Disclaimer: I only own like two people Ashley and Allie all the rest belongs to j.k. Rowling.

Summary: Two 17-year old girl's parents' die. What will happen at the Potter's mansion for the summer? Who knows? A/J A/S R/T

"Mom? Dad? Where are you guys? Allie, Allie? Where are you?" Ashley replied nervously,

"I'm over here Ash, and I found Mom and Dad." Allie was sobbing loudly

"Where are you Allie?" -Ashley cried slowly

"In the dining room along with Mom and Dad." Said Allie

"Then why haven't they said anything yet?" –Ashley

"Because their d-d-dead." Allie cried a little too loudly

"No this can't be happening to us! It was probably that jerk Voldemort." Ashley said in anger

"You're not aloud to say his name! He'll come for us next that's why Mum and Dad sent us to oursafe house!" Allie said looking around franticly as if Voldemort heard Ashley's anger

"I don't care that I can't say his name because when he comes then I'll be ready for him. Because he needs to pay for what he did to Mum and Dad," Ashley was gritting her teeth and stood up "But first we need to put them in the cemetery."

"But where are we to go? We can't go to our aunt's and uncle's house they'll kick us out."

"Bu-." But the doorbell ringing interrupted Ashley

"Ding dong ding dong!"

"Hey James, Sirius, Remus, and Lily! How are you doing?" Ashley ran to the door to open it while Allie was in the pet room.

"I heard the news and we came straight over to ask you something!" Sirius was searching for Allie and then asked,

"Um are you Allie or Ash?"

"I am Ash so she's probably in the pet room or she is in the pool."

"Uh Ash will you please go out with me? Oh and will you stay at the Potter mansion for the rest of the summer and maybe forever?" James asked nervously

"Will She be going?" Ash said disgusted

"No her parents won't let her come because her parents think that we are bad influences to her so will you please come to the Potter mansion?"

"Fine but you are not coming in my room while I pack! I do not like perverts! Got it?"

"Yes I found her! I found Allie!" Sirius called from the poolroom

"I am going to get all my clothes be back in a sec." said Ashley with a stern look on her face