Chapter One: Old Foes Gather.

Ratchet got out of his ship on Planet Kalebo to be greeted by the sound of cheers as new gadgets were thrown out to the crowd. Today Gadgetron had released a new line of gadgets and crowds were massing as Mr. Voltox, CEO of Gadgetron himself was handing them out. Ratchet pushed his way through the crowd, showing his Gadgetron employee I.D to the security guards and ascending to the elevator where Mr. Voltox waiting.

'Ah Ratchet, so good to see you again. Here, have a Disintegrator.' Ratchet caught the device.

'Thanks, I'm just here to make sure that none of Nefarious' goons are hanging around here.' The CEO thought hard for a moment.

'Come to think of it, there was some cloaked weirdo around here earlier, disappeared before we could catch him.'

'Well give Q-Force a yell if you need anything.' Ratchet ran back to his ship and quickly blasted off. Maybe Sasha would know something about this.

At that moment, Clank was sitting in his living quarters, waiting for Ratchet to return when Skrunch ran in, with a vid-phone in his hands.

'That's mine, give it back!'

Skrunch shook his head and held his other hand out.

'Oh alright.' Clank handed him a banana and the monkey handed him the phone.

'Hello?' It was Vic, his director.

'Clank, buddy, I need you to meet me on Metropolis, pronto.' He looked oddly uneasy.

'Is something wrong Vic?'

'Not at all. Hurry up!'

The phone went dead. Clank shook his head and walked into the teleporter, which Al had recently installed. He was beamed away.

When Ratchet arrived at the Phoenix, Sasha ran up to him.

'Ratchet, Al has something he wants to show you.' Ratchet nodded and followed her to the bridge. Al turned away from his computer.

'Ah! Ratchet, we received a transmission whilst you were visiting Gadgetron. Skid, play it back.'

'Sure dude!' Skid replied.

A cloaked figure appeared on the screen.

'Members of Q-Force, the time of your defeat is at hand. For now as I speak, myself and my compatriots are already causing mass destruction across the galaxy.'

The screen changed to a video of Tabora, where the town was blown up by sleek black ships. The mystic was dead. Then it flashed over to Joba, where the Megacorp games arena was in flames. And finally Maktar Resort, where the entire resort was spinning out of control and crashed into Oozla.

'Soon, the Solana Galaxy will fall too, and I will be the unquestioned ruler. Goodbye!'

Ratchet turned to Sasha.

'This looks bad. Where's Clank and Qwark?'

'Qwark is on a mission in Gorda City, he should be back soon. Clank is in Metropolis.'

'I'll go get Clank; you guys try and get through to Qwark.' Ratchet said as he exited the bridge.

In Gorda City, Captain Qwark had just finished driving out a fleet of Tyrranhoids, when his ship's view screen flickered on.

'Qwark, this is Sasha, we need you back at the Phoenix at once.'

'Of course.' Qwark replied, setting his course for the Phoenix.

Clank arrived on Metropolis where Vic was waiting nearby Al's Roboshack.

'What is wrong?' Clank asked.

'Well when I was scouting out the area for a new film, I found something real strange. It looked exactly like you, but it was broken so I fixed it and….

'Did you say a robot that looked like me?' Clank asked, worried.

'Yeah, he was near a bomb train wreck. I'll show you him…

'No need.'

Because there, smashing through Metropolis, was Klunk, laughing as he smashed building after building. He was in giant form.

'Stand back.'

Clank transformed quickly into Giant Clank and he ran to meet his clone.

Ratchet quickly leapt out of his ship to see to giant robots duking it out.

'Clank!' he shouted.

Clank turned and was punched in the face by Klunk, making him topple into Al's Roboshack and down onto street level. Klunk turned to Ratchet.

'Prepare to die Lombax!'

Ratchet pulled out his Disintegrator and prepared to fight.