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Warnings: shounen-ai, slash, yaoi, gay, Harry Potter/Tom Riddle Sirius/Remus

Notes: (X) is pov change and or time jump

Chapter 29: The Start of a Plan

"Shouldn't we be doing something else," Ron asked, quietly.

"Like what," Harry demanded.

Ron shrugged.

We're doing everything we can! Dean had used a healing spell, not that it'd done much good, but it'd done something. Neville was getting Madam Pomfrey from the infirmary, but he wasn't entirely sure Umbridge would last that long. Externally she was a mess, internally, he could only imagine.

"Professor Trelawney is out cold," Seamus called down from the steps. Everyone on the steps looked at Harry.

Harry cursed. He wasn't the teacher or any kind of leader. No one even wanted to talk to him half the time. Why in the hell had his entire class suddenly decided he was the one in charge? "Okay, Dean, do you think you could try the healing spell again?"

"Y, yeah…sure." He didn't sound sure, but he pointed his wand at Umbridge again anyway. "Episkey!" More crunching noise followed the sound. At least he didn't throw up this time.

Where is Aderes!? Or Hermione, or anyone with enough sense to have learned some stronger healing spells? How had he not taken the time to learn any healing spells yet?! With everything he'd gone through, that should have been one of the first things he'd ever learned! Okay, the next time I see Hermione or Aderes I'm learning a healing spell. One that did more than caused bones to crack.

Harry continued to stare dumbly at Umbridge, his mind racing as he tried to decide what to do next. Why…? The word repeated itself again and again, his eyes darting across Umbridge's form. Bad things happened at Hogwarts, sure, but not like this. An ember of anger flared to life within him. This stupid woman was a witch. How had she not been able to stop herself from hitting the bottom? Was she so horrible at magic she couldn't even produce an accidental spell to save her own life? That's who Fudge thought should be teaching them defense?!

And where the hell had Aderes vanished to? He didn't believe his boyfriend had made Umbridge fall, but he sure as hell could have tried to stop it. He had to have known that Umbridge was getting close to the trap door that had conveniently been left open. No one else seemed to have noticed before Harry had. Maybe Aderes hadn't either? But he might have… Aderes was far more observant than anyone else he knew. But maybe….

"Over here!"

The voice pulled Harry out of his thoughts. He frowned as Neville came rushing towards them. There's no way he made it to the infirmary already.

"Merlin!" Madam Pomfrey came running towards Umbridge. "All of you return to the classroom at once!" The Gryffindors that'd been watching on the staircase turned and raced up the stairs, the sound of their footsteps echoing throughout the hall.

Neville went over to Dean, placing an arm around his fellow Gryffindor. "Come on." Dean nodded and together they went up.

How did he—

'I fetched Madam Pomfrey.'

The shock at those words almost made Harry sit down on the floor or risk falling. 'I, I thought you wanted her dead!'

'I do, but Hermione was right. You've seen enough death. I wasn't about to waste my time or magic healing her though, so I got the one woman who had no choice.' He wrapped his arms around Harry from behind and pulled him into a tight hug. 'Besides, if she happens to die now it's not my fault. I don't need you accusing me of killing her when I didn't do anything.'

'Aderes…' He started laughing, knowing how bad that would seem to everyone else around them, but he couldn't help it. This entire situation was ridiculous. Not once had Harry heard of anyone falling out of the Divination room, in jest, ghost story, or any other kind of rumor, the entire four years and two weeks that he'd been attending Hogwarts. There were students who joked about jumping from the Astronomy tower, usually as means of comparison, such as, I'd rather jump from the Astronomy tower than spend a week in detention with Snape, but nothing about the Divination trap door. Hell, not even from the Divination tower.

'Come on, you don't need to be staring at that mess.' He turned Harry away from Umbridge's unconscious form where Madam Pomfrey was frantically walking around Umbridge, and started walking towards the stairs.

'The stairs…' Images of what Harry had seen on his way down flashed through the bond.

'She can't even fall without causing others problems,' he sighed.


'Just close your eyes and listen to my voice.' He stroked Harry's hair with one hand, the other resting on his lower back.

Harry didn't need to be told twice. He didn't want to remember anything about this day. The idea of being able to get the images of Umbridge's broken form out of his mind seemed impossible, but he was willing to try. The familiar comforting warmth began spreading through the bond.

"My office, now!"

The warmth went cold, and Harry felt his consciousness come slamming back to reality. He turned awkwardly, partially because Aderes was still holding onto him, partly because his soul didn't seem to have landed back in his body quite right if that was even possible. He was glad everyone else had returned to the classroom already. There was no telling what they'd think if they saw Dumbledore ordering Harry to his office. It wasn't like they could see Aderes standing behind him, which is exactly where the headmaster was looking.

Dumbledore stood in front of them, and Harry swore the headmaster was going to murder someone. This was the first time Harry had seen Dumbledore impersonate his uncle Vernon. His eyes were narrowed, his fists clenched at his side. He hoped the headmaster didn't suddenly have a heart attack. Can wizards have heart attacks?

'Yes,' Aderes answered, heading towards Dumbledore.

'Stop reading my thoughts!'

'You asked a question, I answered it. You should be used to that by now.'

Sighing, Harry trailed after his boyfriend. 'You're not in the necklace anymore.'

'Parts of me still are.'

Harry groaned. Why was his boyfriend such an arse at the worst times?

'Because if you're focused on me, you won't be focused on the bad stuff.'

He had a feeling that wasn't the only reason Aderes was acting the way he was, but it was working. Bickering with Aderes had made him forget about Umbridge and the fact that they were following a very angry headmaster. Neither of which were going away any time soon, but the distraction had helped clear his mind a little. Somehow, they'd get through it.

Aderes reached out and grabbed Harry's hand. Together, they followed the headmaster.


"Well," Dumbledore demanded once they were locked away inside his office and sitting in the chairs in front of his desk.

Harry was wondering if this was how Fred and George felt after they got caught pulling a prank. Not that the headmaster ever seemed particularly mad about any of their pranks. Usually even with their worst offenses, Dumbledore just made them fix whatever they'd done and spend a week or so in detention. The twins had told him a few times that they came up with a lot of their ideas while serving detention.

Of course, the twins had never been mixed up in something like this either. Now that Harry thought about it, he didn't think anyone had. Wait, that's not true. He'd been around to see Lockhart wipe his own memory during his second year and technically he'd been attacked by Quirrell, and he'd attacked back, but only because Voldemort had been attached to his head. Why am I always part of the special situations? And why did it always seem to be the defense teachers? Parasite Voldemort attached to Quirrell, a freak liar who liked to pretend he was a hero, a death eater. Why couldn't they have just gotten Lupin back?

"There's not much to say." Harry jumped when Aderes suddenly popped into view beside him. "The toad came stomping in like she owned the place—"

"So, you admit to being present when she fell. You were supposed to be in Arithmancy!"

Aderes snorted. "As far as anyone knows, excluding Harry, I was."

Dumbledore dropped his head into his hands. "Tell me you did not do this."

"As much as I'd love to take credit, all I did was scare her. She was the idiot who kept backing up until she fell." He settled back into the chair. He hadn't completely shut the bond, and the only thing he seemed concerned about was Fawkes current location.

I'm not surprised. He was a bit curious too, but this conversation seemed a little more important than where Fawkes had decided to fly off too.

"Do you even realize how bad this looks," Dumbledore demanded.

Aderes raised an eyebrow. "I don't care?"

"Aderes, I don't know how I can get you to understand the situation you've just created." He continued to glare at the Slytherin like that alone would make him see the error of his ways. If only.

"I didn't do anything."

Dumbledore sat up, his anger flaring back up. "Fudge is going to blame Harry for this!"

The smirk along with any arrogance Aderes had going, vanished.

Still not surprised. Annoyed, yes. Wondering why he was suddenly the scapegoat for everything? That too. He really needed a new life. But surprised any of this was happening? Not by a long run. 'It kind of was my fault.' Not that he'd done anything intentionally, but he hadn't been able to stop her either.

'How was this in any way your fault!?'

'I'm the one who asked you to help Trelawney.' He'd even had a feeling it would go horribly wrong and yet he'd still done it.

'I'm not taking responsibility for this, so you definitely aren't.'

'That's not how this works.'

'I'm not arguing again with you about your so-called righteous ways!'

"I asked Aderes to help Professor Trelawney predict something," he said, before Aderes could realize he was going to talk.

"Harry!" He sat up, glaring at him, his feelings warning him through the bond not to say another word.

"He did. Umbridge freaked out and started backing away. I tried to warn her, but she didn't listen and then she fell…" He wasn't going to let that stay on his conscience the rest of his life even if his boyfriend was threatening to beat him with the chair, he was sitting in.

"I see." He gave a small nod. "Others heard you try and warn her?"


"…Let us pray that's enough to keep them from being able to formally charge you."

"Formally charge…" he repeated. "I'm not going through another trial, because that woman is too stupid to watch where she's going!" He didn't care if the entire class testified on behalf for him, he wasn't going to do it. He'd just have to join Sirius in number twelve until Fudge and Voldemort died. Maybe just until Voldemort was gone. Once the dark lord vanished from the Wizarding world Fudge would stop being such an unreasonable arse. And even if no one killed him, Voldemort would die of old age eventually. That shouldn't be much longer, he was already what? Ninety?

'He's sixty-eight,' Aderes snapped.

Harry turned on his boyfriend. 'Why are you angry about me getting Voldemort's age wrong?'

'I'm not angry!'

That was a lie and they both knew it. Harry guessing Voldemort's age wrong had angered Aderes more than when he'd been explaining to Dumbledore about Umbridge's fall.

"Dare I asked what you two are talking about," Dumbledore asked tiredly.

"Voldemort's age," Harry said.

The headmaster blinked at that. "Voldemort's age?"

"I thought he had to at least be ninety, Aderes said he's only sixty-eight."

For some reason the headmaster started laughing at this.

"It's not funny," Aderes screamed. "It makes—" he gritted his teeth, the bond slamming shut so hard, Harry felt a whiplash. He was still trying to figure out what was so funny and why Aderes was so mad when everything went dark.


Harry blinked, suddenly aware of his surroundings again. How…? He was sitting at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall and judging by the plate in front of him, had been eating lunch, with no recollection of getting there or tasting any of the food. Did Aderes wipe my memory?

He looked up. Aderes was talking to Hermione, Ron to Draco. None of them seemed concerned, not that he expected Aderes to feel anything, but amusement about Umbridge's fall. And while Draco probably didn't have much of a preference, he expected Ron to have a little sympathy for the woman, Hermione even more. Not because they liked Umbridge, but because of the accident in general.

'Do they know?'

Aderes' eyes flicked to Harry's, and he smiled. 'The whole school does. And to be clear, I did not wipe your memory.'

The whole school knew and yet no one looked concerned about what had happened. They weren't even talking about it. He hated Umbridge, but he still didn't think she deserved to have fallen like she had. Even the thought of Pettigrew or Voldemort falling to their deaths down those, or any other stairs made him shiver.

'What happened? I remember Madam Pomfrey coming to help and then nothing.'

'You went into shock. I may have used a little too much energy to put you into a relaxed state. You zoned out.'

He did remember Aderes telling him to focus on him and the warmth… He felt like something had happened after that though. Maybe he'd dreamt it?

'I told you, you weren't dark.'

Harry shook his head. 'What?'

'Your worry for that toad. It's completely unfounded.'

'I can't help the rest of the school has lost its morals.'

'We've had this conversation how many times now? Your thoughts on good and evil are far too definite. You've broken rules before for the greater good.' He sounded bored.

'Sneaking out of the tower past curfew is different from a complete lack of concern for someone who got hurt.'

Annoyance. 'Fine. Would you like to go visit her? Perhaps bring her a get-well card before Defense class?'

'Of course not!' He didn't want to see her again, ever. If he had any luck at all, she'd be so traumatized from the fall that she'd go back to Fudge once she healed and would never get near Hogwarts again.

Besides, she'd probably just set any kind of get-well card he gave her on fire or accuse him of cursing it. Or she'd claim he only gave her a card out of guilt for causing her fall and somehow that would be enough proof to get him kicked out of school.

'Good. If you had, I would have disowned you.'

'You keep threatening to disown me, are you sure you're just not trying to find a way out of our relationship?' He made sure Aderes could tell he was joking, but his boyfriend narrowed his eyes, daring Harry to push that particular line of thinking further.

Sighing, Harry dropped it. He didn't want to fight with Aderes. And he definitely didn't want his boyfriend to pick up on his potion's grade, which he was now thinking about since Aderes had said the word 'disown.'

All he wanted was to climb into their bed in the Gryffindor tower and relax in his boyfriend's embrace. Our bed? When had he made that jump in logic? Aderes had his own bed in the Slytherin's dungeon. Not that he used it much. They'd slept next to each other all but one night since they'd arrived at Hogwarts. So, it might as well be their bed. This is stupid.

He looked out at the sea of students, watching for any indication that someone else was the tiniest bit concerned that someone had fallen down a flight of steps. Even the professors didn't seem bothered. If anyone at Hogwarts had a reason not to care or to even be happy about Umbridge flying through the air and splattering all over the floor it should be him. So, why did it seem like he was the only one who was worried?


Once they finished eating lunch, they gathered their things and started for the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.

Luckily for Harry, all the Slytherin's already seemed to know the story of Umbridge's fall and didn't ask for any details from Draco or Aderes as they headed for the Defense room. Which was good, he didn't want to really think about it, and bad, because he really thought people should be talking about it, and wondering if she was okay.

Other students walked by talking in whispers about who they thought would be teaching their class. Everyone seemed to agree as long as it wasn't Umbridge, they didn't care. Despite all of Harry's inner turmoil, he agreed with them.

"I'll even take Professor Binns," Dean said. "I mean the guy is boring as a wall, but at least he teaches his class properly."

"No kidding," Ron muttered. "A shame when Binns has someone beat."

Harry nodded, still not quite feeling completely present yet. He was about to ask Aderes what he'd done to him, when he felt his mouth drop. Snape was standing outside of the Defense room. Students filed into the room, some of them glancing at Snape as they went. For the first time ever, it wasn't just the Slytherin students that looked relieved at seeing the potions master.

When everyone was inside and seated, Snape entered with a flourish of his robes, the door slamming shut behind him in a seamless movement. He walked to the front, his head up, shoulders squared, and let his gaze carry from one side of the room to the other. "It would seem there was a rather unfortunate accident pertaining to the Divination tower and a certain witch." No one said anything. "Because of this, I'll be taking over your class today."

Harry had never seen a group of students look so happy upon hearing that Snape would be teaching their class.

"And what will you be teaching us," Aderes asked, his voice loud given the silence in the room. "According to the Ministry, we're not supposed to use any defensive spells, except for when we're miraculously supposed to cast them perfectly during our O.W.L.S. and N.E.W.T.S."

The smile Snape usually reserved for handing out detentions or deducting points from houses other than his own curled onto his face. "I am most certainly not with the Ministry."

Every student was now looking at Snape. You could see the hope growing in their eyes.

"We'll be taking advantage of this rare occasion. Wands out," he ordered. "If I see a single book, you'll be serving a week of detention!" He turned to Aderes. "Make sure no one disturbs us."

Aderes nodded. He slid his chair back and walked over to the door, his wand aimed at the handle. No words left his mouth, but when he tapped the handle, it shimmered as if it were a mirage. Seconds later the door was gone, replaced by a solid brick wall.

"We'll be playing the game 'war'," Snape instructed them. "Anything goes, except of course unforgivables. I would recommend trying out some of those theories you've been reading so much about lately." He rolled his eyes, some of the students actually laughing. "Should you break something, leave it."

"This is great," Ron said, grinning. "Who'd have ever thought it'd be fun having Snape as a teacher?"

"What's 'war'," Harry asked when Aderes returned to his side.

"Orbis Lumos!" Snape waved his wand over the group of students. A sphere of light appeared over everyone's head. "There will be two sides, light and dark. The light side will have a blue light, the dark side will have red. Pay attention to the color of your orbs, they may change colors at any time. Should they, you are expected to start fighting for that team. If your orb shatters, you're out. The team with the most students left standing at the end of class will be declared the winner." He paused, no doubt waiting for any questions. None came. "A special prize for those who use especially strong spells, even if you are incapable of handling them. Intelligo!"

The orbs changed color one by one. Students laughed as they ran for cover behind desks, waiting to see which team they were on.

Harry looked up at his own orb, frowning. It was red. It's just a game. It annoyed him all the same, especially since Aderes and Hermione both had bright blue orbs above their heads.

"Come on," Ron said, moving towards Draco. "We're dark and if we want to have any chance at winning, we need to avoid those two." He nodded towards Hermione. She'd already managed to disarm a student while Aderes finished them off with a body binding spell. The orb over the student's head cracked and vanished.

They joined Draco behind Umbridge's desk. Neville's eyes lit up and he let out a breath when he saw Harry and Ron join them. "Oh, thank goodness! I thought I was going to be alone with—" He stopped and looked away when Draco glared at him.

Harry hardly noticed the exchange. Aderes and Hermione were working so perfectly together as a team, he couldn't help feeling jealous. They didn't even have a bond to understand each other, yet they remained in near perfect harmony, the two of them covering each other's openings, following up on each other's spell without a word.

Must be nice. There was no way he'd be capable of staying in sync with Aderes like that, bond or not. Knowing that made him want to run over to the other side of the room and use a body binding spell on Hermione while he kicked Aderes. They're friends. Right. Because he and Ron could pull off attacks like that, no problem.

"Harry," Ron asked, hesitantly.


The four students behind Umbridge's desk turned. One of the many vases surrounded by lace lay on the floor, shattered. "Oops," Snape said, sounding far too cheerful for someone who'd 'accidentally' destroyed someone else's property. It was Snape however and he did seem to enjoy that sort of thing whether the victim was Umbridge or anyone else.

"I'm not wasting this opportunity," Draco said. He aimed his wand at a group of light students that'd stopped to see what the crashing noise was. "Incarcerous!" A rope shot out and wrapped itself tightly around the four students, bringing all of them down.


"Awesome," Ron said.

Harry never thought he'd see the day when Draco had impressed Ron. Or honestly most of the things happening in his life. They were friends with Draco Malfoy. His godfather was dating his old professor. He actually had a boyfriend. All the stuff he was learning about said boyfriend. The fact that he himself might be a dark wizard.

"Potter! Have a moral identity crisis over a random ball of light later," Draco growled. "It's just a game."

"R, right." Only his crisis wasn't over the dumb game or its indecisive judgmental orbs. It was over the fact that Aderes and Hermione were so attuned, they could easily be mistaken for professional dance partners. Okay and he was a little mad at the orb above his head daring to declare him dark. His emotional state was messed up enough without that dumb thing accusing him of being evil.

Students with blue lights ran by him. "Stupefy!" Two of them, both Slytherin he realized, flew into the ground, groaning. Their orbs disappeared. He felt a little better now.

A red light barely registered in Harry's mind when his body moved to the side, somehow avoiding the spell. He located the caster quick enough. Aderes was looking at him with mild surprise.

Move! He knew to trust his instincts and did so, just as another spell shot past him. He slid to the other side of Umbridge's desk, his body touching Draco's, which was surprisingly warm, just in time to see Hermione moving towards Aderes. Scowling, he readied his wand. He'd show them, somehow. "Get ready."

"For what," Ron asked.

"There's a group of students hiding behind those stacked desks. I'm going to destroy it. You guys stun them or something." Ron looked alarmed. Draco nodded. "Reducto!" The stacked desks exploded, pieces raining across the room. The students who'd been using the desks as a base screamed and covered their heads with their hands.

Draco wasted no time in stunning some of them. Ron managed to finish the others by knocking them back into another set of desks.

"Salvio hexia!" Harry's wand was up, the spell leaving his mouth before he even knew why he was saying it. A red-light ricochet off his shield, slamming into the nearest wall. A piece about the size of his head crumbled to the floor.

"Whoa," Ron said.

Whoa was right. How had he even known to use the spell?

'Well done.'

Harry turned, his surprise fast turning to anger when he saw Aderes' wand still held up. If that wasn't enough proof, the bond promised him that Aderes had done it. 'Attacking from behind?'

'There's no honor in war.' He said the words so matter of fact; Harry shivered. 'I see your muscle memory remained intact. That's good.' He gave Harry a look over before giving him a small nod in approval.

Some of Harry's jealousy began to fade as he felt how impressed Aderes was of him. 'What are you talking about?'

'Your instincts need to remain in top form. I was worried I'd be starting all over with that as well.'

Harry sighed. As happy as Aderes' feelings were making him, he had no idea what his boyfriend was going on about. A quick scan of the bond told him not to bother asking either. Like Aderes needed to remind him. His boyfriend hardly answered anything when it came to stuff like this. 'You can't keep everything from me forever.'

'And you—' he moved to the side, bringing Harry with him, as a green light shot past them. They hit the wall, Aderes' eyes narrowing as he took in the room, his free hand holding onto Harry's forearm. "That was rather foolish of you," Aderes growled. The annoyance coming from his boyfriend at being interrupted was alarming.

"Thought Harry had you distracted," Draco said, coming towards them.

"Perhaps if you surrender, I won't use the spells I'm currently thinking of using on you," Aderes offered. Judging by the anger coming from Aderes, surrendering was probably the safest choice.

"I'm not surrendering," Draco said.

"Fine with me. I planned on destroying your orb either way."

"And he's one of the good guys," Draco said, rolling his eyes, and readying his wand. "Get it over with already."

Aderes released Harry's arm and raised his wand.

"No," Harry growled.

"No?" Aderes stopped, tilting his head slightly, his annoyance shifting into curiosity. "Draco has lost." 'And he's going to be lucky I don't kill him for almost hitting you.'

"I'm his teammate and I'm not surrendering either. He pointed his wand at Aderes's throat. He had no idea what spell he was going to use on him, but he'd think of something if his boyfriend didn't back down. " I won't lose to him. Somewhere inside Harry, he knew he couldn't let Aderes win. Or at least not without putting up a decent fight.

"Hermione," Aderes called out. "Deal with Draco." Something in Aderes' tone made him uneasy. He held his hand out. Hesitantly, Harry lowered his wand and took his hand.

'We're not in the graveyard.'

Suddenly Harry understood the swirling emotions threatening to overtake him. Aderes began escorting him to a spot away from the fighting.

'I didn't…—'

'I know.' He walked Harry to the other side of the room, spells missing them and colliding with all the stupid items Umbridge had ruined the room with. Somehow the cat plates had been left unharmed. 'I shielded the cats. They didn't ask to be bought by that thing.'

'Stop reading my thoughts,' he mentally pouted.

'Even if we didn't have this bond, I'd do it anyway.'

'So, I don't get any privacy?'

'Neither do I.'

'More than I do.'

'True.' He leaned against the wall. Harry joined him, watching the other students destroy the classroom and each other. Harry moved closer to him, making sure their arms were touching. 'You betrayed your team.'

Harry made a face, not quite understanding until the orb above his head flashed across the bond. It'd changed to blue. 'Oh.'

'Seems Hermione took your spot,' he snickered.

Sure enough, Hermione's orb had become red and in the spirit of the game, she was now helping Draco tie Ron up.

'What's wrong with me?' Sure, the game reminded him of an actual battle, which seemed to be triggering unconscious feelings from previous battles he'd been in. But he wasn't the only one who'd been in real fights, so why was he the only one who seemed to be having issues?

'You've been through a lot. Your nerves, your mental state in general, all of it is a mess. I didn't realize it was this bad.'

'You have a direct link into my mind, and you specialize in mind reading. How did you not know?' Granted, it was his mind, and he hadn't known.

'I can go through your thoughts, but if you aren't actively thinking about something, it's a little harder to untangle.'

'Oh.' So Aderes was having issues reading him. That would help him out in the long run to hide things from his boyfriend. There was no telling how many grades he would have to hide or bullying or really any number of things that might set his boyfriend off and send him into a murderous arsehole.

'You're a fool if you think you can hide anything from me permanently.' He snorted.

Harry rolled his eyes, both mentally and physically. He was well aware of that. 'I think I'm going to just watch for a little while. You can go back to the game.' There was no point in ruining Aderes' fun. Him and Hermione had been dominating the entire game until he'd gotten stuck dealing with Harry and his screwed up mind.

'I'd rather stay here with you.'

'Snape's going to dock points off your grade.'

'I believe Snape is perfectly aware of how capable I am of destroying a classroom. If he really needs a reminder after my last display…'

Images of the destruction from Snape's classroom passed through the bond as well as the stunned look of horror on the Potions master's face. Harry couldn't help grinning. After everything Snape had put him through the last few years of his life, the arse deserved some karma payback. And while he hadn't been too happy about the destruction originally, after class today, he loved it.

Aderes' thoughts died as Harry kissed him. 'Thank you.'

Blinking, Aderes nodded. 'You're welcome.'

'See, you can do stuff like that and not end up in Azkaban.'

'... Trashing Fudge's office is not enough.'

'Maybe not, but we can do something similar.'

Surprise. '...Are you suggesting we screw with Fudge?'

'He can't accuse us if we figure out a way to do it from here.' At least he hoped so.

'I'm sure I can find a way.'

'Then we agree. We'll try messing with Fudge rather than killing him.'

'... You're that desperate to keep me in line that you'd willingly help me ruin Fudge's life?'

'Within reason,' he added quickly. 'Fred and George might have some suggestions. Wait.' He turned to Aderes. 'Their brother Percy works as Fudge's personnel servant.'

'...And if the twins mess with their brother it'll mess with Fudge.'

'It's a start. No one needs to die. In fact, isn't making Fudge live every day in fear wondering just how bad his day will be worse than just killing him?'

'Wonderful attempt at manipulation. ...I'll consider it.'

'That's all I'm asking.' He'd take what he could get right now.