Title: What Did I Miss?

Author: Gilmoregirl7878

Pairing: Trory

Disclaimer: Nope, sadly

A/N: Hello! So, I started another story! Haha, I like the idea of this story, this is what you need to know! Again, this is an AU, because I love them like that, also everything happened with Tristan. When Jess came, he had a twin brother, Mark, I don't know why I love him having a twin brother, but I do, for some reason. Haha, Jess and Mark are like her brothers and have no romance feelings but Dean was jealous and broke up with Rory anyways. Mark and Jess go to chilton with Rory. Rory doesn't act innocent anymore, but is a virgin, she is now popular also. Louise, Madeline, Paris, Missy, and Ashley are the most popular girls and school, sorry forgot that. ENJOY!


Tristan looked at the empty Chilton hallway.

The King was back to his kingdom.

He had just stepped out of the headmaster's office, where he got the 'do good' speech. He didn't want to leave Military School, the only reason he wanted to leave was because of her.

Almost everyday he wished he had kissed her. He dreamed about her and had thought about writing her, but didn't have enough courage to.

As he walked outside he saw some of his old teammates, his friends before he started hanging out with Duncan and Bowman. His teammates were his real friends, friends he could count on.

He walked over and talked to them, manly hugging them and catching up.

They were probably talking for twenty minutes when everyone stopped talking and watched a BMW Z4 with the top down, pull in and park near them.

From where he was standing, he could hear 'Home' by Three Days Grace blasting.

Out walked two guys and a girl.


Rory Gilmore, newly called the Queen of Chilton, stepped out of her car.

She fixed her short skirt and grabbed her messenger bag.

Rory Gilmore had changed when Jess and Mark came into town. She now wore smoky blue eyeliner with eyeshadow. She shortened her skirt a lot and hemmed her shirt so it was tighter. If she bent over you could see the tattoo she had on her lower back or the pierced belly button.

The day she should up, changed, the New King of Chilton, Jake, asked her out. She declined and every girl shortly afer respected her. She was best friends with all the popular people now.

Rory walked around her car to where Jess and Mark were standing.

"Okay, today you guys actually have to go to class! I'm tired of you guys getting detention and having to come and pick you up later!"

"Yes Rory." They said in a monotone teasing voice.

She glared at them before kissing them each on the cheek and walking over to her friends.

Rory walked up to Louise, Missy, Madeline, Ashley, and Paris were standing by Missy's BMW Z3 and talking, they hugged Rory when she walked up to them.



Tristan stood staring at his Mary.

His very, very un-Mary, Mary.

"Hey guys, who's that girl over there hugging Madeline?" Tristan asked the guys.

"Oh, that's Rory Gilmore, didn't recognize her did you?" Colin teased.

"Oh I did, but I was just making sure." Tristan said still looking at Rory.

"So, by the look on your face your still in love with your 'Mary'?" Logan said. Logan was Tristan's good friend, after he had asked her out, and she declined they became good friends.

"No, dude, that was like, a year ago. I'm over it." Tristan said unconvincingly.

"Okay, sure." He said back and watched as the girls approached.

"Hello ladies, Madeline, may I say you look beautiful as ever." Finn said winking at Maddy, who winked right back.

"Hey Finn, thanks you looking like sex yourself." She said smirking.

"Hey Tristan, I didn't know you were coming back." Rory said smiling at him, not giving away any emotion.

Inside of her she was freaking out, the guy she still thought about and compared every guy at Chilton to was back!

Tristan was about to say something back when Jess and Mark came rushing back to Rory.

Rory rolled her eyes.

"What did you do?"

"Nothing!" Jess said guiltily.

Rory didn't look convinced.

"Okay, so we might have been looking through Mrs. Kenner's desk when she came in and got suspended today." Mark said.

"You've been here for five minutes! What were you doing in her desk- you know what never mind."

"Well..." Jess said expectantly.

Rory grabbed Jess's chin so he looked right at her.

"Listen to me, if you put one scratch on my baby, or get one more speeding ticket I will personally sic Logan on you to beat your ass, and if he doesn't do it considering he's your friend too, I will sic Luke on you!" She said forcefully.

Jess rolled his eyes, but agreed.

"I'll be here to pick you up after school, I promise."

They walked away and got in her car, speeding out of the parking lot while Rory cringed.

"Okay, I need a ride home today." Rory said sighing.

Everyone except Tristan, who was very jealous right now, was laughing.

"I'll give you a ride, Queenie." Logan said.

"Queenie?" Tristan asked confused.

"Queenie, because Rory here is the Queen of Chilton." Logan said, rejoicing in the look on Tristan's voice.

"Shut up, I'm not the Queen of Chilton." Rory argued.

Everyone just rolled their eyes and started to walk to their lockers.


Rory was in her first period class room, talking to Ashley and Missy waiting for the teacher to come in, when Tristan sat behind her.

"Hey Mary."

Rory rolled her eyes when Ashley and Missy smirked at her and walked off, leaving the two of them alone.

"Hey Tristan."

"So, things changed while I was gone? I mean, can I still call you Mary?"

"We'll see." Rory said with a smirk of her own and turned back around because the teacher came in.

Later in class, Tristan was bored out of his mind and was studying Rory. She raised her hand and Tristan was shocked to see a very sexy tattoo on her back just at the waistband of her skirt.

'What did I miss while I was gone?' Tristan thought.


Later that day at Lunch.

Rory and the rest of the gang was sitting at their table talking when Tristan walked up.

"So, Luke and my Mom are going on their honeymoon tonight for two weeks, Jess, Mark and I are having a party. You guys coming?" Rory asked everyone.

Everyone said yup and Rory looked at a silent Tristan.

"You coming?" Rory asked.


"No, the blonde behind you. Duh, you!" Rory said sarcastically.


"Okay then. So, Collin, you're bringing the beer, I got it last time so it's your turn."

"No way! Make Tristan do it! He hasn't done it yet!" Collin said, getting out of paying for it.

"Oh my god Colin, You have unlimited money yet you complain about buying bear, what the fuck is wrong with you?" Rory said exasperated.

"Mary using profanities?" Tristan teased, but actually shocked. "Whatever, I'll bring the beer."

"Good it's settled."


Later that Night

Jess and Mark were setting some of the major stuff out into the Garage, so their would be more room. A lot of people showed up to Rory's parties.

Rory was getting ready in her room, letting the guys do the heavy lifting.

"Hey guys!" Louise, Maddy, Paris, Ashley, Missy, Finn, Logan, and Colin walked inside, greeting them.

The girls went into Rory's room while the guys helped Jess and Mark with setting up.

"Hey girls." Rory greeted them when they came in. All the girls were bringing their outfits with them, because they had a rule that they would always try to get ready together.

Louise was wearing a red tight dress that had spaghetti straps and ended just covering her ass.

Maddy was wearing skirt that went about mid thigh with a sleeveless tight purple shirt.

Paris was wearing a wife beater with a denim mini skirt.

Missy was wearing a shirt that only had one sleeve and showed her pierced bellybutton that all the girls had and a white flowy skirt.

Ashley had a white tube top with baggy pink pants on that showed a lot of hip. (Ashley is blonde, skinny, and has blue eyes)

Rory had a dark red tank top on with a very mini black cotton skirt on.

You couldn't explain them anything less than gorgeous.

"So Rory...what's going on with Tristan?" Missy asked.


"Really?" Paris asked, she had gotten over Tristan a while ago and liked Jess now, but would never admit it..

"Yes really, I mean, he just got back from...god I can't lie to you, I still like him...kinda." Rory admitted.

"Oh my god that's so awesome!" Madeline gushed.

"Okay girls, It's time to get out there now, people have arrived." Rory said changing the subject from her.


Tristan had arrived with the beers and was setting them up when the girls came out.

When they walked into the main room, all eyes were on them, they looked gorgeous. Guys checked them out while girls hit their boyfriends and looked enviously.

All Tristan could do was stand there and stare at Rory. She kissed Jess on the cheek as he twirled her examining her playfully.

All Tristan could do was stand there when she started walking toward him...

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