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Songs of a youkai's heart

A crimson sunset marked the end of the day and the beginning of the night. Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Sango, Miroku and Kilala made camp in the forest as they usually did.

Kagome lay down her sleeping bag next to the camp fire, just as she was done Shippo hurried on over to her and knelt timidly on her pillow looking up at her with bright wide eyes.

"kagome…" he started in a soft and scared voice, concerned for the little kit she knelt down in front of him and brushed the tips is his fringe out of his face, "Shippo what's wrong" she said in a caring motherly voice.

The kits bottom lip trembled, he leapt into Kagome's arms "I'm scared this place is creepy" he cried. Kagome hugged him close and comforted him trying to ignore the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end.

She had to give this forest credit out of all the places Inuyasha had made them sleep this one was the freakiest, these woods were very aged with very tall moss covered trees thick with foliage just like most of the other

Apart from the odd stone shrine here and there that seemed to pot up more frequently as they had ventured further into the woods.

Kagome looked around the camp everything was normal except for the fact that everyone was a lot more tense then usual,

Inuyasha had left to scout the area leaving Sango and Miroku on guard and they were doing a damn fine job at it especially since there own nerves were evident in the pale complexions in there faces,

"what's gotten into you guys" said Kagome over the top of Shippo who was snuggled in close to Kagome.

"it's the woods" Miroku stated simply, Sango cut in on there little conversation feeling the need to explain things a bit more clearly than the monk.

"Kagome you wouldn't know anything about this place unless its history has travelled as far as your time, these are the woods of Airah"

"Airah…" Kagome repeated pondering the name that sounded so familiar "have you heard of it Kagome?" Miroku interjected.

"I think I have in stories something about magical woods haunted by a queen. I can't remember much more" said Kagome holding Shippo close.

Sango and Miroku sat next to Kagome around the camp fire Kilala jumped onto Sango's lap and purred softly. Just then Myoga the flea jumped out form Kilala's fur.

"so the legend of Airah lives in your time as well Kagome, hmmm very interesting but I highly doubt that the true tale is known not even in this era do many people know the truth about Airah" the tiny flea man took a seat in front of the others and began recalling the history of the forest Kagome and the others were sleeping in.

"Airah is the name of the powerful demon queen that over 2000 years ago ruled these lands, her tragic tale begins on the year she became of age. Her father Ayezenrah wished for her to be mated and produce a powerful heir to the throne and protect there kingdom just as they had done for many generations before them.

Now Airah was not your typical demon she was cunning and witty and much like her father a very proud person, she told her father that she would be the one who chose her mate and not him for in those days arranged matings were not uncommon particularly amongst the royals and nobles

Anyway her father had provided a number of suitors all of which were rejected in harsh ways to any man demon or human I might add. Soon she was in the middle of mating season and nearly every demon in the kingdom was infatuated by her sent and came to clam her eventually this lead to the great chase…"

"the great chase what's that" Kagome interrupted with a confused expression on her face.

Sango being the expert on demons new exactly how to answer this "the chase is when more then one male demon wants to mate with the same female, basically the female runs for it and the first male to catch her gets to lay his claim it's either that or the men battle to the death and the last one standing wins the girl"

"oh" said Kagome slightly bewildered "you were saying Myoga" she said slightly flushed the image of Inuyasha and Kouga chasing after her and fighting for her had just raced through her mind.

Myoga cleared his throat and started of where he was cut of.

"where was I great chase… oh right Airah fled the kingdom during the chase some demons followed her but in the end she got away using a number of cunning tricks.

She decided that she would wait till her heat cycle was over and mating season had finished to return home but nearing the end of her season she came in contact with a poisonous flower and became gravely ill and thus she was defenceless alone and sick.

But faith had other plans for her a hanyou from outside her kingdom found her and cared for her until she was well, they soon fell in love and mated Airah had got her wish and chosen her mate.

She returned to her kingdom with her mate only to find her kingdom at war and her father murdered, her mate died trying to protect her, but then for some unknown reason she fled her kingdom.

Her kingdom believed she had abandoned them to be killed but 6 months later she returned in her full youkai form filled with murderous rage and grief,

The enemy was forced to retreat with the return of the almighty queen, but the battle took much of the life out of the queen Airah, with her last once of strength she sealed her kingdom away somewhere in the depths of this forest to preserve it for the day the rightful heir return to the throne and rule the kingdom in peace once more."

Myoga finally finished the legend of the woods of Airah, everyone felt sad at hearing the tale of such a tragedy.

Kagome even had tears in her eyes but something was bugging her "Myoga what happened to queen Airah after she sealed her kingdom away?"

"ahh an interesting question, according to the villages nearby Airah placed a spell on herself and vanished, later all that was found of her was a solid gold orb with a sutra on it shielding its secrets from unwanted eyes. A monk loyal to the queen hid this orb hearing her wishes in a premonition. But there is no more to be said after that only that this orb is supposed to be the key in finding the lost kingdom and the queen Airha"

"how nice Myogas telling bed time stories" Inuyasha had come back in time to hear Myoga telling everyone about the queen Airah.

"lord Inuyasha I see you have returned, I was merely telling the others the legend behind the woods they sleep in"

Inuyasha dropped down to the ground and stood next to Kagome giving Myoga a challenging glare "and what does this Airha person have to do with the woods?" said Inuyasha thinking he had his servant cornered for words.

"that's simple these woods remain her territory the little shrines are part of a spell that protect it, in fact every year the villagers around the edges of the forest place a new shrine around the forest in the queens honour, they either do it to protect the forest or in fear of the queen returning and her youkai rage, this method seems to work because most pure blood demons don't dare walk through the forest. The odd thing is they do this during spring which is mating season and during this time a song can be heard in the forest the villagers say this is an ancient chant Airah used to seal away the kingdom it was a love song"

Inuyasha growled but gave in to the stories being fed by Myoga "keh whatever" he said aggravated and jumped into the closest tree.

"it's no wonder this place has a strange aura. so many spells and a love song of all things guarding the territory of a demon. This is powerful magic particularly for a demon, it would be wise if we didn't stay in this forest to long Inuyasha" came Miroku's voice as he looked up into the tree Inuyasha was sitting in.

"keh I'm not afraid of any demon especially not some 2000 year old female" said Inuyasha grudgingly, he placed his hands behind his head and got comfy.

" that ones gonna come back to bite him in the ass" said Sango rolling her eyes at the arrogant hanyou,

Inuyasha shot her an evil look but then ignored her to focus on all the strange faint noises coming from deep within the woods.

Hours passed bye and night graced the sky a dark peaceful shade. But the peace in the sky was the only peace to be felt during the night. the forest was scary and unusually still the only sounds to be heard were from the campers.

But it seemed that every time they felt relaxed they could hear a twig snap or something falling from the tops on the luscious green trees to hit the earth below with a thud.

Shippo was so scared that he couldn't sleep, it wasn't until he was so tired he was over tired and the hot flames made his eyes droop that he managed to fall asleep in Kagome's warm embrace.

Kagome sat up straight and wrapped her sleeping bag around herself and Shippo for warmth.

She was tired too but felt that she needed to make sure that Shippo was safe at least. Her own anxiety was keeping her alert and awake, same for Sango and Miroku.

SNAP… the echo of another breaking twig was heard piercing through the silent night.

Inuyasha's ears swivelled around the fastest followed by everyone's head turning in the direction of the sound.

"it was probably nothing" said Sango reassuringly.

But Kagome was not so sure. she was freaking out her heart was racing against her will, she clutched onto Shippo a little closer and tried to find comfort in the little kit but found none as he was sound asleep.

Inuyasha was watching her from the tree tops, he could hear her heart beating faster and faster and the feeling of her fear was not sitting well with him.

He jumped down and landed on the edge of the campsite. He gave the area a quick look around checking to see if anything was out of the ordinary.

Satisfied he turned his attention to the fearful young woman next to the fire. Kagome looked up at him curious to see what he was doing. He came over to her and sat down next to her "you ok" he asked looking into her dark brown eyes.

"y-yeah" she said in a quiet voice fear evident in her tone,

"you should get some rest were leaving first thing tomorrow morning" he tried to calm her by putting her mind on something else and it almost worked until 'snap' another faint sound coming from the forest set Kagome into a frozen panic.

Her lip was trembling and so were hands. Inuyasha let her cuddle up against the side of his fire rat shirt, he gave a small blush when she did this but couldn't complain.

He stroked her hair and lay her down in her sleeping bag so she could rest. His actions were claming and soon Kagome found herself drifting off to sleep with Inuyasha resting next to her.

Sango and Miroku watched the two and smiled inwardly. They two tried to ignore the eeriness of the forest and settled down to sleep to awake the next morning on the first day of spring.

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