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"Ok its official my life as I know it sucks" said 16-year-old Kagome Higurashi said to herself. 'Why does my life suck so much well aside from the fact that Inuyasha is off doing who knows what with Kikyou while Sango Miroku, Shippo, and I are fighting for our lives against some very slay happy Snake youkai'.

A little while after Inuyasha had seen Kikyou's soul collectors and of course he hopped off to the evil-one-made-of-clay, telling the rest of them to make camp and he'd catch up with them latter that night.

However the search for a decent camp site did not go well because no less then forty-five minutes of walking had landed them into Snake territory and they were very pleased to see half the jewel hanging around Kagome's neck "Give ussssssss the Jewel and we will let you live" the leader hissed.

The leader who had three jewel shards himself looked like a cross between a Rattle snake and a Cobra with very vibrant violet eyes narrowed like a cats shiny black scales until you got to his belly where they became a pale gray and a huge rattle on his tail showing he was a number of years old.

'Damn someone up there hates me' Kagome thought as she notched her arrow and started pulling the bow string back behind her, she heard a smack 'Crap someone please tell me the letcher did not just do what I think he just did'. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Miroku sporting a nice red cheek and a lopsided grin. Kagome glared at the monk "What? I couldn't help my self!" said the monk raising his hands in the air as a gesture of innocents.

"We're about to go into battle and all you can think about is what's in your pants YOU'RE DEPRAVED!" the miko was pissed.

"Kagome's right Houshi and, if you touch me again I'll cut your balls off with a rusty butterknife." said the very cool but right now very pissed off Sango.

"My hand is cursed, its cursed I tell you!" yelled a mock shocked monk (and that was really weird typing). "Ummmm guys don't you think we should save this till after we've taken care of the snakes?" Shippo said from behind Kagome's leg. "Shippo's right but after this monk I'm going to make you wish that you didn't have hands" said the very irate Sango. "Is it bad if I don't want this battle to end?" said monk in question asked.

"Hey wait were did the demons go?" said Kagome looking around finding none also finding her kit was gone. "Shippo, Shippo! SHIPPO IF THIS IS A JOKE IT'S NOT FUNNY!" Kagome yelled at the top of her lungs.

Yes ladies and gentlemen snakes did what they tend to do they ran away but not before knocking Shippo out and taking him for bait and dinner after the rest of the meal showed up, they were half way to their cave before a very pissed off miko along with a demon slayer and monk flew down on everyones favorite cat. "The leader is mine!" Kagome yelled as she jumped off Kilala and ran off in the direction the leader and her son had gone. She kept on running till all sounds of 'Hiraikotsu!' and 'Wind Tunnel!' had faded.

'If one hair on Shippo's head is harmed that demons going to wish he'd gone to hell along time ago' Kagome thought to herself as she followed the trail left behind by the youkai. "Wellcome miko" came the voice of the snake "Wellcome to our home." Kagome looked around holes everywhere. The biggest hole she noted was right next to her. Kagome got her bow and arrow ready. She saw the snake slither out of the hole holding her kit. "Put. Him. Down." she said through gritted teeth her eyes looked much like a bears do when you have a hold of its cub (don't ever do that if you want to live).

"Give me the Tama" it hissed. It was here that he made a mistake he wrapped his tail around Shippo leaving his torso free. "Burn in hell" was all the miko said as she shot him. In the remains lied three shards and her son unharmed. She picked up Shippo holding him with the greatest of care an earthquake came upon the land so terrible and violent Kagome fell down the hole.

As she held her son closer to her 'Please don't let us die' she prayed and was surrounded in a red light. The last thing she could remember was landing on something that felt like 'mashed potatoes?'and hearing an old voice go "To another year at Hogwarts.". 'What's Hogwarts?' she thought to herself before she blacked out.'

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