The Awakening.

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Summary-Six teens escape havoc of their college to shelter and cower in the safeness of two joined malls, While the undead thrash about outside.

Chapter One-A normal day, Birds chirping, Zombies running havoc and eating people...Wait..Zombies?.

"Whazzat?"Rachel grunted,Sitting up in pounding at the door grew louder."Dumbasses,"Tsumetai perked up from a bed on the ground, but nethertheless he stood up,got his .49 Mag. from the closet on the opposite side of the walked over,held the gun at the ready and unlocked the stood there,Her hair bloodied as her body was, her clothes tattered and torn with blood,her cheek was torn on the right side revealing warm gushing blood and the white of the bones beneath.

Half her arm was missing. Dry blood splattered on her hissed and lunged."HOLY SHIT!"It was like Tsu got a basin of ice water poured on shot her in the Nikki staggered back for a few brief moments before jumping at shot a bullet straight through her spattered on slammed the door shut and locked the door.

"What zeh fuck wazzat,"Karen peeped out from under her had woken from the gunshots.

Karen rolled her eyes,Flicking on the news was on showing Hudson Mack.'Good ol' Hudson Mack'She thought,She had snaked out of her bed and was staring intently at the was zombies behind him,Pulling apart a little was horrific.

"There is some kind of infection spreading,It is what everyone calles 'Zombies' A bullet in the dead or a whack with a hard blunt object in the brain would kill them...Er...Have them Re-die or become in your houses,Do not try to contact loved may be one of them..Board up the windows and the doors and keep your food and water safe,Eat and drink sparingly for we do not know how lond these creatured will not go to school or you are at work,Shut down the shot or company immediately and lock all doors and all the objects that could be used as bats and staffs and use your you are going there which we highly do not recommend,Keep ."

A zombie jumped on him and the camcorder crashed to the ground,The screen were rapid footsteps of the camera man running away and the zombies chasing after him.A loud shriek was heard and the TV gave into static.

They watched, jaws was the first one that recovered from toosed open the closet, threw out all the junk and opened the secret took out the secret tossed the cricket bat to a .45 Caliber SMG for had already had his .49 got a .45 SMG for Karen too.

All of them got their backpacks and stuffed them with Ammo and foot and a couple bottles of water."Keys,"Tsumetai said."WHAT?"Rachel jumped up."You're not gonna crash mah new Black Hummer are you?"At that point Tsumetai open the window curtains with his hand that wasn't grasping the weapon.

The Black Steel Hummer below was covered in blood. Zombies chased after a person on the streets,The person tripped over a corpse on the ground,Fell and was torn and eaten by the Zombies.

The remains animated and let the drapes down and turned."Use up all the space in your bags for do not need food."He instructed.

The others did what they were Tsu ordered something, You had to do took turns going into the washroom to get came out in a black t-shirt that says 'Zombified' on it and a pair of torn, black jeans,A pair of black and red sneakers, smudged mascara still stayed from applied quick dark purple lipstick and came out in 5 minutes changed into a pair of dark blue torn jeans,black tank top and a pair of sneakers.

His rubber bracelets were on the nighttable and he slipped them on along with his five black slipped on her rubber black and red armband too,her silver charm bracelet,her cat collar and her black wristwarmer with a white skull on bones embroidered on it.

"Ready,"They picked up her .45 SMG and walked to the backpacks were slung on their opened the door, looked left and right the hallway."Check the dorms if there are any more survivors,"Rachel whispered."What!"Tsu replied."This is is college! There could be rooms of these...Things."Karen snapped back.

"Who has most knowledge of these goes first,"Rachel whispered."I watched Dawn of the Dead, I own Shaun of the Dead back home in England,Resident Evil-Apocalypse,"Karen checked the doors out in the first one she saw had a bloody handprint on the wooden door."Jesus christ on effin fire!Ella?"

She turned the bloody brass worn door-knob, Her senses alert,The door opened a crack,She kicked it fully open,It protested loudly with a creak of a haunting stepped in,The others still quarreling in the doorway of their dorm.A zombie suddenly flipped out of midair and lunged on her,It had a torn off nose,Torn blue sweatshirt,Its organs showing,a pair of black lunged,His hair half-torn shrieked,

Dropping the gun and the bat, It fell with soft 'Thunks' on the bloody mat.A gunshot fired and the animated corpse fell, revealing the white walls stained red with brains and blood.

Karen picked up her weapon and swung around, Rachel stood at the door, Her gun still poised,A look of triumph on her face."Oh my dear fucking jesus christ on fire, You saved my ass, Rachel!"'Karen went to thank her friend.

Rachel tossed the keys over to Tsume who pocketed them, They walked into the elevator, Tsu pressed the Floor one button with the end of his magnum,The lighted numbers above the heavy metal doors flicked to the ones after it until it reached Floor 1.

They lived on the 10th floor, It was a huge and Karen and Tsu aimed their guns, ready to held her Cricket bats on her belts, Floor One.

The big steel doors opened,The coast was clear yet the teens still kept their weapons up,"Thank Gawd we are still alive,Tsu hoarsely whispered.

They took one step at a times,To the big steel double doors,Karen pushed the door open gently but the door wouldn't go farther than a few inches,She looked down and was almost petrificated.

There was their teacher for math,stomach torn open,organs strewed about,missing arm, eyeballs gone,bottom jaw torn off,"Lets go before he..Er...Re-animates, Shall we?"Rachel whispered,voice slid through the small door crack and looked about.

There was three zombies near the black steel hummer and another five at the oppisite side of the parking lot,Karen ran,Attracting the zombies attention she ran rapidly "Head to the Car!"She almost got into the clutches of a zombie dude,Whipping out her cricket bat, She hit the other one down in the other zombies were stumblig towards them,The others had already gotten in and by teh time she got into the back Tsume had the engine on.

"That was some CRAZY shit!"Rachel grunted from the front of the car,Tsu had pulled the lever to R and started to reverse,Hitting several zombies that had just flooded into the streets.

"Tsu, I thanks you for convincing me to buy this hunk of steel,"Rachel looked out the window that had a bloody hand print on it,"This 'Hunk of steel' is saving our asses,"Tsu growled a reply.

"What is your obsession with asses?"Karen lurched back as a zombie hit the side remained silent of pretrification.A head hit the dashboard,"HOLY SHIT DON'T LOOK FORWARD!"Karen shrieked,unwarningly and unlike herself.'Damn they just had to look,' It was Rachel's turn to scream, The head...was...The ever-so-nice pizza delivery man that had came to their dorm was still wearing his pizza hat so the riot must've broken out at night.

His blue eyes wide with shock,Tsu made a sharp turn,causing the head to fall off yet still leaving a huge smear of blood in his pass."The mall!"Karen poked at the glass window with a long,black varnished nail,causing a small joined malls was just around the corner.

Tsumetai made a sharp turn, They nearly flew and hit their heads on the top of the car."Oh man,"Vitalie groaned, Tsume screeched to a sharp turn,They bashed their doors open and sprinted like hell to the back,"The back door is almost always unlocked,"Tsu gasped for breath,Karen nearly collided head first into a zombie but she had brought up her bat just in time.

Blood splattered her clothes,Adding to the blood that was already there. Tsu was nearby fending off a naked zombie chick (A/N-For some reason they are always in the movies. oo;;)A loud gun crack split the air and Tsu ran back to Rachel and returned."HOLY MOTHER EFFERZ,"They heard a wierd woman screaming and they raced towards the back.

"Open, Damn it!"Tsu slammed the door."There must be someone inside! The lock is spoilt!"Karen whipped out a shotgun from her backpack and shot the ran in to the shadows of the mall,still grasping the shotgun tightly."Run!"Karen growled, She raised her .45 SMG and shot a zombie blonde prep down,Tsu and Rachel obeyed.

Running into the shot a bullet into a russian woman before retreating,Tsu slammed the steel door shut behind found themselves instantly in a dark room,"AHH!" Karen groaned as she rose from a dark pile of cardboard boxes.A bright light flicked on from near the door to the outside.,Karen flicked on the light of her SMG,Approaching the stairs.

"There is the stairs,"She was experienced in stealth so she crept up quieter than a others crashed in the darkness shone her flashlight on the blockage, It was a steel door labeled."Mall" So where they were could be the kicked open the door and ran outside into the brightness off the mall.

Karen flicked off the flashlights and held a hand over their eyes to get accustomed to the bright intensity,"I wonder if anyone is here,"Rachel looked around,they were in the middle of the hallway."Lets set up base."Tsumetai regained his 'leader' position as the girls both went..Well, All 'Damn those zombies'Rachel quirked an eyebrow.

To be continued...


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