StephanieFan: Just a little something I wrote after my rabbit ran away. Has nothing to do with that though. Just felt like writing a new version of the episode 'It was a dark stormy night' but it ended up completely different

The Tanner family goes to Florida, Miami. DJ's now 20, Stephanie 15 and still 9 year old Michelle. As usuall, Danny's talking about family fun and all that crap. Jesse's talking about Elvis, Becky getting pissed and Joey's...well...being Joey!

"Alright! Is everyone ready to have some family fun!" Danny exclaimed. He could hear everyone in the back seats saying "Uh!" "Well, it's good to know you're all enjoying yourself," Danny just kept driving the van they rented around Miami which was amazingly beautiful.

"Dad do we have to?" asked Stephanie.

"Yea, DJ's going to college and you're almost gonna forget about family vacations anytime soon." Danny explained.

"Don't worry," DJ said putting a hand on Danny's shoulder "We'll never forget you," Danny smiled.

"Daniel Daniel Daniel!" Jesse said sarcastically "If ya keep on naggin' em' it'd be impossible for them to forget you, even after death!" Everyone started cracking up. Family time, so prescious.

35 minutes later...

The rented van pulled up in front of a hotel. Golden rimmed and decorated with plants. The girls whipped out their cameras and wasted their film. A bellhop came to take their stuff.

"Michelle, when you were little we went to Hawaii so you probably can't remember," said DJ.

"But you'll remember Miami for sure!" added Stephanie. Danny went to check in.

"I'm gonna go look for a vending machine," Joey said "DJ, watch Michelle." The girls rolled their eyes.

Michelle complained "Joey, I'm nine! This isn't like in Hawaii when I was a two year old!" Joey nodded.

"You're right, I'm sorry." and went off on his quest for a snack.

In their rooms...

"Can I have the ocean view?"





"Fine! You can have it!"," answered Stephanie while unpacking everything they bought along with them. DJ came in to ask Stephanie where her skirt was.

"Somewhere in the bathroom..." Stephanie sounded a little hesitate.

"In that bathroom?" DJ asked pointing to the marble like bathroom of the suite. Stephanie shook her head.

" the bathroom of the airplane..." Stephanie waited to be yelled at.

"STEPHANIE I TOLD YOU TO BE CAREFUL!" screamed DJ. She saw her sister cringe. Then she added "You got an explaination?"

"I spilled juice all over it so I just went to change but the plane turned and I fell then got sink water all over it so just changed into my shorts and forgot them!" Stephanie said in one breath.

"Just don't do it again," and closed the door behind her. Michelle looked at her sister.

"Should have remembered,"

"Be quiet!" Stephanie snapped back.

Danny's suite...

Joey comes into the suite with a bag of cheetos in his hands. "Danny, do you have anymore quarters?" while stuffing his face with cheetos. Danny reached into his pockets and got some pennies.

"Sorry, I'm all out!"

"That's alright, I'll ask Jesse," and shut the door behind him.

Jesse and Becky's suite...

Joey opened the door without knocking and soon found that was a mistake. On the couch were Jesse and Becky making out. You would think being married for almost 6 years plus having kids (They're at summer camp) would make them act like a real couple but they still act like they're on a honeymoon. "Ah hem!" Becky and Jesse jumped up into sitting position.

"Hello Joey!" Becky smiled nervously.

"Boy I really gotta start knockin" said Joey.

Jesse pointed to the door "Out!"

"Okay cranky pants!"

At summer camp...

"Wonder what mom and dad are doing." Alex asked Nicky. Nicky was sitting over at a corner eating the candy bars he snuck into his bag. Turned around and looked at Alex.

"Probably makin' out. You know how they are!" The twins started making kissing noises.

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