Chapter Two

"Um... is Mr. Himura here I would like to speak to him in private if so," said Soujirou. Kenshin was cleaning laundry when Rose brought him in side to talk. "Sir Kenshin Soujirou is here to talk to you and would like to talk in private," said Skyla after bowing. "Thank you... please this way Soujirou to my room," said Kenshin. The two walked to Kenshin's room to talk in private. "Alright that's enough for today class good practice... there will be no practice tomorrow or the following day," she pulsed. "I have things to take care of so be here on time Monday... class dismissed." When both Kaoru and Yahiko were walking up, they heard Rose telling Dracona she should not leave the dojo. "I don't care what you say just because you were hired to protected me by my father, doesn't mean I have to listen to you, I'm going to go for a ride," Dracona said. She ran to her horse put the bridle on and jumped on the horse before Rose could stop her, and she rode off not even looking back. "Rose you should let her be a teenager cause its just like you said to us the other night." Kaoru said. "I guess your right, but its just that she should have somebody with her to keep an eye on her." About 5 min. s later both Soujirou and Kenshin came out to a group talking. "Excuse me but what is going on miss Kaoru?" asked Kenshin. "Just that Dracona rode off by herself, and earlier today some guys attacked her, but luckily Yahiko was there to safe her, and then Soujirou showed up too." Kaoru said to him. "If you like I could find her for you and talk to her, cause I'm pretty fast." said Soujirou. Rose was happy, "would you please but just don't say I asked you too." He shook his head and then ran off to find her before anything happened to her. "Lets sit down and drink some tea until they get back," Kenshin said and headed to get the tea ready.

Later Soujirou found Dracona sitting down on a boulder looking at the clouds. "So you came after me for her," Dracona said while turning her head. "No I came because I heard you left by yourself, but why would you do that?" "Because I'm sick of having somebody watching me... now if you don't mind I'm going to go into town and shop," she said about to get on her horse. "Why don't we talk instead like how you feel right now," he asked. She turned to face him and said, "ok, right now I think why I can wonder like you do and train like in a dojo like Kaoru's." He just stood there thinking not saying anything. He thinks to himself 'I wonder maybe I could talk to Rose about this.' "I'm leaving bye," she said. She jumped on and rode back into town, where she saw Sano talking to a group of guys. So she went a different way, down an ally were thugs usually were. "Well what do we have here?" said a man. "Looks like a wealthy young lady to me," another said. "Just what I was thinking, why don't you come with us" she turned around to see she was surrounded. "Where do you think your going, your going to come with us to have lunch with our boss." said the guy in front of her. Soujirou finally snapped out of it and went to find Dracona. Her horse got spooked and throw her off and it ran. Soujirou saw her horse and stopped it, to tie it up and ran to were it ran from. One of the guys picked her up and was about to walk off. "Where did you come from mister, take care of this guy," so the rest attacked the man. All the men that attacked fell to the ground and the man approached the one holding the girl. "Set her down or you're going to end up like your friends." More men showed up from the street coming to help. Sano saw the group running to the ally, so he followed them. "Looks like your having all the fun Soujirou" Sano said. Sano attacked the group and just stood in the way so the guy couldn't get away. The guy holding the Dracona threw her at Soujirou and ran were Sano was. Sano knocked the guy out, then walked up to Soujirou. "What happened to her?" "I'm not sure but I think we need to get her back to the dojo." They walked out of the ally and grabbed the horse and walked back to the dojo. "What happened?" she looked up to see Sano carrying her and Soujirou beside him with her horse. "You can put me down I can walk" she said. Sano looked to Soujirou, Soujirou shook his head ok. Sano set her down to let her walk. "Now do you understand why Rose is worried so much about your safety." She did not answer but walked faster. "We will keep this a secret between the three of us ok?" said Sano. Dracona ran to him and gave him a hug and nodded. Soujirou just nodded his head and then the three continued back to the dojo. They got back just as Kenshin was walking out to go get some tofu. "I'll come too Kenshin, that is if you don't mind?" said Dracona. "Of course not," the two left.

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