Chapter Three: The Secret Meeting

When Ratchet came to, he was lying in a strange bubble. His head was bandaged from the fight on the Phoenix. Qwark and Clank were standing over him. He did know this at the moment, but he was in Canal City on Notak.

'Wha… where's Sasha?' Ratchet demanded.

'I'm sorry Ratchet.' Qwark replied, genuine sympathy in his voice.

'The ship crashed on Planet Umbris, which happens to be surrounded by an Omega-Class Disintegration Field.' Clank added. 'So we could not analyse it for any survivors.'

Elsewhere, the dark figure's ship left Umbris and blasted towards Veldin.

One hour later, Qwark returned to Ratchet's room.

'Come on Ratchet, we're holding an important meeting and we need you present.' Ratchet slowly sat up as Qwark began to leave the room.

'Oh and bring that vicious little bugger we found in your suck cannon as well.'

After managing to pull Klunk kicking and screaming from the Suck Cannon, Ratchet entered a room guarded by two burly looking Galactic Rangers. He nodded to them and they let him through. The council chamber was a large circular room with a raised dais in the centre. Ratchet made his way towards where Qwark, Clank and Skrunch were sitting.

'Good to see you again Ratchet.' Qwark whispered as a figure approached the central dais. Ratchet recognized it as Mr. Voltox.

'Is everybody present? Then we shall begin. Not long ago, many planets were attacked by an unknown creature and a large robot army. Now for the moment I suggest we try to negotiate with hi…' The CEO was cut off by a familiar voice.

'Isn't it a bit late for that! People have died!' yelled Angela Cross from the opposite table. Mr. Fizzwidget, who was sitting next to her made a polite 'be quiet' gesture. She noticed Ratchet for the first time and gave him a small grin. Another man spoke up. It was Bob, the eldest of the Roboshack family.

'I agree with Miss Cross. I lost my brother and sister to that guy.'

'Order!' yelled Mr. Voltox. Everyone was silent.

'If we believe that negotiations are not an option, then we must attempt to find his base. And to do that, we must take down the shield over the jail on Umbris. Which is virtually impossible.'

Everyone agreed. Ratchet recognized a few of the people assembled the Mathematician, the Old Sage from Smolg, the Hypnotist from Damosel, the Commando from Batalia and the Miner from Hoven. As Ratchet and Clank started to leave, Angela came up to them.

'Ratchet, I'm sorry about your team.'

'Why are you apologizing?' Ratchet replied.

'Look, I have a plan. The closest planet to Umbris is Mylon. I'm sure that's where the shield generator will be. Leave Clank's evil twin with Qwark and meet me there.'

Before Ratchet could reply, she ran off.

The sleek ship left Veldin and rocketed deep beyond the Solana Galaxy.

Ratchet landed on Mylon armed with his Liquid Nitrogen Gun, Ultra Tesla Claw, RYNOcrater, Ultra Mega Rocket Tube, Ultra Visibomb Gun and Omega Heavy Bouncer. He met Angela at the Bio-Bliterator crash site.

'Right, we need to scan the area, it could take…'

'The Generator is at coordinates 123231.' Clank read out.


Minutes later, they reached the generator. Angela began to hack into the system.

'Shield disabled.' Came the robotic voice. Ratchet blew away the generator with the Rocket Tube.

'Right, that should mean… oh no!

Heading towards them was a large fleet of the robotic creatures, wielding incredibly large heavy machinery.

Ratchet reached for his Mega Rocket Tube. Angela drew out what appeared to be two Swingshots, which she attached to her wrists.

'What use is a Swingshot gonna be against them?'

Angela didn't reply. Instead, she pressed a button on both, sending two razor sharp Carbonox blades out. Angela gave Ratchet a grin before rushing into the fray.

'Repair the generator!' yelled one of the robots. Several Constructobots began collecting the rubble. Angela yelled and leapt into the fray, almost tripping over a large pipe. Ratchet blasted away at the Constructobots, sending cybernetic limbs flying. He was caught off guard by a robot who would have impaled him but merely grazed his arm. Ratchet pulled out the Liquid Nitrogen Gun and began freezing the robots.

'Ratchet, there's too many!' Angela yelled.

'We have to get back to the ship.' Clank agreed in a rather muffled voice. Slowly, the two began to back off. They ran into the ships and took the battle to the air.