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Kikyou had lived a long life or un-life in this case. She'd wandered through the years, seeing many things, wasting away, becoming a shell of what she used to be frozen forever in time looking like a seven-teen-year old girl, with the mind of a five-hundred-year old woman.

'I've come a long way from what I used to be,' she thought, 'and yet, not quite far enough.'

She pushed her self up off the bed and looked out the window. As she looked at the castle she secured a dagger in her cloak.

'But soon it will all be over,'


"Kagome what's this all about?" it was the fourth time they had walked through this corridor and Harry was getting a bit tired.

"About what?" when she didn't look him in the eye he sighed, "Kagome if you don't tell me what's bothering you, I can't do anything about it."

"It's just," she started, "It's just, have you ever gotten that feeling, like something bad is about to happen, and repercussions will affect you for a long time?" she sighed and looked up at him, in the dim light that the moonlight provided through the window she could just make out the edges of his glasses, and the shape of his nose.

"Is that all?" Harry cried.

"Yes that's as you put it all" Kagome stated she made a move to walk away from him when he suddenly grabbed her wrist, and pulled her toward him.

"Don't let it bother you Kagome, nothing bad is going to happen. Look you're in Hogwarts, one of the safest places in the world," he whispered hugging her to his chest.

She snuggled into his chest and mumbled, "If you say so."

"Come," he pulled her, "let's get back to bed."


As they entered the Common Room, Kagome felt all of Harry's word's and comfort slip away, and a deep sense of foreboding took its place. She felt a tug at her wrist; she looked up to see Harry looking at her with concern.

"Are you going to be alright?" he questioned. Kagome just nodded her head, and walked along with him. Harry walked over to the fire; he got down on his haunches, and proceeded to throw wood onto the flames. Kagome stood behind him watching intently.

"Did I ever tell you about the time my God Father contacted me, by means of this fire place?" he asked.

"No," Kagome alleged. Harry moved off his haunches and sat on his legs; looking up at her he patted the wool rug beside him, and waited for her to sit down.

"I was in the tri-wizard tournament; everyone thought I had cheated to get in, and I had just found out what the First Task was suppose to be," he stared intently into the blaze. "Dragons," he laughed, "he sent me a message; saying to meet him here, I started to get worried when he didn't show, but then I heard someone whispering my name. I looked over into the fire, and there was his face plain as day."

"Gave me quite a shock when I saw him, thought I was hallucinating for a second," he looked over at Kagome, and saw her smiling faintly, "I think he would have liked you."

He pulled her toward him, and rested his head against the couch.

"Go to sleep, Kagome," he whispered into the shell of her ear.


The next morning was a washed with conversation, apparently during the middle of night several students had been injured, and were sent to St. Mungos.

"I told you something bad was going to happen," Kagome whispered harshly to Harry over the breakfast table.

"Come now, Kagome, you're being silly. This was just a coincidence, no one died, it will all be forgotten tomorrow," he declared throwing some bacon onto his plate.

But it wasn't all forgotten by tomorrow, in fact things began to get stranger around Hogwarts, a new plethora of curfews and restrictions came into play. Each night teacher would do head counts in the dormitories, seal passages, and portholes. Never the less more and more children kept being sent to Mungos.

"This is horrible," said Hermione one morning at breakfast, "almost 1/16 of the school is at St. Mungos."

"You don't think it's Voldemort, do ya Harry?" Ron asked pilling food onto his plate.

"No, it's not him," Harry admitted.

"Still I wish they'd tell us something," Hermione said putting the Prophet away.

"What do you think Kagome?" Ron asked.

"Hmm?" Kagome raised her tired eyes to Ron, and put down the knife she'd been fiddling with.

"I asked you what you thought of it."

"Oh the student attacks," she laughed nervously "Yes horrible what's happening, don't you think so Hermione?" she went to poor some juice into her goblet but her hands shook so badly she spilled a fair amount over the table.

"Whoops," she said "I'm such a klutz," she laughed timidly again.

"Kagome," Harry made a grab for her hand, but she just pulled away, "Are you all right?"

She was touched by his concern, really she was, "Oh, I'm fine, excuse me I need to use the rest room," and with that she quickly left the Great Hall.

"Mamma's been having Night Terrors," piped Shippo from Kagome's vacated seat.

Harry blinked, and then blinked again, he then looked at Hermione.

"Did you know about this?"

"Shippo! She told us not to tell anyone!" Hermione shot at him.

"So what, I may be just a kid, but that doesn't mean I don't know when someone's in trouble," he stated and then looked up to see his mother coming back.

"Oh I feel much better now!" Kagome said cheerily.

"How long have you been having night terrors?" Harry asked solemnly.

Kagome blanched for a moment, and her cheery fa├žade faded.

"Who said anything about me having night terrors?" she shot Hermione a dark look.

"Shippo did," he stated.

Her cheery demeanor was suddenly back as she looked down at Shippo and started patting his head rather harshly.

"Oh you know children," she looked up at Harry, "they like to exaggerate."

"I'm not exaggerating," Shippo cried, "you've been waking up screaming every night sense the attacks!"

"Why didn't you tell me?" Harry asked.

"Because it a personal problem, and the last time I checked you're not my mother!" she held.

"I may not be your mother but I still care about you," Harry alleged.

"Mrs. Higurashi," a voice cut through the tension.

"Professor McGonagall,"

"Higurashi, you are to follow me," and with that she briskly left the Hall. As Kagome moved to trail her she was hindered in her plans by a hand on her wrist.

"We'll finish this later," Harry said, his Jade eyes glinting fiercely.


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