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The halls of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry had never looked darker or as unwelcoming to Kagome Higurashi as they did right then.

'I've got a bad feeling about this,' she thought glumly as she followed her stiff lipped Head of House back to a very familiar corridor with a fierce looking Gryphon at the end of it.

"Professor?" she ventured.

"Yes Higurashi?" Professor McGonagall turned to her face her.

"Why are you taking me to the Headmaster's office?" she felt cold, like it was dark, it wasn't like the night of Shippo's attack where she had her son and Harry next to her.

"Several of the students have slowly regained their health Miss Higurashi, and when inquired about the state of their attack they've provided us with some very interesting answers," she said gravely and patted Kagome on the back while pointing at the Gryphon and with a simple "Chocolate Frog" she sent Kagome up the stairs and shut the passage way, leaving Kagome standing alone in the dark passage way looking at the might oak doors at the top.

Her feet filled with lead, she somberly and slowly made her way up the stairs, and as though preparing herself for a firing squad she took a deep breath then knocked robustly on the tall doors. Her gusto fled her for a second when the door was jerked opened swiftly.

As soon as Kagome saw the semi-familiar face of the new Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour, smiling as though he had just slain the world's most powerful dragon and won the hand of the fair princess all in one fell swoop, the feeling of lead magnified.

"Miss Higurashi, come in, come in. We've been waiting for you," he grabbed her arm dragged her into a room and pushed her down into a large oak chair.

Kagome looked around the room, other than the face of the Headmaster and Sesshoumaru she didn't recognize anyone else, and out of all the people that she didn't know, only one looked even remotely friendly, the red head smiled at her as though trying to offer some support. Kagome was grateful for at least a few friendly faces.

Arthur Weasley had truly been worried the attacks at Hogwarts, to make it even worse two muggles had been attacked and were recovering at St. Mungo's as well. He had been a bit peeved when they had called him in on his day off but when he heard the name 'Kagome Higurashi' as being accused of the attacks; he rushed right to Dumbledore's office. Ron had talked about her in his letters and how she and Harry were dating.

When she first walked into the room Arthur couldn't believe the charges they were bringing against her, and he could see that under her timid actions now a strong and fierce opposing force was there.

The attacks were of a sort that none had really seen before, the student seemed to just lay there as if there soul had been sucked out, with one large gash across the torso. However after a few days at St. Mungo's with very intensive care they seemed to make a start back to health, the muggles however were still unresponsive to any sort of treatment.

He seemingly snapped back into reality when he heard the rushing of parchment, he saw the new minister roll out a long sheet preparing to charge the young lass, but was preempted by Kagome falling to the ground screaming and writhing in pain as if she was being ripped in two.

Kagome couldn't believe what was happening to her, it hurt so badly it was almost as if, as if...

'As if my soul is being ripped out,'


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