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On the night of the Royal wedding, Princess Gabriella and Danielle suddenly vanished without a trace as to their whereabouts

Gabriellas parents were outraged and have threatened war on France for their daughter's dissapearance. The King of France has ordered his army to search for the princess.

Now Danielle and Princess Gabriella appears in the year 2005 unconscious. Resa and Isabella Halliwell just stared at the two girls in weird dresses in their home the Halliwell Manor. They looked at each other confused and then their cosin Lancelot comes into the house and he sees the two unconscious girls and he immediately falls in love with the girl with the golden hair.

"Who are they?" he asks. Isabella and Theresa shrugged their shoulders.

"They just came out of nowhere" Isabella says

"And you didn't bother to call my father or your father Isabella"

"What they just came and my father wouldn't care" She says a little angry

"Well my father would"

"Hey hey you two they just came a minute Lance so shush" Theresa says getting defensive with him

"Well we should put them on the couches" Isabella says

"Lancelot can you get these two to the couches please?" Theresa asks trying to defuse the tension that was building quickly.

Lancelot nods his head he saw the girl on the left. She was beautiful to Lancelot she took his breath away and he took her first to one of the couches in the

livingroom and then he came back to take the other one and put her on the other couch on the left.

"What should we do" Lancelot finally asks

"Let them sleep" Isabella says

"And if they wake up" He asks

Theresa looks at Isabella

"I don't know" Isabella says

Lancelot walks back and fourth

"Your making me sick Lance" Isabella says

"Yeah" Theresa says and Lancelot stops

"okay okay I'll call my father to see if he knows anything"

"Good and we'll wait for them to wake up to see where they come from" Theresa says

"ah man I got a hot date" Isabella says

"Cancel it" Theresa says with authority and Isabella nods her head "And it was with a cop to" Isabella says shaking her head

"Remember Uncle Sam would have been pissed"

"That was the whole point Resa"

Theresa rolls her eyes as her cousins whines

"Well we need to figure out where these two came from" Theresa says

Lancelot calls his father

"Dad we have a problem" He says

"What is it Lancelot" Chris asks

"dad these two weird girls came into our house and they look like from a different time"

"From what time do they look like from" Chris asks

"I don't know the 1500s maybe 14" Lancelot says sighing

"Are they awake and afraid"

"I don't know dad but the dark blonde hair girl looks beautiful"

"Stop thinking with your heart Lancelot start thinking with your mind"

"okay so what should we do"

"Wait until they wake up and then find out where they come from" Chris says

"okay" Lancelot says hanging up and sighing. He really wished they were from his time.

Back in France 15th century (I don't know if it was the 15th century or


"I want those things back that I gave you in exchange for Dannielle," Pierre Le Pieu screamed at Rodmilla de Ghent,

temporary Baroness of Manior de Barbarac.

"We had a fair trade." She says

"And Dannielle has ran away nowhere to be found."

"How far could Danielle have gotten with those chains you had on her?"

Rodmilla laughed.

"She took them off. I gave her the key but no horses were taken." He spat

"Then it is your fault" Rodmilla says

"Well what was I suppose to do when she had a sword to my neck" He screams

"Did she take the horses" Rodmilla asks with a sigh


"She must have gone on foot so therefore she couldn't have gotten far."

"I looked everywhere and she is nowhere to be found now give me my stuff back!" He says snobbishly

"No it was a fair trade you lost her its your fault you should have given her a whip or two" Rodmilla says angry. Her eyes turned dark and leaned towards him

"Where is Danielle, Rodmilla?" He asks equally angerly

"I don't know" She says

Jacqueline heard all of the conversation. She couldn't believe Danielle had run away. She went to the Castle and saw Lammont looking tired and worned out

"Has she been found"

"No and her parents are threatening war"

"Oh no" Jacquillin says horrifed her hands up to her mouth

"I know and the Prince is worried so am I" He says

"Dannielle is missing to" She says and he looks up at her

"We must go tell the Prince right away" He says taking Jacqulyn's hand and leading her to the Prince.

Henry was pacing he couldn't find the Princess and her parents werethreatening war. His friend and confident, Head Royal Gaurd Laurent came running in

with Jacqueline.

"What is it?" He asks tiredly

It was Jacqueline to answer first, "It seems Danielle has runaway."


"She disappeared, didn't take any of Le Pieu's horses or anything your

Highness. She is nowhere to be found."

"Interesting, Princess Gabriella has disappeared as well." He says very interested in this new developement and worried about Dannielle

"What are we going to do?" Captain Laurent asked.

"We have to find them and talk to my parents about this new developement." Henry urges

"They will likely dismiss it."

"Search all of France before we go to Gabriella's and my parents about this." Henry orders

"Yes your highness," he bows and leaves.

"I hope my sister is okay."

"Me to I was a such a fool." He says berating himself

"But you had every right to be angry at her Your Highness."

"At the first test of Honor, I failed and now I could lose her forever."

"You don't know that."

"But if something were to happen to her, I would blame myself."

"Have hope and pray your highness." With that she bows and leaves his quarters.

Henry got on his knees to pray.