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This takes place on Jude's 18th birthday with flashbacks, this mostly takes shape after Unsweet 16, I kind of played with a few things. After the kiss, Jude decided it be better to be friends with Tommy than have no relationship at all, so the two became quite close, pratically inseperable. Jude always felt the same for Tommy though, and she thought he started to as well. Jude and Tommy had an awesome relationship and were extremely close… Tommy and Sadie never really happened, no hints were ever made. Other than that...I think it mostly explains itself.. Um Kat and Jamie are together in this

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She was 18, Jude Harrison realized as she laid in her bad, watching the clock turn from 11:59 to 12:00 A.M. She was finally 18. Jude felt like she was waiting her whole life to be this old, well her whole life to be this legal. For close to two years she had come up with dozens of scenarios of how her 18th birthday would turn out. Admissions of true feelings, breathtaking, mind blowing kisses, declarations of love. Yet now that she was, she knew none of these events would ever occur, she'd never get her wish to come to true, the wish that almost did come true. And it all was Tommy Quincy's fault.

Well, maybe not completely his fault, Jude mused. She probably had some part to play in him walking out 8 months ago, but she couldn't stand it any longer. She never could grasp Tommy's logic. He wanted to wait before they started anything romantic, yet Jude couldn't understand the difference a few months made. She was 17 just mere minutes ago, now she's 18, and she felt no different. It made no sense, she thought as she hopped off her bed and started to pace. Everytime she recalled their last encounter, the angrier and the more hurt she became. After two smash hit records and countless moments, Tommy decided to pull away from her out of the blue, with no explanation. He stated he wouldn't be able to produce her third album, which began 4 months ago, and he said he needed some "time off"...

Flashback 8 Months Ago
"Time off from what?" Jude demanded from Tommy. Jude had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. He'd been acting strange lately, she realized, even though it didn't really hit her until that exact moment. Little things he'd do, or no do that people normally didn't notice, but she did. Jude just figured he was in a funk and he'd work his way out of it. Never did she realize this is what he was thinking.

He was sitting in his office at G Major, feeling more agitated then he as ever felt. "From producing, from music, from the press. I need a break, Jude I'm at the end of my wire, here." Tommy said. He realized he was leaving things unsaid, but in all fairness he was being partially honest. The press had been so bad as of late. The speculations and questions about Tommy and Jude's relationship were endless, and he couldn't take it any longer. He couldn't stand around and watch the press make his and Jude's relationship something it was not- a cheap, tawdry affair. She meant so much more to him, and he wouldn't let the press dirty it. While not much had happened since her 16th birthday, Tommy knew he was in love with her. He couldn't help himself, nor could he continue to deny it. Jude was the one person who got him, really got him. She understood his thoughts better than he did sometimes. She was the most beautiful person, inside and out, that he'd ever laid eyes on. But just because he couldn't help himself, didn't mean he couldn't help her.

"It's just getting old, Jude. I can't do your third album, I just can't, I need some time to myself. I'm sorry, girl." Tommy looked up at her, and pleaded with his eyes for her to understand.

"You can't do this to me Quincy; you know my album will be no good without you!" She was desperate, she realized. The thought of having to face the music world without Tommy on her side frightened her. Hell the thought of facing the world without him scared her. He'd been a part of her life as much as her parents, her sister, her best friends had been. At times he'd been her only support, her only lifeline when everyone else deserted her. When she found out about her father's affair, she turned to Tommy. When her parents' inevitable divorce happened, Tommy comforted her. When things just got too weird between her, Jamie, and Kat after they announced their relationship, she had Tommy as a best friend. When she couldn't go to her sister, Sadie, because she wouldn't understand, Tommy did. He always understood. So why didn't he understand that she needed him? "Tommy the two albums I had were only hits because of you...can't you see that? Why don't you understand that?"

Tommy sighed. He rubbed his forehead with a heel of his palm in frustration. Why couldn't she see what he saw? Why couldn't she understand what he understood? "No, all the credit is yours. You'll do fine. I have complete faith in you, whatever you touch will turn to gold."

"Why do you care about the press so much?" Jude decided to switch gears and attack that subject. "Since when have you, anyway? You think when I was younger that I never picked up a grocery store magazine and saw your face plastered on it with a distasteful headline? You think everyone believes what they read? Who cares what they print, we know it's not true. I know nothing can happen until I turn 18." Jude went towards him, bent down and lifted a hand to his cheek.

"Don't." Tommy stated, but made no gesture to remove her hand.

"Don't what, Tommy? Show signs of affection? Oh I know." Jude hit her head like it finally came to her. "Maybe, just maybe the press is somewhere secretly hiding in this room, you know? Maybe they got a video in that chair over there." Jude sarcastically said. "God, Quincy, is the press that bad, is producing that bad that you need a time out? That you need a break from-"

"I need a break from you!" Tommy yelled on impulse, springing out of his chair so forcefully it flew to the floor. It was the truth; Tommy knew he would later try to rationalize, even if they both took what he said differently. "I can't do this anymore- I can't do us anymore. I'm tired of the questions from coworkers, press, colleagues and anyone else. I'm giving up; I'm tired of it all, okay? It's not worth it" He finished irritated. Why did she always get to him?
"Oh." Jude murmured. Not worth it, she thought. She was never worth it for anybody, was she? "Well, that changes things, doesn't it?" She smiled softly, even though it was hollow. She slowly got up from her crouching position and brushed herself off as if she was brushing him off.

"Jude.." Tommy started, grabbing her arm as she started for the door.

"No Tommy, I think you've said enough. Obviously you've grown tired of me. I should have known, Little Tommy Q would get sick of some silly 17 year old always hanging out. What a fool I am, deluding myself into thinking we had something even if it wasn't much, huh?" She stood there as he said nothing. "Well I guess that answers any doubts I might have had." She shook his arm free, turned her back on him and headed for the doorknob.


"No, no explanations." She whirled around, furious. "I'm not your girlfriend, nor, apparently, am I your friend; cause friends sure as hell don't do this to one another. They don't just up and leave and desert them because they 'need a break'. "Because it just gets "too hard" to do it. It's effort, didn't you tell me that once? Nothing comes without effort. Well whatever obviously I'm not worth the effort, I'm not worth of anything to you. Good-bye Tommy Q, here's to hoping I never see your face again." She quietly said, leaving, as she slammed the door with all her might.