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The students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were shocked, from the from the Slytherins to the Gryffindors all you could see were mouths hanging open and eyes widening but, it's safe to say that no one was more shocked then Harry Potter.

For no sooner than Dumbledore had begun his welcome speech, had a girl in a green and white sailor suit, holding what looked to be like an extra hairy, overgrown pygmy puff (A.N for those of you who haven't read the 6th book a pygmy puff is a little fluff ball the twins made in their joke shop) along with a bow and arrows, immersed in a red glow had fallen from the ceiling right into the vat of mashed potatoes his friend Ron had been eyeing not 5 seconds ago.

"To another year at Hogwarts." their headmaster said, raising an eyebrow while looking at the girl on the table who had from the looks of it blacked out.

'She's quite pretty' the boy who lived noted 'loads more pretty than Cho (I'm not a Cho fan sorry if there are any Cho lovers reading this) he looked around people were staring some were standing on their seat to get a better look, Draco Malfoy's mouth was so wide it made him look like a fish gasping for air, Pansy Parkinson looked more pug like than ever and Romilda Vane was glaring at the girl for being so close to Harry.

At that moment the puff ball on her chest began to move and as it sat upit showed that it wasn't a puff ball but a boy with what looked like a large piece of fluff attached to him.

'Are his ears pointed' Harry asked himself 'and are those claws?' the boy in question looked around and seeing his mother passed out immediately started to panic.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY MOTHER!" the boy shouted big tears welling up in his eyes and he bit the thing nearest to him which happened to be Ron's finger. "OUCH YOU STUPID LITTLE RUNT! LET GO OF MY FINGER!" Ron yelled swinging his hand violently trying in vain to get the little demon off almost hitting Hermione and Neville.

Hermione then grabbed the boy, the boy surprised let go of Ron's finger and turned around and tried to scratch her.

"OH NO YOU DON'T YOU LITTLE RUNT" came the savage reply of Ron, and went to hit him but the boy was too quick and jumped back on the girl and out of his reach causing Ron to hit his hand on the table which was followed by a yelp of pain as he pulled his throbbing hand back to his chest glaring daggers at the boy who glared right back.

The boy then started hissing and spiting at anyone he thought was too close but was stopped when a moan came from the girl.

"Okaa-san!" he cried and hugged her. The girl opened her eyes and looked at Harry, oceanic blue met jade green. "Hi" Harry said as the girl looked at him. "Hello" she said back.

Sorry its so short i'll make the next chapter longer please tell me what you think!