Isabella search for the Prince of France and the history surrounding him and Danielle also round Princess Gabriella.

"So Iz what's the verdict" Gabby asks worried that she might loose Jack

"This isn't good" Isabella frowns.

"What's not good"

Isabella shows her what she found

Gabby gasps

"No this can't be no I won't let it happen I love Jack he loves me"

Isabella looked at her sadly "I'm sorry"

Gabby shakes her head. She goes upstairs and cries.

Back in Hartford Rory Gilmore-Hayden was at her grandfather's funeral with her mother Lorelei and grandparents the Gilmores when Francine came over to her.

"How are you Rory"

"Fine why am I here"

Francine looks down "Thank you for coming"

"Why did you request my presence"

Francine smiled sadly "To say I'm sorry"

Rory didn't say anything.

"He had something he wanted to give you in his Will"

"Why is it because I'm your only grandchild cause you guys have Gigi"


"Then what grams"

Francine smiles "Here you should read your grandfather's diary this why I asked you here the Will, will be read in a week you should read this before then please"

"And if I don't"

"Your destiny is in there" She says simply

Rory and the Gilmores looked at her weirdly

"Just read dear don't fight off destiny" She says walking away.

The Hutnzbergers were watching the whole thing.

"Now how the Gilmore's does knows the Hayden's Mitchum"

"Their old friends dear" He says to his wife Shira

"That little goldigger"

Logan was speechless he went over to his ex girlfriend after Francine left

"What was all that about"

"Nothing" Rory says stiffly

"You told me no"

"Do you have to remind me" Rory says

"Rory I'm sorry"

"Me to" She whispers. Then she turns around



"Where's dad"

"In your grandfather's den"

Rory nods her head and Logan was confused

"What's going on"

"My father's father just died" Rory says

"Mom I'm not going to Star's Hollow I'll be staying with dad" She says coldly to her mother.

"Rory I'm sorry"

"No your not" She says and walks away.

"That's not fair Rory your mother raised you your father"

"Don't you dare Luke don't you dare talk bad towards him" Rory says darkly

"You'll regret it" She says

"Rory that's not right" her mother says

"Life isn't fair mother" Rory says.

Logan whispers "what happen to my Ace"

Rory smiles at Logan and then left the five standing there.

Lorelei sighs "I hate that she went to Las Vegas"

"You should have supported her" Richard says walking away

"Love isn't something you can control Lorelei it happens she loves Logan you just have to accept that"

"She doesn't love me"

Emily looks at Logan "then why is she bitter"

Logan didn't say anything.

"I thought so"

Meanwhile Gabriella, Henry, Danielle, and the queen where at the Halliwell's.


"As ever" Danielle says

"Are you sure" Isabella asks Lancelot

"Ya I'm sure fate is fate"

"You can make your own you know"

"No you can't you know that I know that" Lance says

Isabella rolls her eyes

"Don't know what's going to happen so be careful" Resa says looking at Lance who was heartbroken.

The five disappeared as Lance, Resa, and Isabella said the spell. Lance went to his room.

"She choose him you can't blame her" Resa says

"I know" Lance says

Resa closes his door. She sighs she went downstairs.

"How's Jack"

"The same"

"This sucks"

"Yeah it does"

"This isn't going to end well" Isabella says suddenly

"I know but how do we stop destiny" Resa was surprised at herself.

"Who knows" Isabella says surprised at Resa she believed in fate and that was the same as destiny. She gets a premonition of Rory, Lance, and Jack.