Chapter One

A Disturbing, Yet Amusing Sight

It was Christmastime on the Hogwarts grounds, and our three favorite people were walking down to Hagrid's hut. They were trying to keep warm in the freezing air, but to no avail.

"I can't feel my nose, or my hands, or my feet, or my tongue, or my ears, or…"

"Oh, shut up, Ron. We're cold too. Stop complaining."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Why don't both of you just try to get along…for once? It's Christmas. You know, peace on the Earth, good will towards men?"

"You're right, Harry. Sorry Ron. I'm just soooooooooooooo nervous about how I did on the exams; I guess I'm stressing out. Just slap me if I get all up in your face."

"Gladly," Ron mumbled, but immediately caught Harry glancing at him. "I mean, yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about, you know, about the test results and all."

The trio stopped talking when they reached Hagrid's door. There was a note attached to the knocker.

"I know," Ron said enthusiastically, "It's a treasure map, or a scavenger hunt, or…"

"Shut up, Ron." This time it was from both Hermione and Harry. Ron promptly snapped his mouth shut and let Hermione read the note. It said, "Sorry to be gone. Had to go up to the castle. Be back soon."

"Well, we just wasted a perfectly good fifteen minutes out in the cold. Let's go back to the castle."

In the Common Room

"Finally, we're here! Now we can have some hot cocoa and relax," Ron sighed, as they climbed through the portrait. Their usual chairs by the fire were taken by some stupid little first years who thought they were better than everyone else.

"Stupid little first years who think they're better than anyone else," Ron muttered.

"Ron, don't talk like that! It's mean," Hermione scolded, not wanting to admit that she personally agreed with him. They all sat down at one of the tables across from Ginny.

Ginny looked up from her magazine to see who it was. "Hey! How are you guys?" She was actually looking at Harry, completely ignoring the other two.

"We're doing great. We decided to go visit Hagrid, but when we got down there, he wasn't home."

They talked a little longer, and then Hermione excused herself.

"Wait! I'm coming too." Ginny raced after her, catching her arm. They walked down a corridor talking happily, until they came upon a very disturbing sight. Hermione turned around, and started walking back the way they had come, but Ginny caught at her arm and held her there. They both looked at the sight, and then a small smile crossed Ginny's face. This is exactly what they saw: