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the song used in this story is 'high'-james blunt

Tommy had to use all his inner strength to prevent making what Chris said a reality. "Me and you have a problem." He said gruffly as he stared at him and folded his arms over his chest.

Chris quirked an eyebrow. "Do we now?" He asked as he supported himself on the door frame with one hand. "And which would that be? The one where you stole my girlfriend?" Chris's tone was accusing as Tommy pushed past him into his apartment.

Chris followed his retreating form and when Tommy said nothing, he continued. "Ohh." He said as if he was just struck with a major realization and stopped dead in the middle of the room. "This is about what I know about when you were in Europe, isn't it?" He asked with pseudo innocence.

Tommy turned on his heels at the mention of Europe. He faced Chris with a look of pure contempt. "I don't know what you think you know about Europe, but whatever it is, you better damn forget about it."

Chris gave a wry smile. "I know what happened while you were gone. The only thing I'm thinking is how you managed to keep something this ..." He paused searching for the right word. "bad quiet for so long? I mean, if Jude found out..." He paused for a moment. "I'm assuming she hasn't found out because I can't imagine her keeping you on that high pedestal she's got ya on now, Quincy. Boy I would love to see her face though when she does." He laughed in eagerness.

Tommy's eyes darkened. "You won't because she's not gonna find out, Christopher cause you're not gonna tell her."

Chris snorted. "Now why would I do such a thing like that?"

Tommy stepped closer to Chris, getting in his face. "Cause if I'm going down, I swear to god I'll bring you with me." He then backed away, feeling more in control of the situation. "You have something to lose here too, Line."

When Chris gave him a puzzled look, Tommy offered more. "Your career. Sadie told me about the little...scene she spotted when she ran into you in LA. I'm sure you're not in a rush for the press to find out about you and your married costar, huh?"

Chris contemplated what he said. True, if the press caught wind of his escapades with the married actress, it wouldn't exactly bode well for him or his career. But he wanted his revenge so bad. Success or revenge, which would win out in the end?

"Do what you want, I don't care." He bluffed, hoping Tommy would believe him.

"Yeah right. You should know better than anybody what the press does to a person who wrecks a 'golden relationship.' "Tommy pointed out, referring to the sleaze mags that made Chris out to be the victim and Jude and Tommy the bad guys. "The press is notorious for shunning famous people that ruined other stars' marriages. The movie and your lady costar are currently shooting? Yeah, guaranteed to fizzle if they catch wind of this." He pointed out smugly.

Chris shot Tommy a look of utter disdain. "Damn you." He cursed softly. "I won't let you steal my career like you stole my girlfriend, Quincy." He huffed out a breath, looking like he was about to exchange his soul to the devil. "You keep your mouth shut; I'll do the same in return." He conceded. "Now get the hell out of my room."

Tommy gave a mirthless smile. "Gladly." He replied as he walked over towards the door and opened it. "Just one more thing. "He paused in the middle of the open door and turned around. "Don't make me hafta tell you to stay away from Jude again." And with that he slammed it shut and was gone.

Chris let out a small chuckle when the door closed. Suckers. There was one born every minute.

Canada 5am.

Tommy unlocked the door to his apartment and shuffled in. He unceremoniously plopped his suitcases down as he attempted to stifle a yawn and failed. He was exhausted, but successful. After his….thing with Chris, he scheduled the first flight home, eager to get back to Jude. After the time difference and traveling, it was 4 am when he boarded off. He gave a disappointed huff. Seeing Jude would have to wait till the morning.

He was heading into the kitchen to grab something to eat before he passed out when he heard the soft sound of music coming from the hallway. He cocked his head to the side in confusion wondering what was with the music. He abandoned the idea of food and wandered down the hallway towards his bedroom where the song was coming from.

Beautiful dawn - lights up the shore for me.

There is nothing else in the world,

He was shocked to see that when he opened the door to his room it revealed Jude sound asleep. It was obvious that she was unaware of the alarm clock that was going off, playing the radio softly.

I'd rather wake up and see (with you).

Beautiful dawn - I'm just chasing time again.

Thought I would die a lonely man, in endless night.

He couldn't help the small smile that escaped or the surprise he felt when he first laid eyes on her in his bed. She looked like the bed was made for her. He knew that she belonged there and no where else. And Tommy would move heaven and earth to make sure it stayed that way.

But now I'm high; running wild among all the stars above.

Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me.

Beautiful dawn - melt with the stars again.

Do you remember the day when my journey began?

He walked over towards his bed, trying to make as little sound as possible. He stood over Jude and studied her. He noticed the way the morning light peaked through the shades and played across Jude's face. He kicked off his shoes before he gently climbed into bed next to her.

Will you remember the end (of time)?

Beautiful dawn - You're just blowing my mind again.

Jude slowly stirred when she felt Tommy's weight shift the bed slightly. She mumbled something incoherently, causing Tommy's attention to move to her. Before Jude knew what was happening, he crashed his lips onto hers, immediately bringing her out of her sleep induced haze.

High; running wild among all the stars above.

Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me.

"Mmm." He mumbled into her mouth as he broke away minutes later. He twirled a red lock around his fingers as he spoke. "Who's been sleeping in my bed?" His faux stern voice asked as he laid down next to her, putting one arm around her, while the other swat the 'snooze' button on the alarm.

Jude gave him a lazy smile as she placed her head on his chest. "Goldilocks, but I kicked her sorry butt out." She felt his chest vibrate as he chuckled lightly.

"So it seems. But I'm wondering how..."He looked down at her. "Goldilocks got in."

"She just may have persuaded your doorman to let her in." She gave him a sheepish look as she glanced up at him. "You're not mad, are you?" When he said nothing, she pushed herself up a bit to look at him better. "It's just that I didn't feel like being at my house and I wasn't sure when you were coming home..."

"Key." He cut her off quickly. "I should make you a key. You know so you don't have to go and bother the doorman every time you wanna get in here and I'm not around."

Jude tilted her head accusingly. "You plan on not being around a lot, Quincy?"

"No. I plan on you being around here a lot." He answered truthfully as he stroked her forehead. Jude gave a smile of satisfaction, along with a yawn causing Tommy to ask her, "What's with the 5 am wakeup anyway, girl?"

"I wanted to get to the studio early today. We really need to get going with my next album, Tommy."

Tommy shook his head affirmatively. "And we will, I promise I'll devote all my energy towards it now, Jude."

"So then," She began slowly. "I'm guessing whatever you had to take care of is good now?" She asked tentatively, wondering if he'd divulge anything.

Tommy tensed up at the mention of it. "Yeah, it is. Everything is fine, now." He seemed distant all of a sudden, but his words were firm. He instinctively pulled her closer, before he changed the subject. "The only thing I need to do is get some rest." He said as he leaned over to the alarm and reset it. "We can wait on the album for a few hours in favor of some old fashion sleep, no?"

Jude nodded and was about to reply but noticed that it only took Tommy seconds to fall into a deep sleep. Yet, it wasn't as easy for her because Jude couldn't help quell the feeling that unlike Tommy said, everything really wasn't fine.