Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: (chuckles while rubbing hands together sinisterly) Hahahaha... no one would notice this little Pokemon fanfic I had secretly stored in my private closest... it shall be epic... MWA HA HA HA! ...A-herm. Read and enjoy- oh, who am I kidding, what moron would actually would read this, seriously?

The Starly and the Bidoof

The grasslands. So peaceful. So green and jolly. So...boring. Geeze louise, you think the description could get any lousier on this thing!?

"I would think so," A Spearow commented, being hit in the back of the head by an idiotic young male Manectric, who yelped and ran away to his mommy as the angry Spearow gave chase, with several more Spearow following right behind.

Waluigi muttered how bad this fanfic was and mysteriously disappeared into thin air.

Meanwhile, a young, energetic male Starly was flying around the skies, looking or grub. As he eyed the ground carefully, he swooped down and picked up a pinkish earthworm, eating it ion one gulp. Belching, the tiny bird Pokemon came back down to the ground, attempting to grab another earthworm, only to bump into a young, feminine Bidoof. Who looked completely stupid.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" The Bidoof female barked as she snapped at the male Starly.

The Starly scoffed, dusting off his black feathers. "Yeah, whatever. And look!" He pouted, pointing at the earthworm that slowly was getting away. "You made me lose my only lunch! Thanks a lot!"

"Thanks? A lot?" The Bidoof scoffed, rolling her eyes as she laughed. "Please! You didn't even see where you were going, butt face!"

The Starly's face turned red with anger, his entire body shaking with Brooklyn rage. "B-butt face!? Why I oughta-" As he got into a fit, he noticed how great a butt the female Bidoof had. Drooling, the perverted Starly chuckled and commented, tapping the Bidoof on her plump behind, "Hey, you got a nice rear, if you no what I mean-"

SMACK! The Bidoof smacked the Pidgey with her tail, sending the starling-like Pokemon to the ground. The Bidoof blushed as she approached the greatly injured Starly.

"Of all the nerve! Looking at my fat ass, I oughta!" Before the female Bidoof could finish, she gasped as she noticed how cute the Starly was. The hair. The feathers. The lean, mean figure. She then giggled and helped the Starly up, commenting, "You know, you're so cute, I think we should make out!"

The Starly gasped, his eyes brimming as he smiled widely. "R-really!?"

The Bidoof nodded, lowering her eyes as she giggled, smiling a smile that could destroy thousands of burning suns.

The Starly grinned slyly, and he chuckled, holding the Bidoof up with his wings, "Oh ho ho, we're gonna have some fun today..."

The Starly and Bidoof both giggled naughtily as they began the miracle of lo-


"You gotta be kidding me," An elderly Garchomp nearby commented, shaking his head as he sighed. "You actually think people are going to read this friggin' stupid-"


Whoops... time's up.