Welcome to the fic The Elementals it is set after the dark tournament ummm yeah that's really it


BEEP! BEEP! " Auugghh" and so began another normal day in the life of Kira Sagan. At 7:03 am she got out of bed, made it, and went to go shower and take a leak.

The hot water felt wonderful on her back, she LOVED hot water, actually she pretty much just loved heat itself.

she squirted shampoo onto her ligt brown hair, careful not to get soap in her pretty blue eyes, actually, her eyes were the only thing about her that she thought looked pretty. she was about 5'3 with tan skin, loved fire, anime, and had decided that summer before that she would be an astronaut when she grew up.

When she got back to her room she took her clothes off of her radiator she got dressed and went down for breakfast.

By the time she finished breakfast it was 7:30 on the beautiful September morning. she decided it was time to wake up her brother and father. afterwords she grabbed her back pack and rode her bike three blocks to school.

"KK! KK! Where the hell are you?" "HiKira. What's up?"

Here enters one of Kira's two closest friends, Katelyn Thorton, or KK for short. "Only 2 more months until the trip to Japan!"

"Yes Kira, we know already!" came a voice. it was another of her friends named Madison. "and when you get there you can rot your brains out with the stupid Japenese cartoons (they dont like anime very much)

about this timeKira stopped listening to them, grabbed Katelyn's golden reddish ponytail, pulled lightly, and yelled

"Ding-Dong the witch is dead!" Katelyn's pale freckely face turned a little red and she said,

"well i'm still taller than you!"

"only by, like, an inch!"

"Will you two both shut up! how about this, your both taller than me ( sadly she is Hiei hieght) ok?"


Madison had shortbrunette hair, tanner skin than Kira, and to top it all off, she was guy obsessed, I mean seriously, we made colladges, with a theme of our choice, her's was hot guys, it now hangs above her bed in her room.

The bell rang, and they lined up with their class to go inside to Mrs. Katan's class. After prayers and morning announcements, they got packed for the day's classes

"Hey dumbo!"

Now enter Dan, the most idioticjerkKira had ever met. He was Italian in heritage and looks. "Sigh shutup, Dan" she said levelly, she did not like her ears, or people making fun of them.

all throughout the day she hung out with her friends and ignoring the few snide comments she got, because of the accidental running joke she had created when she started putting death threats in her vocabulary sentences.

Her consolatin was that in two months they would be spread out in the temples of Japan for the rest of the school year. She had looked online at schools in the areas of temples and decided she wanted to stay at a temple owned by an old lady named Genkai.

The school nearby had some gang issues, and though she couldn't really protect herself, she felt that not many people in her class would want to go there so they would leave her be.

after going through her plan all day, she walked home with two of her three brothers, Kain and Andy. Her last brother, Bobby, was 16 and in high School.

The rest of the day was spent doing homework and reading fanfiction.

when she went to sleep she moved her rocking chair in front of her closet door, because she was always worried about there being something in the closet, and no matter how many times she told herself that there was nothing in there she was always scared.

however, tonight, there was something in the closet.

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