that?"

Everyone reached up to touch their own face, for reassurance that it was still there. Suddenly eveything went dark for each of them. Their mouths wouldn't open, and they couldn't speak at all. They couldn't breathe. There was a lot more hair over their faces that there used to be.

Oh my goodness, Jackie thought, What just happened?

Not long afterward, they started to suffocate. No matter how hard they tried, no air filled their lungs at all.

"I... can't breathe," Fabio thought. He clutched his neck and tried to cry out, but his mouth wouldn't open.

Jonny entered the room. It was a small closet with four doors each reaching from floor to ceiling. On each door there was printed a word in gold letters: Mirrors, Stairs, Death, and Nutshells.

"Ohh, more doors!" Jonny said, thinking about which door to enter.

End Vampire Chronics: Vol 3

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