Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the rest of the Weasleys were right outside Platform 9 3/4. Then they went through barrier and the whole group stood on the platform. Bill, Charlie, and Mrs. Weasley were all giving grins to the kids and waved goodbye as the trained pulled out of the station. The group had all drifted all off in their own directions. The scene goes to Harry, Hermione, and Ron's compartment. The group was discussing what had happened at The Quidditch World Cup, what the adults were talking about, and how the year was going to be. Then they heard Malfoy's voice outside the compartment.

"Father considered sending me to Durmstrang... Dumbledore that mud-blood lover... Mother didn't like the idea of it though."

As Hermione closed the door, she said something like well if he likes the idea so much than he should have gone, and sat back down. Then Hermione then began to explain to Harry, and a bit to Ron, about Durmstrang and how the magical schools were hidden. Then Neville popped in a while later. The group went back to discussing The World Cup. Ron was mentioning something about the Bulgarian Team coming into the top box. Malfoy had appeared in the doorway with Crabbe and Goyle.

"For the first and last time in your life," he said.

Then Malfoy made some more rude comments about Ron's dress robes. Then Malfoy asked questions about what was going to happen at Hogwarts this year. The rest of the group looked very perplexed. Malfoy just laughed and he beckoned Crabbe and Goyle to come with him. Ron got up slammed the compartment door shut and the glass shattered. Hermione said his name in a tone that was Hermione and fixed the glass. The group talked about Malfoy for the rest of the journey and they were quiet as they changed into their dress robes. Then the train came to its final stop. The students hustled and bustled out of the train as it began to rain. Harry saw Hagrid and said his hello. Hagrid said something about not drowning, but Harry couldn't quite put together what he said, but he was sure he would see him inside. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville all jumped into a carriage and headed towards the castle.

Neville, Ron, Hermione, and Harry all clambered out of the carriage. ON their way to the castle they got soaked to the bone. They went in and found their own spots at the table. Harry and Ron were across the table from Ginny and Hermione. The girls had a space in between them. They were wet enough already, and they extra wetness and cold wouldn't feel so grand. But unfortunately they guys didn't have that choice so they were sitting right next to each other. So they waited about ten more minutes and the ceremony began. McGonagall came through the doors with the new students. A very short boy was wrapped in what look like Hagrid's moleskin over-coat. So the new students looked scared as ever. Harry thought for sure that he certainly wasn't that small when he first started at Hogwarts. Anyway he turned his fool attention back to Professor McGonagall.

"Now when I call your name, you will come forward and I shall place the hat on your head and the hat will shout out the house in which you will belong to for the rest of your Hogwarts career. Your housemates will be like your family. Well if that's it then well lets begin," said the professor.

She unrolled the parchment. Then she began to call out the names. She came to Creevey Dennis. This was the small boy who was wearing Hagrid's coat. He came onto the stool and he looked so small underneath the coat. The hat was placed on his head and it shouted "Gryffindor." He ran over to the table.

"Colin I fell in," he said excitedly," and then something put me back in the boat."
"It was probably the giant squid, anyway Dennis you see that boy down there, you know who he is?" asked Colin.

Harry turned his attention back to McGonagall and watched the rest of the sorting. Professor McGonagall was just about to put the stool away when Headmaster Dumbledore stopped her.

"I don't mean to stop you Professor, but isn't there someone you are forgetting?"

The students looked around at each other and began whispering very loudly to each other. Then McGonagall began to speak.

"Quiet please, QUIET," she had to shout. "The Headmaster was correct there is one student who hasn't been sorted. This person helps another announcement come into play, that's why they were not here in the beginning. So Headmaster shall I announce the student?"

Dumbledore gave McGonagall a wave of his hand to show that it was ok for her to announce the student. All the other students turned their heads towards the Great Hall entrance.

"Ladies and Gentlemen transferring from Beauxbatons who is in the fourth year, Natalie Malfoy."

The Hall was so silent. You could have heard a quill drop.