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"All packed Girls?" Danny asked as everyone came into the lobby. They could smell a rose fragrance in the lobby. A good thing to wake up to.

"Yea." The sisters said.

"Alright, we gotta get to the airport and then that long plane ride and still have time to pick up Nicky and Alex from camp." Danny checked a list. Joey took the list from him.

"Danny, just calm down."

Claire, Gia and Mikki walked in the lobby too with shopping bags and suit cases. "We're ready to go too!"

"So are we!" yelled Charles.

'Oooohhh!' thought Stephanie 'He looks good when he cleans up a bit.' "Lookin' great, Charles." He came up next to her giving her a peck on the cheek.

"You too babe." Danny seperated them.

"Dad!" Stephanie whined "Do you always have to do that?"

"Sorry." he backed away.

Jesse tapped his foot "Ready to go yet?" DJ looked around.

"Where's Steve?" Everyone looked in every direction. No Steve.

Mikki saw the woman at the counter pick up a phone. "Is there a Ms. Donna Jo Tanner here?" she asked. DJ went up.

"I am,"

"There's a phone call for you," the woman smiled and handed DJ the phone.


"Hey Deej," came Steve's voice on the other line.

"Steve? Where are you?"

"Listen, I'm sorry to run off in such a hurry but I had to take care of something."


"I'm sorry Deej,"

"It's alright." Stephanie was getting worried. DJ looked like she was gonna cry.

"But I'll still see you back in San Fransisco." Steve pointed out.


"Good bye for now."

"Bye..." Steve hung up. Stephanie hugged her sister.

"You okay, DJ?"

"I'm sure I'll be fine."

"Why are you crying anyways? Steve will be in San Francisco."

"I'm just upset he took off so suddenly."

Stephanie agreed. She'd be upset if Charles took off leaving only a phone call. Then again, Charles was standing right in front of her so it's hard to understand how DJ feels. "I'm sure it's not that bad."

DJ nodded.

"You okay, Deej?" asked Jesse. Again, she nodded. Danny helped his eldest daughter with her suit case. Kimmy pranced over with a guy.

"Hey! Remember Keanu?" asked Kimmy. The Tanners greeted Keanu. DJ still looked unhappy because it was after Kimmy met Keanu that she and Steve broke up. Now they're a couple again. Only the other one's gone for now.

Danny jotted down something in his daily planner "Note to self: on the vacation double check to make sure no one else is here"

"Guess we're ready to go then." said Becky. A bellhop helped load their things into the back of the cab. The second and third one also since there were so many people.

"I'm gonna miss Miami," weeped Michelle. Stephanie rolled her eyes.

"We'll always be back for another vacation you know." Michelle looked up.


"Trust me," Charles wrapped his arms around Stephanie again.

"Handled that well." he said, his voice deeper than usual. Stephanie raised an eyebrow.



Steph leaned in closer "That's not the only thing I handle well..." she kissed Charles. Michelle grimaced.

"Eeeeewwwwww!" They pulled back and laughed.

25 Minutes Later

"Everyone here?" asked Danny sounding worried. Joey and Jesse pulled Danny down into his seat.

"For the last time everyone's here!" They sat back down in their seats as well.

Somewhere in another part of the plane, Stephanie sat next to Charles talking. Michelle sat next to Stephanie (Who's in the middle) listening to them talk about how much they always liked each other. Michelle felt like she's gonna puke. Either that or because the plane was taking off.

DJ was certainly looking a lot better. Kimmy and Keanu made out even though the plane was taking off and end up hitting their heads.

Kimmy rubbed her forehead before turning to DJ. "You okay Deej?"

"I'm fine, you and Keanu always make me laugh."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better we'll hit our heads again." DJ cracked up.

"That's fine Kimmy! You don't hafta hit your head just to make me feel better!" Kimmy smiled seeing her best friend laughing again.

Claire leaned across the asile to get to Danny. Pretty fun isn't it Danny?"

Danny, who was polishing the arm rests faces Claire. "I guess so,"

Claire could tell he didn't mean that. "You still worried? Oh Danny! They're all on the plane and it's not like the girls will actually do anything in public. Or in private."

Joey joined in "Listen to her Danny," his friend turned to face him now "You're too tense all the time and no one will have a good vacation that way."

"Alright, I'll calm down...but just this once!"

San Francisco

"Call me Charles." Stephanie hugged her boyfriend.

"Sure will." Charles left with his foster parents. Gia and Mikki came up to her.

Gia was the first to speak "So! How did it go!" she asked excitedly.

"I gotta find out, and hurry cause my mom will come pick me up soon." rushed Mikki.

"Okay," Stephanie began just as excited "First he said he liked me! And he asked if I did too! I said I had to think about it..." so Stephanie explained the whole thing. Mikki's mom eventually came to take her home. Claire kissed Danny good bye and drove home with Gia.

"I think I'll go home now. Keanu said he'll pay for the cab and walk me to my door." Kimmy told DJ, but clearly in her own world.

"See ya Kimmy!" Kimmy waved then got in the cab followed closely by Keanu.

"Now that everyone's home, let's go pick up the twins." Danny dashed to their car.

Summer Camp

A counselour came up to greet them. "Hello! Welcome to Camp Lakota! Who are you here for?"

"Nicky and Alex Katsopilos." answered Jesse. The counselour checked her clipboard.

"That's weird, they already left."

"WHAT!" Jesse and Becky freaked out. Danny tried to sooth them.

"Why don't we just go home and check?" Becky hugged Jesse and started crying. Worried about what happened to her children.

Tanner's House

When they stepped in they saw Nicky and Alex both sitting on the couch watching a game. Becky ran up and smothered them with kisses.

"You had me so worried!" cried Becky while the twins tried to pry their mother off before they run out of oxygen. The door to the kitchen opened revealing Steve and a bowl of cheetos.

"Ready to watch the game?" he asked. DJ's eyes widened (A/N: Thank you Kitkatkit27).

"Steve! You're here!" she hugged him tight.

"Yea, I went to pick up Nicky and Alex from camp." Jesse just stared.

"No wonder...you had me so worried!" he hit Steve's head lightly.

"Least they're okay." Danny said "Now everyone take out your laundry. I'm gonna attack those stubborn stains!" He started grabbing every piece of cloth he saw. Excluding the ones they were wearing of course.

Michelle went upstairs to see if her clothes still smelled like Miami. Stephanie went to shower. Jesse and Becky sat down with Steve and DJ watching the game.

Joey's in the kitchen trying to find what's left in there.

There was a quiet moment except for the sound of the tv.

"You know how this vacation's been? whispered Steve.

"Yes," DJ closed in the space between them for a kiss "Relaxing."

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