Chapter Two
The next day Rain took Kelly to school like usual, but on her way to school some guys attacked her. "What the hel..." one of the guys covered her mouth before she could finish. Then he knocked her out and carried her off. After school Keiko asked Yusuke a question, "hey Yusuke I thought you said that Rain was coming to school today, but I haven't seen her all day." Just then Kelly came running to the school scared and being chased by guys. "Hey leave her alone you jerks." Yusuke said and knocked one guy out. "Good we were hoping to see you spirit detective, we are here to tell you if you want to see your friend Rain again, then to go to the old warehouse." then the group disappeared. Just after the group disappeared Kurama and Kuwabara came up. "Shit dam it." Yusuke said. "What's wrong Yusuke... Kelly why are you here?" Kelly was crying, "they took Rain!" Kurama looked at Yusuke, "um.. Kayko why don't you take Kelly home with you." Keiko shook her head ok, then walked home with Kelly. "So what's the big deal Urameshi?" Kuwabara said. "Some demons kidnaped Taka.. I mean Rain and they are holding her at the old warehouse." The group left to the warehouse Kuwabara was pissed and put a bandana on his head that read 'I love Rain'. "Take that stupid thing off" said Yusuke. They got there to find a huge pack of demons waiting outside. "This will be great practice don't you guys think so." Both shook their heads yes. Rain woke up to see demons in front of her and a huge demon behind her. "Why did you kidnap me you dam demons." "Because I want to fight the spirit detective, so shut up and be quite." said the leader. "Oh really" Rain said getting up. Rain cracked her knuckles and said, "I needed some practice so lets go." They group was busy with the demons outside while Rain fought the demons inside. "You stupid wench" said the leader as he got up. "Whatever stupid." "You are very strong, stronger then a human... You must be a demon." Rain said nothing. Just then a beautiful dog demon with white ears and white hair and silver eyes appeared and said "die you weak demon." Yusuke and the other two just finish kicking the demons butt. "Hey do you two hear that?" said Kurama. "Yea sounds like fighting." They hurried in only to find the leader on the ground hurt very bad and to see a dog demon wearing Rain's outfit yelling at the leader. "Who are you and what you do with my beloved Rain?" said Kuwabara. The demon looked at the group then jumped up to the window that was opened, "don't worry." "Wait a sec" Kurama said then jumped up following her. "Shit" said the demon. Yusuke followed suit and Kuwabara just stood there. "Come back here" yelled Yusuke. "I'm sorry but I have to go" said the demon. Just as soon as she said that she disappeared without a trace. "Dam it we lost her." said Kurama. They jumped down from the tree to find Rain running from the direction they came, and Kuwabara following her. "Come to me my beloved Rain." "Stop calling me your beloved" she said and ran into both Yusuke and Kurama. "Oh I'm sorry." Both say "it's ok." Kuwabara came to the group and helped Rain up and gave her a hug. "THAT'S IT I'M SICK OF YOU HUGGING ME AND CALLING ME YOUR BELOVED!" yelled Rain. So she punched him so hard that he went flying and hit a tree. Both Yusuke and Kurama were shocked to see her punch Kuwabara so hard that he went flying. "I'm sorry about that, but you deserved it for hugging me." Rain looked at her watch "oh no I got to get Kelly, that's for you all saving me but I got to go bye." she said running off. "So you know Kelly is at Keiko's house waiting for you, and be careful," yelled Yusuke. "Um.. Yusuke don't you think it's kind of weird how she punched Kuwabara so hard he went flying?" asked Kurama. "Yeah that is but lets just go get the idiot home and go home our selves." Kurama agreed so they did just that. Rain got Kelly and took her home and put her in bed, while she took a long midnight stroll in the woods behind her place. When she was walking she came across Kagome yelling at a dog demon about something. So she went a different way, that way she would not be seen.

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